[Top 20] Horror Movie Villains In 2022

Best Horror Villains 2022
Calling all horror lovers!

Horror movies have always been known for their bouts of cliche characters who are facing a typically unreasonable and somewhat absent minded antagonist. As the horror genre has evolved, the villain role has become much more complex than just a giant masked man with a weapon or a poltergeist taking hold of a family, making modern horror movies as unpredictable as ever.

In 2022, the villain role in any horror movie is either completely loved or absolutely despised by viewers due to the depth they are given by the writers and directors of each film. From bone chilling entities and revived classics all the way to mental monsters and a murderous elderly couple, the genre has gifted all horror fans in 2022. Only the most disturbing and disgusting villains of the year are gathered here, so let’s step into their world and witness what makes them all so awful. Be warned: Spoilers ahead!


20. Ash, Lars, & Sandi (No Exit)

Everyone is a suspect in this realistically frightening thriller.

No Exit follows the story of a woman who is trying to find shelter during a winter storm when she realizes that there is a kidnapped girl in the back of someone’s van. She meets all of the unusual suspects while forced to take shelter with this group of strangers, and soon realizes that almost everyone she is with is somehow involved in this frightening real world scenario. Ash, Lars, and Sandi are a team of terror that can exist anywhere in the world.


19. The Government (American Carnage)

The scheme behind this elderly home is one no one would see coming.

American Carnage serves as a horror comedy that takes place in an immoral America, rooted in politics and racism. This film follows a group of teens who are made to work in an elderly facility for their freedom as unusual occurrences begin to happen. Soon, it is revealed that the facility is working towards a nefarious plot alongside the government to cover up a dark secret in this strange comical horror flick.


18. Esther (Orphan: First Kill)

Esther is a chilling trickster disguised as a child who will stop at nothing to live the life of her dreams.

Ever since the shocking 2009 horror movie Orphan, fans have been dying to see more of Isabelle Fuhrman’s tiny yet deadly Esther. 13 years later, the psychotic con artist now has a backstory that is as gripping as it is unpredictable. Esther proves to be an evil genius who sports a killer attitude in any family that she scams, especially in the newest entry to this seemingly innocent franchise


17. The Seaweed Monster (Monstrous)

Live in the 50s with Christina Ricci in this emotional and psychological monster flick.

Things are not what they seem in the pond that Christina Ricci’s character Laura lives by in the movie Monstrous. Although the Seaweed monster is terrifying in itself with visuals of soaked, rotting flesh and slimy movements, the true meaning behind what the monster really symbolizes is even more terrifying. 

By the end of the film, the seaweed monster is far more than just an unpleasant being. In depth, the creature who was terrifying Laura happened to be a symbol of regret, denial, and acceptance, making this goreless horror an emotional and psychological ride. 


16. The House (The Cellar)

Travel to a different dimension in this supernatural and mathematical horror.

The Cellar is about a family who moves into a new house when their teenage daughter, Ellie, suddenly goes missing after going to the cellar. When Ellie’s parents Keira and Brian begin to wonder what happened to their daughter, they discover that the entire house is essentially a portal to hell with the cellar being its hotspot. By the conclusion, each member of the family has been completely consumed by the horrors of this evil house.


15. Anansi the Spider & Mami Watu (Nanny)

Explore grief through African folkore with a nanny that is forlorn of her child.

At its heart, Nanny is a story about immigration and the hardships that come with making such a life changing decision. The film is rather calm and subtle until the titular nanny, Aisha, begins to unravel slowly as a lonely African woman who just moved to America without her only child. 

Nanny uses African folklore through the forms of Anansi the Spider & Mami Watu to exemplify grief and incurable loneliness. Ultimately, the beings who have incited fear in Aisha are merely symbols that help Aisha face a shocking acceptance by the end of this visually enticing film.


14. Victory Headquarters (Don’t Worry Darling)

Take a claustrophobic journey with Florence Pugh in the seemingly normal town of Victory.

Victory Headquarters is no place for women, according to all of the men who work there in the small town of Victory. Don’t Worry Darling showcases a seemingly happy couple who is living a simple and happy life in a 1950’s white picket fence community that is placed in the middle of nowhere. As mystery builds and the intelligent Alice longs for something outside of the picturesque small town, she discovers after many tries that Victory Headquarters is a cover up for something much darker than a deserted suburb.

Alice finds that the HQ is somewhat of a portal where men go to return to their real lives, as the town of victory is a simulation where most women are trapped indefinitely. The meaning behind this film is deep chilling when the truth is revealed at the end, exposing Victory headquarters to be full of unwilling women trapped inside a simulation designed by and for men.


13. The Mind & Trauma (The Twin)

Escaping the past is never as easy as desired.

Psychological horror is abundant in The Twin from start to finish, with frightening imagery and confusing moments scattered throughout. This thrilling and mysterious film follows a family of 3, Rachel, Anthony, and their son, Elliot, who just lost their child and sibling in a horrible car accident. Elliot is the twin of the other child who was killed, or at least that is what the audience thought while waiting for this film to rise to its climax. 

Elliot turns out to be a figment of Rachel’s imagination that her husband was supporting out of fragility and hope that she would heal. Their son Nathan died and Rachel created Elliot out of pain, and all the while refused to stop seeing him. As the film progresses and Rachel ceases to face her trauma, it is shown that Rachel’s imagination combined with her amount of trauma was ultimately her downfall.


12. Steve/Brendan (Fresh)

Grab a bite or two with your new date.

Serving as a cheesy rom-com in its first 30 minutes, Fresh is a movie that focuses on Noa and her journey into love. She meets Steve eventually, who she clicks with almost instantly.  She decides to go on a trip with this seemingly charming man, but  Upon arriving to their vacation home, Steve drugs Noa and chains her up. He then reveals that he is a cannibal who intends to take Noa apart piece by piece in order to ensure fresh meat. As the movie progresses, it is discovered that Noa is not the only victim, and that Steve’s name is actually Brendan. 

If Brendan being a married man with a whole separate life isn’t enough of a twist, this villain has many more secrets that are revealed by the final act of this disgusting horror film.


11. Society & Technology (Crimes of The Future)

What are humans capable of when pain becomes pleasure?

Crimes of the Future by David Cronenberg is a grotesque and visually disturbing film that explores the society of a near future. This version of the future is one where humans have discovered ways to feel no pain and push the limits when it comes to the surgical world, making frightening looks and intense surgeries primary forms of entertainment. 

This odd film focuses on a couple that benefits off of the distorted society that treats surgery as the new sex. Saul, the main object of the show, grows extra and seemingly unnecessary organs from his body. Saul’s wife, Caprice, surgically removes his extra organs while recording for the world, while doing some pretty outlandish things meanwhile. This film is not for anyone who has a weak stomach or has trouble watching body horror.


10. The Green Man (Men)

Toxic masculinity and body horror collide grotesquely in this film about a grieving woman searching for solace.

Another disturbing body horror film, Men is one of the most unusual and discomforting films of 2022. This movie dives into the frustration of the main character, Harper, who is escaping to the English countryside for a break from reality. She does find this, but not in the ways that she was hoping. Our main character is constantly harassed by multiple men throughout the film in different ways, and eventually witnesses a disturbing series of births when confronted by the Green Man which she never thought to be possible. 


9. Chef Slowik (The Menu)

The upper class doesn't have the upper hand at Chef Slowik's luxury island restaurant.

Chef Slowik serves up a delectable dinner for a group of fancy guests in The Menu. Everything seems to go according to plan for the guests who paid a large chunk of money to eat on this excluded island, but things begin to go awry as the dinner progresses. The guests are exposed through the chef’s different courses, and ultimately, a kitchen worker shoots himself in the head, before the real fun begins.

Chef Slowik torments the guests as the night goes on in this offbeat horror satire. Stakes grow high as the ruthless yet dedicated chef continues to serve courses and guests grow restless. He insists that you stay for dessert!


8. Amber & Richie (SCREAM)

Toxic fandom is like, totally a thing.

SCREAM revived the beloved horror franchise after things seemingly ended in 2011 with Scream 4, this time around bringing a new set of unlucky teenagers to Woodsboro to experience the wrath of ghostface. In this cast, There was the suspicious boyfriend, Richie, who any slasher fan knew was a likely suspect. On the other hand, there was Amber, who played the role well as Tara’s best friend all the way until the final act. 

This duo is particularly interesting because they play on how crazy fans can be if they go too far, which is very much something that can happen in the real world. They define toxic fandom and take it to the next level by attempting to recreate events that were devastating to the very community that they live in.


7. The UFO (Nope)

What is that up in the sky?

Nope is a mysterious horror film that features a cast full of amazing characters living in a realistic environment. Among this cast of characters, there is something in the sky that seems to be living, which comes to be the main antagonist of this suspenseful, extraterrestrial encounter. Nobody knows exactly what it is, which only adds to the chill factor of this film. 

The UFO from Nope is a rather interesting horror villain in the way that the entire UFO itself is the other worldly being. There aren’t any aliens that come from the ship or any other forms of communication, which makes it more chilling than any of the other horror villains this year. What is that up in the clouds, again?


6. The Feral Predator (Prey)

The hunt is more intense than ever before in this amazingly built prequel.

The Feral Predator is a vicious hunter that stalks the native american lands in Prey. The story follows a young woman, Naru, who believes to see a thunderbird when the predator arrives on earth, but little does she know, this is far more than a sign. 

The Feral Predator represents the Predator movies in all its glory while being accurately equipped with advanced space technology. As all other predators, the feral predator is a ruthless hunter who is looking for its next trophy, willing to take any measures necessary to succeed.


5. Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Pain and suffering are music to the ears of cenobites in this gory remake of a classic horror.

The 2022 rendition of Hellraiser introduces us to a new Pinhead, who is just as ruthless as the one we used to know. They are the leader of the cenobites and live to incite pain, as they claim that it is the true music of the world. This film is gory, full of amazing characters, and intense, making for an amazing thrill.

Pinhead promises nothing but pain to anyone who calls them, and they will stop at nothing to complete their duty and get the puzzle solved. Do you dare to try?


4. The Smile Entity (Smile)

Smiling is a symbol of happiness, right?

Turn your frown upside down with Smile. In this chilling movie, an entity that feeds off of depression and trauma terrorizes a therapist named Rose. The entity appears in the form of a smiling person and is seen often by whoever the victim is, turning a smile into something much more frightening than it should be.

As the film progresses, Rose sees haunting smiles everywhere and eventually becomes unhinged as the smile entity tries to take hold of her. This villain is bone chilling in the way that it is somewhat a personification of mental health issues, leaving room for reality to mix with horror and providing a terrifying experience.


3. The Creature (Barbarian)

General horror movie rule: Don't go in the basement.

Barbarian is a mysterious and claustrophobic film that follows Tess, who is renting out a seemingly normal Airbnb. Although there are seemingly many villains in this film, the true villain is yards below the basement of the house, living in a series of dark tunnels built by an ex serial killer. 

The Creature in Barbarian is one of the best horror villains of the year due to the fact that she was a complete secret for a good part of the movie. Once she was introduced, her screen time was limited and quiet, building the atmosphere to a tense level before moments of destruction. When the creature did strike, even the bravest of horror fans jumped out of their seats.


2. Art The Clown (Terrifier 2)

Art the clown is a walking nightmare in this chilling slasher.

Killer clowns that stand outside the laws of time and space have always been frightening, but Art the Clown brings the title to a new level of messed up. Terrifier 2 is a gut wrenching sequel to the low budget film Terrifier, which introduced Art as its primary evil clown. Now that the year is 2022, Art is back, and bloodier than ever.

Art the Clown never speaks and carries around a giant black bag full of murdering weapons, not to mention that he is at least 6 feet tall with full face makeup. He is ruthless and is entertained while he kills his victims, adding to the level of discomfort he brings to horror fans. If you have a weak heart or stomach, I would not recommend this, as Art does not care. 


1. Pearl (X, Pearl)

I'm a STAR!

Pearl does not only redefine horror villains altogether, but has proven to be a murderous psychopath even into her old age. In 2022, horror fans were blessed enough to see Pearl’s entire and horrifying life in two separate stories with the odd films X and Pearl. In these films, our favorite female psychopath played by Mia Goth was the main antagonist in both. 

Pearl is hell bent on getting what she wants at one point, and eventually resorts to dealing with what she has. Although this is something that she seems to be set on, she is truly unhappy and bitter underneath her facade of acceptance. Since she has serial killer tendencies, this leads to her turning into an unsuspecting villain. What harm is a farm girl, what harm is an old lady? Come down to Powder Keg farms and find out. 

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