[Top 25] Best Paranormal Movies We Love

25 Paranormal Movies That Are Worth Watching
Horror film culture teleports you to the fearful and terrorizing world of creatures in the supernatural universe of ghosts, poltergeists, witches, possessed spirits, and demons.

Some believe God has not granted every individual the special ability to witness these supernatural because they can prove to be horrifying. Sometimes deaths can occur after witnessing these events and scenarios.

Horror movies are scary, but we all love the thrill of watching them. Knowing more about haunted cases and unraveling mysteries. Here are the top best paranormal movies that we love.

25. The Wailing (2016)

If you are a fan of Korean culture with a mix of suspenseful horror, The Wailing is the right movie for you. In the village of Gokseong, villagers begin violently murdering their families due to a mysterious illness.

Suspicion falls upon a newly arrived strange Japanese man after Officer Jong-goo's daughter also starts showing the symptoms of the illness. As the illness had started after his arrival, his daughter's shoe was found in his home. Jong-goo meets a mysterious girl named Moo-myeong who sometimes suddenly vanishes.

Out of desperation, Jong-goo seeks the help of a shaman for his daughter's cure. But he's unable to bear the pain of the sacred ritual on her possessed daughter and stops it.

The Wailing gives you hints about the ending throughout the film, but you'll never guess the plot twist that awaits at the end.

24. Ouija (2014)

 After the death of Laine’s best friend Debbie, Laine and her friends try to contact her through an Ouija board she found in Debbie’s room. But instead, she gets into contact with a spirit named DZ.

Soon the spirit begins to show various signs of its presence and becomes a threat to their lives. As Laine and her search deeper, they find out their death is inevitable unless they can send the spirit back by closing the portal they opened.

Have you ever thought about playing Ouija? Well, you can give it a try if you want your lips to stitch up the next time you’re flossing.

23. The Exorcist (1973)

You can simply never forget the revolutionary paranormal film, The Exorcist. A film inspired by the real-life exorcism of Roland Doe in 1949.

The Exorcism follows the story of a 12-year-old girl possessed by a demon and her mother’s struggles to have her daughter back. Through an exorcism carried out by two priests.

The Exorcism has many gruesome scenes, due to which it is R-rated. The movie shows explicit details of an exorcism which becomes almost unbearable to watch at some parts. Oh, and trust me, you won’t be able to sleep in your room alone after watching this.

22. 1408 (2007)

1408 is a psychological paranormal movie in which Mike Enslin is a writer who had lost his daughter and then had separated from his wife. He visits various haunted places and writes novels about them. However, he does not believe in paranormal activity himself. 

One day, Mike receives a postcard, asking him to stay at Manhattan's Dolphin Hotel's room 1408. The hotel's manager tries his best to stop him from staying in that room, but he disagrees. Soon after entering the room, Mike experiences a series of events that turn his life upside down.

21. Annabelle (2014)

Annabelle, a prequel of The Conjuring (2013), follows the story of John Form and his pregnant wife, Mia. John gifts Annabelle to his wife as a rare vintage doll for their first child. 

However, Mia’s joy with Annabelle is short-lived. The couple is violently attacked by members of a satanic cult who use Annabelle as a channel for ruining their lives. Afterward, Mia continues to face a series of paranormal events.

If your rooms have dolls, prepare to change rooms because you won’t sleep in the same room as your dolls after watching Annabelle.

20. Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Desperate to prove to her boss that she can make hard decisions, Christine Brown, an ambitious loan officer, refuses an extension to an elderly woman's mortgage. This decision became the worst mistake of her life. As soon, she begins being attacked by a demon named Lamia. 

When Christine begins to have the scariest moments of her life, she consults a professional and finds out that she has a curse put on her by Ganush, the elderly woman. The curse provokes the demon Lamia to drag Christine to the depths of hell. 

Poor Christine. Did she really deserve such a big punishment for declining a mortgage extension?

19. Dead Silence

If you find dolls creepy, then Dead Silence will surely give you nightmares. After the mysterious death of his wife Lisa, Jamie Ashen returns to his hometown to find the cause of his wife’s murder. 

Jamie figures out that his wife’s death may relate to the ghost of Mary Shaw. A deceased ventriloquist who was accused of kidnapping a young boy. Due to which she was killed by the town residents and was buried with her hundred dolls.

Mary Shaw’s spirit puts a curse on the town and brings evil to anyone who lives in the town now. Jamie has lost his wife, but now he’s also in the risk of losing his own life. 

18. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity is about a young couple, Micah and Katie, who move into their new home in LA. Soon, the couple starts being haunted in their home by a supernatural presence. Micah sets up a camera in their home to capture what is happening in their home.

The hauntings in their home will make you have goosebumps all over your body. After all, Paranormal Activity is a blockbuster film that has earned $194 million worldwide.

17. Evil Dead (2013)

Mia and her brother, his girlfriend, and three friends go to their family’s remote cabin in the woods. To help her recover from her drug addiction problem.

Eric, Mia’s friend, finds a Book of the Dead called Naturom Demonto in the cabin, which he reads aloud to all his friends. Reading the book awakens an ancient demon entity that soon possesses Mia. Putting great danger on Mia and her friends.

16. Oculus (2013)

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