11 Best Possession Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

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Valak the Nun has made a name for herself among horror fans.

Bring a Buddy or 2 To Watch These Possession Movies With You

Is there anything more terrifying than a demon taking over your body or home? Like other horror trends, possession movies come and go, but the following 11 movies do demons like no other. Here are 11 of the best possession movies you shouldn't watch alone.

11. The Conjuring 2

One of the best horror sequels in years, The Conjuring 2 follows famed paranormal investigators to England to investigate the case of the Enfield Poltergeist. The meddlesome ghost is one of the most infamous hauntings in English history which was later proven to be a hoax. The Conjuring 2 still holds a special place in the hearts of horror fans for introducing the super creepy Nun.

10. The Priests

This creepy South Korean flick about a young girl possessed by a demon is unique in that not only does it focus on the villainous demon but on the relationships between the titular priests and how they cope with the task at hand.

9. Exorcist (1973)

The original Public Service Announcement for not playing with Ouija boards. The 1973 classic is a rite of passage for horror fans and those who scare easily. The Exorcist was the first of its kind and the guidebook for all other possession movies though very few can compare to the OG. Side note: this movie also has made life rough for girls named Regan.

8. Exorcist 3

The second sequel to the original is far from the cinematic feat of her big sister. The Exorcist III takes us back to the infamous stairs and tubular bells and combines serial killers, homicide cops, psych wards, and of course possession. There's a lot going on in this one and is best left in a forgotten shelf full of VHS tapes. Fun fact: Jeffrey Dahmer used to watch this movie on repeat claiming that it "put him in the mood" for murder.

7. Exorcist: The Beginning

Hollywood can't seem to leave this one alone. This 2004 prequel is the Pazuzu (the demon who has been wreaking havoc for over forty-years) origin story. Stellan Skarsgard plays a Priest battling with his faith who goes to Africa and encounters our pal Pazuzu. As someone who saw this in theaters, (don't judge, I was only 15) it was largely unmemorable except for a scene where a woman gives birth to a baby covered in maggots. You're welcome.

5. The Last Exorcism

This 2010 flick took the classic demon possession trope and gave it a twenty-first century found footage twist. This movie looks a little too real in some parts despite the supernatural plot and is a solid piece of cinema. Anything produced by Eli Roth and set in Louisiana is bound to be creepy.

4. The Wailing

Another South Korean movie, The Wailing is the story of a small town ravaged by mysterious murders and illnesses when a stranger comes to town. The townspeople soon find that a demon force is at work.

3. Deliver Us From Evil

This 2014 Eric Bana movie tells the story of a skeptical Bronx cop faced with a bizarre demonic murder. The stereotypical tough guy who thinks he has seen it all must come to terms with this own faith and everything he knows to explore the supernatural unknown.

2. Paranormal Activity

The found footage flick that started the seemingly never-ending trend. This low-budget feature was all anyone talked about during the 2009 Halloween season and for a good reason. The first entry in the franchise is a slow burn with subtle terror leading up to a bang. If you get a chance, watch the alternate endings.

1. Evil Dead (2013)

One of the best if not THE best remake ever. The 2013 re-imagining of the Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell classic was a smash hit. Relying on practical effects and sticking closely to the original story, this remake comes across as more of a tribute to the 1981 movie than a full on remake.

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