Top 15 Best Movies Like Evil Dead

Movies Like Evil Dead
Ash gets groovy against the evil dead

Whether you’re wielding a chainsaw or rounding up your friends, these movies inspire the fight against evil.

The Evil Dead is one of the most popular cult horror films. Ash Williams is met by his enemy, an evil book of the dead called the Necronomicon. It has taken everything from him: his hand, his girlfriend. Now, surrounded by a room of possessed inanimate objects, all he can bother to do is laugh in the face of evil. Who knew a trip to a cabin in the middle of nowhere would turn so bad for Ash and his group of friends? 

It’s no doubt Ash Williams was driven mad by the Necronomicon, but let’s take a journey through the internet ether to discover some other mind-bending movie titles. Here are 15 of the best movies like Evil Dead.

15. Scary Movie

Scary Movie | Official Trailer (HD)

Scary Movie pokes fun at a group of teens trying to escape a masked killer. One by one, they get picked off. But, Cindy, our final girl, uses what she learned from watching TV to escape the killer's grasp. She is determined to unmask her stalker, just as Ash Williams was determined to banish the evil dead. 

  “Can I tell you a secret?” Scary Movie was actually the original title of Scream.

14. What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows - Official Trailer

A film crew documents the lives of several century-old vampires and their day-to-day lives on Staten Island. The vampires must adapt to a modern lifestyle, and stay relevant amongst other mystical beings who have also claimed their home in Staten Island.

We’ve all had housemates, but one thing is certain, they were not bloodthirsty vampires. Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement shot over 125 hours of footage for the movie, which was mostly on the fly. They never referenced their script, but instead, they described the scenes and improvised the dialogue— according to an interview.

13. The Babysitter

The Babysitter Official Trailer

Having a babysitter in middle school invites bullying, but when Cole’s hot babysitter Bee stands up for him, it’s love at first, well… tire puncture. When Cole tells his friend Melanie about Bee staying the night, she encourages him to spy on Bee to see what babysitters are up to when the kids go to sleep. Who knew it would involve a satanic cult, and survival to live?  The Babysitter is a blood-soaked comedy horror which like Evil Dead, conjures a frightening evil by reciting passages from an evil book of the dead.

She’s hot, she’s sweet, but she is the worst babysitter a twelve-year-old can have.​

12. Little Evil

Little Evil Official Trailer

Being a stepparent is hard. It’s even harder when your kid looks like Damien from The Omen. Gary tries to connect to his stepson, Lucas, but his affection is returned by getting buried alive. Gary begs for answers to understand why his stepson hates him, but they all lead him to believe Lucas is evil incarnate. 

It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for. 

11. The Shining

The Shining | Digital Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Shining follows Jack Torrance on his slow mental decline. He moves his family to the mountains after he lands a job as the winter caretaker of a hotel. His son, Danny, has a unique ability he refers to as the shining, which uncovers secrets hidden in the hotel's shaded history.

“Here’s Johnny!” The scene’s terrifying dialogue was adlibbed by Jack Nicholson, referring to the famous introduction to Johnny Carson. 

10. The 3rd Eye (Mata Batin)

THE 3RD EYE Trailer

Siblings will do anything to protect each other, but would you willingly expose yourself to the horrors that have been haunting your sister her entire life? The 3rd Eye is an Indonesian horror film about two sisters, Abel and Alia, searching for answers to Abel’s mysterious visions. Alia has trouble believing the visions are real and visits Abel’s spiritual advisor, Bu Windu, for answers. In turn, Alia gets a lesson in the supernatural, which forces her third eye to open, and she invites the evil that has been haunting her sister her entire life.

Invite the dead by opening your third eye.

9. Gremlins

Gremlins (1984) Official Trailer

The ’80s filmed some wild and famous films. This unconventional Christmas themed horror film is a product of its generation. If you’re a fan of gross-out scenes filled with goo, Gremlins is a must-see for you. The quirky “mogwai” wreaks havoc on the Peltzer family after they break the three basic rules for owning one. Billy asks his former science teacher, Mr. Hanson, for help, where he experiments on the gremlins, and they discover a shocking transformation.

Never feed a gremlin after midnight.

8. The People Under the Stairs

The People Under The Stairs Official Trailer

Fool and Leroy break into their landlord’s house, but they find more than they came for. The house is full of people under the stairs, in the walls, and they are very hungry. The living zombies pound down the walls and reach for any living creature they can feel.

You never know what you will find inside an assumingly ordinary house.

7. Child’s Play

Every child has a favorite toy. They might even talk to it like it was a living person. But, it’s not every day your kid’s doll harbors the spirit of an old mob boss. Unfortunately for young Andy, it’s going to be extremely difficult to convince his mom his toy is a deranged serial killer.

You’re new favorite walking, talking doll. No batteries required.

6. The Ring (2002)

The Ring Trailer (2002)

A haunted videotape ensures your death seven days later. Rachel begins her investigation into a string of deaths, which leads her to find the truth about the young girl who is haunting her. The Ring is a disturbing tale revolving the notion “do not watch the tape,” but no one ever heads those warnings, would you?

The Ring franchise started with Koji Suzuki’s book Ringu and has been adapted several times in various formats.

5. 1408

1408 Trailer

Mike is a paranormal writer and a skeptic. He is challenged to stay at The Dolphin hotel to experience the supernatural for himself. The hotel manager tells him not to stay in room 1408 after a long history of death has occurred over the past ninety-five years. Still skeptical, he rides out the evening in his luxurious atmosphere until the visions begin.

What will you experience in room 1408?

4. Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2011) Official HD Trailer

It’s the vacation of their dreams. The smell of freshly chopped wood, a cabin overlooking the lake; Tucker and Dale are living the dream. They try to befriend a group of neighboring campers, but the campers assume the worst. Being the friendly neighbors they are, Tucker and Dale once again initiate contact, but the young campers soon get slaughtered, accidentally. 

In this case of mistaken identity, just be careful where you step.

3. The Possession

The Possession Trailer

Many evil objects hold possession. In The Evil Dead, it’s the Necronomicon, but for Emily, it’s a beautiful box her father Clyde bought for her at a yard sale. I guess one’s trash is another’s treasure, or in this case, a nightmare. As Emily becomes protective of the locked box, her behavior changes for the worst.

After filming The Possession, the prop storage room ignited. Investigations showed no sign of arson, but according to an interview with Jeffery Dean Morgan at the Hollywood Reporter, the prop dybbuk box was one of the items which burned to the ground.

2. Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead (1968) Trailer

Barbra’s immediate introduction to a reanimated corpse doesn’t need an incantation from an unholy book. An all too familiar scene arises when the undead chases her to a seemingly abandoned farmhouse beyond the graveyard she was visiting. She meets a group hiding from the undead, and they must work together if they are ever going to leave the farmhouse alive.

What are your odds against the living dead? This $114,00 budget movie grossed over $30 million domestically and internationally.

1. The Ninth Gate

The Ninth Gate - Official Trailer [HD]

It can never bode well for a book dealer when they possess an item the devil himself created. With the book collection titled The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows in Dean Corso’s possession, otherworldly beings will do anything to obtain the ancient text written by the one and only Satan. Corso sets out on a quest to understand the ancient collection and learns the secret it possessed for centuries.

Some search for immortality while others follow clues toward the truth.

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