[Top 50] Horror Movies Without Jump Scares

Horror Movies Without Jump Scares
Rosemary's Baby will make anyone think twice before having kids.

Everyone loves a good scary movie, but not all of us have the stomach to endure the torture of jump scares.

Movie Summary Trailer
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night The streets of an Iranian city are being stalked by a mysterious vampire, hunting for devious men who abuse women. Trailer
Bone Tomahawk Four rough and tough cowboys embark on a journey to rescue three people who have been taken captive by a group of violent cave dwellers. Trailer
Carrie After being invited to prom as a cruel prank, Carrie White begins to let her supernatural abilities slip out into the natural world. Trailer
Dementia Vietnam veteran George Lockhart is suffering from a debilitating case of dementia which is slowly destroying his memory. Live-in nurse Michelle takes advantage of her patient’s sickness and begins to enact a sinister torture plan. Trailer
Frailty Convinced that he has been chosen by God to murder those revealed to him as demons, a man goes off on a killing spree across Texas to try and rid the state of the secret evil. Trailer
Gerald’s Game Chained to a bed, a woman must fight the rising insanity as she lays in bed with her dead husband on top of her. Trailer
Goodnight Mommy A young woman returns home to recover from reconstructive surgery on her face, but her twin sons begin to doubt that the woman before them is who she claims to be. Trailer
Hannibal Rising Young Hannibal Lector is out for blood-seeking vengeance for the violent deaths of his parents. Trailer
Honeymoon During her romantic honeymoon in a secluded cabin, a young bride ventures out into the woods at night. The woman who returns from the forest looks like the bride but may be someone entirely different. Trailer
Invasion of the Body Snatchers The people of Santa Mira, California have been struggling to realize why members of their family and community are becoming emotionless zombies, but they are horrified to discover that their fellow humans have really been replaced by identical aliens. Trailer
Lake Mungo Alice’s family is still over her sudden drowning in the lake, but when mysterious paranormal events begin to occur, they realize that their daughter may have been leading a secret life. Trailer
Let Me In Being outcasted from society, Owen strikes up a friendship with a fellow freak Abby and the two become inseparable. However, when the bodies begin to pile up and Abby’s caretaker mysteriously disappears, Owen fears that his newfound friend may have more sinister motives. Trailer
Let the Right One In Oskar thought he had found his one and only friend in Eli, a troubled young child like himself, but when a string of suspicious murders begin to occur, Eli opens up about her darkest secret. Trailer
May May has been quite the outcast all her life, and when she is continuously rejected by men and society, her awkwardness quickly turns into a violent rage. Trailer
Megan is Missing After meeting up in real life with an online friend, a local teen mysteriously disappears. Trailer
Misery Famed writer Paul Sheldon suffers several injuries after a car crash and his biggest fan Anne Wilks comes to the rescue, but Paul is horrified to learn that his fan may have more sinister plans for him. Trailer
Only Lovers Left Alive Two ancient vampires struggle to find their place in modern times. Trailer
Prevenge Pregnant Ruth has been struggling with the recent death of her husband and begins to seek out vengeance for his death with the supposed guidance of her unborn child. Trailer
Psycho Stopping in at the Bates Motel for the night, Marion Crane meets the mysterious Norman Bates and finds herself in for a long stay at the motel. Trailer
Resolution Michael is desperate to help his best friend Chris sober up and turn his life around, and he comes up with a sinister plan to get him to cooperate. Trailer
Rosemary’s Baby Young married couple Rosemary and Guy move to New York and into a mysterious apartment with a suspicious background. When she becomes pregnant Rosemary begins to fear that her unborn child may not be human after all. Trailer
Session 9 A group of asbestos removal workers are sent to the mysterious Danvers State Mental Hospital and are horrified by what they find. Trailer
Se7en Detective William Somerset and David Mills must work together to put an end to the murderous rampage of a serial killer who chooses his victims based on one of the seven deadly sins. Trailer
Spring In an attempt to find some greater meaning in his life, Evan takes a last-minute trip to Italy where he meets Louise. The two strike up a friendship, but as time goes on Evan begins to suspect that Lousie might be hiding a mysterious secret. Trailer
Stake Land The world has been overrun by bloodthirsty vampires and an expert hunter must teach the next generation how to hunt down the fearsome beasts. Trailer
The ABCs of Death There are over 26 unique ways to die, one for every letter in the English alphabet. Trailer
The Blair Witch Project 1999 Lost in the deep woods with only their video camera and each other, three film students find themselves being stalked by the malevolent Blair witch who haunts the forest searching for victims. Trailer
The Blackcoat’s Daughter Joan makes the unfortunate decision to set out in the freezing winter to rescue two students from an unseen malevolent force. Trailer
The Boy Greta thought that her new job being a nanny for an older English couple would be a nice breath of fresh air from the stress of her old life, she could not have been more wrong. Trailer
The Conspiracy An insane conspiracy theorist has been selected as the subject for a new project by two filmmakers. However as the two filmmakers dive deeper into the film, they begin to believe that the crazed man may not be as crazy as he appeared. Trailer
The Dead Don’t Die The sleepy town of Centerville is thrust into supernatural turmoil and the citizens must bind together to fight the rising dead. Trailer
The Eyes of My Mother Francisca is struggling to cope after a horrific family tragedy and past childhood trauma begins to awaken a more sinister side of her. Trailer
The Fly A housefly has slipped into Seth Brundle’s new teleportation machine and caused some unforeseen consequences. Trailer
The Harvest Katherine has kept her terminally ill son locked inside, away from everyone and everything, but when she finds out her new neighbor Maryann has struck up an unlikely friendship with her boy, she absolutely loses it. Trailer
The House of the Devil Desperate to make some extra cash, Samantha takes a quick babysitting job, but soon finds out that the ordinary occupation is anything but conventional. Trailer
The Killing of a Sacred Deer Dr. Steven Murphy is horrified to find that a young teen Martin has infiltrated his idyllic life and dragged a heinous sin from his past into the light of the present. Trailer
The Limehouse Golem A vicious serial killer is on the loose in London and Inspector Kildare has been sent out to crack the case before more bodies pile up. Trailer
The Mothman Prophecies Two years after the death of his wife, a paranormal journalist experiences the same terrifying visions that his wife had before her untimely death, and begins to suspect that there may be more to the visions. Trailer
The Neon Demon 16-year-old Jesse has launched her career as a model in Los Angeles, but as she becomes more involved in the fierce industry it becomes more and more apparent. Trailer
The Ninth Gate Dean Corso is in over his head after coming across a book said to have been penned by Satan himself. Trailer
The Omen When his wife Katherine delivers a stillborn child Robert takes matters into his own hands and adopts another boy to fill the hole in their hearts. As the boy begins to grow and the body count rises, Robert and Katherine begin to suspect that their supposed gift from God may be the antichrist. Trailer
The Return of the Living Dead Two foremen accidentally release an experimental gas from its containment and are horrified that they must now fight for survival against the reanimated dead that have been brought back to life by the dangerous vapors.  Trailer
The Sacrament A team of professional investigators have made their way into a remote commune which is under the tyrannical control of its charismatic leader. Trailer
The Silence of the Lambs Clarice Starling is hungry for information concerning a new case she is investigating and turns to the psychopathic madman Dr. Hannibal Lecter for guidance. Trailer
The Shining The Overlook Hotel has unleashed its paranormal fury upon the Torrance family in a bid to drive them insane. Trailer
The Witch A young girl is blamed for the disappearance of her younger brother and deemed a witch. The colony soon dissolves into pure hysteria and puts loyalty to the test. Trailer
They Look Like People Wyatt becomes convinced that the people around him are transforming into supernatural monsters and is forced to make the difficult decision of protecting his best friend from the war, or from himself. Trailer
Unsane Sawyer Valentini seeks help from a therapist after moving to Boston to escape her stalker. She unwittingly agrees to an overnight stay in a mental facility but the staff suspects that she may not be sane enough to leave. Trailer
Wait Until Dark Sam Hendrix brings home a doll filled with heroin by mistake and soon the criminals behind the drugs track down their package to his home, where his blind wife Susy is left alone to fend for herself against the ruthless gang. Trailer
Wolf Creek Three friends find themselves in grave danger when their car breaks down in the vast Australian bush and makes the tragic mistake of accepting help from a local. Trailer

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