15 Most Evil Horror Movie Villains and How To Kill Them

Horror movies have given us the most unimaginable evil condescended into human shapes and sizes (some larger than others) and Everyone needs a survival guide for all the potential hard parts of life. There’s only one way to be the last survivor and the hero of this terrifying tale. That’s having the knowledge of how to conquer them. We’re here now so you’re educated and prepared to do battle with the worst of them.

15. Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street

The king of the dream world, son of a thousand maniacs and former child serial killer. Freddy was turned into a demon right before being burned alive and has since been able to kill you in your dreams.

How to kill him: Get him out of the dream world, then you can kill him any which way. If you don’t believe in him, it prevents him from entering your dreams. He’d be gone for good if everyone can forget about him.

14. Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th

The campy, camp killer. Jason is an undead giant and this causes some problems when trying to deal with him. There are some ways that have worked before, but been foiled by others.

How to kill him: Freezing him will put him at bay for a while. A good hacking with a machete and a proper burial seems like the best approach. Just don’t dig him back up and stick a metal pole in his chest.

13. Michael Myers –Halloween

This mental patient has a lot of family issues (like a lot of the others on this list) and depending on his history; may be nearly un-killable due to the curse of thorn. The curse from the cult of throne bestows super strength and near immortality through a druidic ceremony involving a constellation that only appears on Halloween. But what really drives Michael to kill is the knowledge that he has family members alive.

How to kill him: You can decapitate him and use lots of big explosive fires. Leaving him in a coma worked for 10 years but then someone mentioned his family.

12. Chucky

After a robbery gone bad, he transferred his soul into a doll using voodoo. Despite thinking he’s invincible, he’s not. Chucky might be able to sneak around, but once you get ahold of him you can use his knife against him.

How to kill him: He was killed once by chopping him up and lighting him on fire. Also, don’t let his former lovers anywhere near him.

11. The Creeper – Jeepers Creepers

The hidden monster only comes out of the ground every 23 years for 23 days to hunt.

How to kill him: You need to let it feed until it hibernates. While he’s hibernating, trap him in and starve him to death when he wakes up.

10. Pennywise – It

Stephen King’s horror creation is way more than just a clown and being a clown would have been scary enough. There’s a supernatural element working against him though that can guide you to beating him. He’s killed in the movie by a woman with great aim and a sling shot using some makeshift silver bullets.

How to kill him: Silver bullets or weapons can kill him.

9. Dracula – Self titled

The original Vampire himself. He may have no reflection but Van Helsing can warn you about how charming this guy is.

How to kill him: Wooden stake through the heart. Or a knife through the heart while decapitating him. Bring garlic and a wooden cross for more power.

8. Samara - The Ring

Sometimes we all pick the wrong movie to watch or date to bring with us. This movie date comes with a killer ending in 7 days. That whoever watched the video of Samara would be killed by her in 7 days. Getting to date Samara for a week is definitely not worth sacrificing the rest of your life for.

How to kill her: She’s afraid of water but not much happens when she’s in it aside from getting depossessed. Use Holy water. But we recommend calling the ghost busters.

7. The Candyman

A truly tragic event created this monster, but stopping his rampage is easy.

How to kill him: Destroy all the mirrors in the world. An easier way is to never utter his name in a mirror and you’re good. Or you can break his special mirror.

6. The Thing

John Carpenter has probably caused us to all question the behavior of other people at one time or another. This alien is good at hiding but once you find it, easy to deal with.

How to kill The Thing: light it on fire. Explosives will kill it. It can also be frozen. Bring in the flamethrower baby!

5. The Creature - It Follows

The creature in It Follows is the world’s worst STD by far. If you don’t know how it works, this entity always comes back to kill the last person with the curse. And the curse is passed through sex. Once it kills its victim, it will revert back to the previous victim, going on a perpetual killing spree.

The creature isn’t fast but it’s inevitable. Only those affected by the curse can see it, but other people can help you once they recognize it’s there.

How to kill him: Trap it somewhere permanently.

4. The Babadook – Self titled

The scariest children’s book that’s ever been written. This monster comes to life by feeding on its victim’s fears and negative emotions.

How to kill him: The Babadook is a metaphor for grief, you need to get rid of your grief and overcome the negative pent up emotions.

3. Pinhead – Hellraiser

Quiet, intelligent and not someone you don’t want to headbutt. His big weakness is his ego.

How to kill him: All you must do is distract him and then use the Lament configuration. Easier said than done.

2. Leatherface – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A butcher turned cannibal, with lots of family problems. Despite his Ed Gein scare factor, there’s nothing supernatural about this monster villain.

How to kill him: Like any human. Recommended a long-distance sniper rifle to stay away from his infamous weapon of choice.

1. Lubin – Leprechaun

While most Leprechauns don’t want you to get their lucky charms, this one cares a lot more about his gold. Don’t try stealing from him.

How to kill him: Whatever you do to his gold, he feels the effect.  Another weakness is wrought iron as contact with it would burn him. Stab him with wrought iron or trap him in a wrought iron safe.

This little survival guide should become handy, everyone is worried that they’ll get stuck in A cabin in the woods. ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ has shown us all that monsters like these are very real threats you need to know how to handle. Never forget to bring your weapon of choice camping.

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