3 Ways to kill the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers

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This guy needs a breathmint.

The Creeper seems immortal. What is it?

The Creeper is an ancient maybe even biblical demon that sees the world as a massive 7-11 supermarket. He looks and dresses like a man, but has bat wings that help him to swoop down on his victims quickly and fly really fast. He has superhuman strength. He stalks humanity doing his best to check the body parts off of his insatiable shopping list. 

The Creeper spent two movies and a smorgasbord of corpses looking for the perfect specimens. He even passed up Trish, for Darry's soulful eyes. He feasts on the body parts of his victims to regenerate his decaying body for 23 days every 23 years and then he hibernates. The Creeper can also regenerate lost or damaged body parts by absorbing the same body part of one of his victims. He decides when someone is ripe or not by smelling fear and finding something that he likes. The Creeper isn’t picky and has used body parts from promiscuous teens and even prisoners to heal itself.

“I’m baaack” cliché but still terrifying

No one is safe from his hunger. His face opens up sometimes and makes him look like a spitting dinosaur from Jurassic park. The Creeper is agile and is difficult to hit. Trish and Darry crushed him with a car, but he dusted himself off and kept right on coming -hurt, but not stopped. A police station full of police officers filled him with lead and he kept on coming. He’s been decapitated and Jack Taggart senior even shot him with a harpoon, made a kitchen knife block out of him and pegged him to a barn door and here he is, back 23 years later. Killing the Creeper will not be easy.

What are three ways we can kill it?

Do I have something in my eye? The kids in Jeepers Creepers 2 shove a javelin in the Creepers eye.

Seeing that his ability to regenerate himself gives him his immortality  it follows that the first way to kill him would be to starve him of victims to stop him from regenerating. This can be accomplished in three ways:

  • Trap the Creeper in a thick, iron walled prison at the beginning of his 23 days of feeding and isolate him in an area with no traffic or population.
  • Cast the Creeper in concrete take him to the deepest part of the ocean and drop him in.
  • Find the Creeper during his hibernation period put him on a rocket and send him to the sun.

There are faults with all of these ways, the first being the availability of resources. The second being the possibility of someone freeing the Creeper unwittingly. A second way to kill the Creeper might be to blow him up because his pieces would not be able to kill and absorb a victim’s body parts - barring divine intervention.

The third way to kill the Creeper stems from his biblical/religious origin. Most evil has a contrasting entity which could be the key to his destruction. Knowledge of the Creeper’s weakness would lie in a tome of history where the creature was battled and defeated. The Creeper has survived for millennia and will not die easily. His demise will not be engineered easily by some uneducated or unwitting victim.

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