[Top 50] Best High School Horror Movies That Are Amazing

igh School Horror Movies
Oskar begins to worry about his new best friend Eli when he notices her strange behavior turns sinister.

50. Urban Legend

Urband Legend Trailer

Natalie is dead set on tracking down the killer responsible for a string of suspicious murders in her small town. Upon further investigation, Natalie begins to suspect that the deaths may be connected to the town’s local urban legend. Unable to convince her friends of her hunch she sets out on her own to hunt the killer but soon finds that she has bit off more than she can chew.

49. Student Bodies 

Student Bodies Trailer

A mysterious murderer is on the loose in Lamb High and has been brutally slaying teenagers of the school who are known to have indulged in sexual intercourse. Toby has been named one of the prime suspects in the case because she has been present at every crime scene. Determined to clear her name Toby takes matters into her own hand and launches a one-woman investigation into the killings with the hopes of putting an end to the carnage before it’s too late. 

48. Friday the 13th (2009) 

Friday the 13th 2009 Trailer

Clay’s sister has been missing for several days now and against the advice of the local police she sets out into the woods around Crystal Lake to search for her. Deep in the spooky forest Clay runs into the notorious masked serial killer Jason Voorhees who hunts her through the wilderness as she tries to escape and find her sister. 

47. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) 

The Texas Chainsaw Masacre 2003 Trailer

Three young backpackers are making their way across the Texas plains when they come across a mysterious house deep in the western frontier. Upon further investigation, the group discovers that the house hides a murderous secret. A deranged serial killer Leatherface and his entire family of murderers live inside and have set their sights on the kids as their next victims. Relentlessly stalked by the masked psychopath, the three friends must fight for their lives if they are going to make it out in one piece. 

46. Freddy vs Jason 

Freddy vs Jason Trailer

Two of the most iconic serial killers in horror history have teamed up to begin the ultimate killing spree of all time. Over the years Freddy has lost his grip over the town and the residents have let him drift into urban legend. Determined to regain his hold on the people he enlists the help of Jason Voorhes. However, when Jason doesn’t live up to Freddy’s expectations the two butt heads and turn on each other, hell-bent on coming out on top. 

45. I Know What You Did Last Summer 

I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer

Julie is terrified when she receives a disturbing letter in the mail from an anonymous person. The author lets Julie know that he knows what she and her friends did on a trip last summer. The group accidentally hit a fisherman and instead of calling the police they take the body and dump it in the water, never to speak of their crimes again. Now that they know someone did witness the heinous actions the group finds themselves being hunted by an unknown killer with a fish hook, hellbent on tracking them down and exacting bloody revenge. 

44. Jennifer's Body 

Jennifer's Body Trailer

Jennifer is the belle of the ball at her high school, constantly pursued by hordes of awestruck guys, hopeful for a chance with her. Little do the boys know Jennifer has been possessed by a fearsome demon who has given her a taste for human flesh. Craving a fresh body Jennifer lures some of the less desirable boys at school and consumes them. With the body count rising her friends Needy learns of her devious plans for the boys and plans to put an end to Jennifer’s killing spree before she wipes out the opposite sex. 

43. Teen Wolf (1985)  

Teen Wolf Trailer

Desperate to stand out in his high school, young Scott Howard turns to his father for advice. To his surprise, Scott’s father tells him that he's a werewolf and Scott decides to take advantage of his newfound strength. He takes the basketball season by storm and becomes popular overnight, but soon Scott realizes that his supposed highschool fame isn't all it’s cracked up to be. 

42. Cooties  

Cooties Trailer

A strange plague has spread through a local elementary school and transformed all of the students into vicious man-eating zombies. Two of the teachers take it upon themselves to investigate the origin of the virus and track it down to contaminated chicken nuggets which were served for lunch. Now surrounded by dozens of their zombie students, the staff of the school must band together to protect themselves and the surviving students before they’re overrun by the hungry horde. 

41. Jeepers Creepers 

Jeepers Creepers Trailer

Siblings Trish and Darry have found themselves in life-threatening danger. After discovering a mutilated corpse in the basement of an abandoned church, having been horrifically murdered by a mysterious figure. The two make their way home and try to leave what they've seen behind them but find that the same killer has made them his next victims. Now being relentlessly pursued by the being the siblings must stick together and fight for survival, or end up like the body in the church. 

40. Prom Night (1980)

Prom Night 1980 Trailer

An innocent young girl was relentlessly teased by four of her classmates throughout her high school career and when it was all said and done the poor victim wound up dead. Up until now, the bullies have hidden their involvement in their classmate’s death, but it becomes clear that someone outside the group knows what really happened. One by one all four of the bullies turn up dead from apparent murders and it’s a race to uncover the mysterious killer before it’s too late. 

39. The Hole (2001)

The Hole 2001 Trailer

A series of mysterious deaths have struck the English countryside and launched a full-scale investigation into the possible murders. The investigators come across a possible witness Liz Dunn who claims to have information on the whereabouts of more victims and the killer. Hoping to get some valuable information on the case, the investigators request the help of psychiatrist Philippa Horwood to help them in questioning their only lead.  

38. Halloween H20 

Halloween H20 Trailer

When Laurie Strode moved to Northern California, changed her name, and started a new life as a headmistress at a private school, she thought she had finally escaped the nightmares of her past from crazed killer Michael Myers. What she doesn't realize is that her pursuer has spent years tracking her down and has finally discovered her exact whereabouts and is on his way to exact his revenge almost two decades after their first meeting. 

37. Cherry Falls 

Cherry Falls Trailer

Sheriff Brent Marken prides himself on keeping his small town safe from danger and will stop at nothing to hunt down a mysterious serial killer who has been praying on the inhabitants. After closely examining the deaths Marken discovers that the killer has been targeting virgins, most of whom being teenagers from the local high school. To his horror, Marken realizes that his own teen daughter Jody may be the next victim because she has yet to lose her virginity.

36. The Faculty 

The Falculty Trailer

The students of Harrington High have always suspected that the faculty of their high school were a little odd, but they never would have foreseen what they were really hiding. Little did the students realize, their teachers were infected by extraterrestrial parasites and are on a violent rampage in an attempt to infect as many kids as possible. 

35. The Craft 

The Craft Trailer

Sahrah’s traumatic past has caused her to gain mysterious powers of telekinesis and after moving to Los Angeles, she finds that she's not the only teenager with special powers. Transferring to a new highschool Sahrah meets three other girls who reveal their powers to her, hoping to recruit her to their young coven. The group of wannabe witches try their hands at some spells and end up causing absolute chaos in their school, slowly driving them mad with power. 

34. The House on Sorority Row

The House on Sorority Row Trailer

When a prank goes horribly wrong a group of young sorority sisters panic and try to hide the body of the victim and cover their tracks. Inside their sorority house, they think they’ll be safe, thinking that there are no witnesses to their crimes. However, as the night goes on it becomes increasingly apparent that an unknown killer bore witness to their heinous actions and is now preying on the girls one by one.

33. Hell Night 

Hell Night Trailer

Desperate to join their respective fraternity and sorority, four college students decide to face their fears and spend the night in a supposedly haunted mansion. Years prior a terrible murder occurred within the walls of the house and the sole survivor sets his sights on the students as his next victims. Now trapped inside with a crazed killer on the loose the group must fight for survival if they are to make it out alive. 

32. Suicide Club 2001

Suicide Club 2001 Trailer

After the mass suicide of 54 young girls, the Japanese public has slipped into a panic with the numbers of mysterious deaths and suicides rising daily. The police know they must uncover the secrets surrounding the deaths and send two of their best officers to investigate. As the officers dig deeper into the most recent cases they discover a strange website that may have caused the girls to end their lives. 

31. After Midnight 1989

After Midnight 1989 Trailer
A group of students has made the mistake of enrolling in a new and mysterious class, Psychology of Fear. Many of the attendees can barely make it through a lecture and end up dropping it, but a few brave students decide to pry into the life of their even stranger professor, taking up his invitation and joining him at his home to tell scary stories. 

30. Hostel

Hostel Trailer

Best friends Paxton and Josh are off on another backpacking trip through Europe, eager to find the next big destination on their journey. Along the way the two meet Oli, who tells them of a wonderful hostel in a remote town in Slovakia and the friends decide to head out in search of it. Upon arrival they meet gorgeous women and plan to spend some time there to rest, enjoying the company of new friends and the scenery. Soon their new beautiful haven begins to turn more sinister as the men discover the dark secrets lurking within the hostel’s walls. 

29. The Awakening 

The Awakening Trailer

In the tragic aftermath of the first World War, Florence Cathcart struggles to move on in this time of grief and continue her work as a hoax hunter and paranormal writer. Summoned to a boy’s boarding school after hearing reports of disappearances and a supposed “ghost child”, Florence trudges through the halls searching for answers. Her skepticism soon fades when she comes face to face with the spirits and sets out to uncover the secrets hidden in the walls of the school. 

28. Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead 2013 Trailer

Ash and his group of friends find an old abandoned house in the middle of the woods while off on a hike. Inside the house they discover an ancient text, the Necronomicon, that has the power to raise the dead from their graves. After reading the text aloud the friends find themselves trapped within the walls of the house and surrounded by the undead. 

27. The Monster Squad 

The Monster Squad Trailer

The world’s most iconic monsters have descended on a small town and proceed to wreak havoc. What the residents don't yet realize is that the fiends are searching for a legendary amulet that will give them the power to take over civilization. As the monsters continue to ravage the town in their frantic search for the amulet five teenagers team up to rid their home of the fearsome beasts. 

26. Disturbia 

Disturbia Trailer

After the tragic death of his father, a troubled teen boy is finding it impossible to move on with his life and constantly finds himself in trouble at school. Tensions boil over when he gets into a heated fight with one of his teachers and he is confined to his home on house arrest. While aimlessly staring out of his window the boy begins to suspect that his next-door neighbor may be a wanted serial killer and sets out to find evidence of the man’s identity from within his home. 

25. The Babysitter (2017) 

The Babysitter 2017 Trailer

Cole is a bit of an outcast and one of his only friends is his hot older babysitter Bee. One night while his parents are away Cole hears some commotion downstairs and sneaks down to spy on Bee and a group of teens she has invited over. To his horror, Cole discovers that his sweet babysitter is really a devious member of a satanic cult and is using his house to conduct bloody rituals. 

24. Summer of 84 

Summer of 84 Trailer

Davy Armstrong is a little bit of a conspiracy theorist and amateur detective. When a series of suspicious murders occur in her town Davy begins to suspect that a local police officer may be behind the brutal killings. In an effort to uncover the truth behind the slayings Davy recruits her friends to help her expose the monster behind the mask but soon finds herself in a world of trouble. 

23. Massacre at Central High 

Masacre at Central High Trailer

Transferring to a new high school is hard as it is but when a group of bullies relentlessly torments new student David he snaps and exacts his bloody revenge against his pursuers. With his bullies six feet under David sets out on a quest to help his fellow classmates. As he hunts down more and more of the school’s bullies David becomes mad with power and turns the highschool into a bloody massacre. 

22. Happy Death Day 

Happy Death Day Trailer

Tree Gelbman wakes up in the door room of a fellow college student Carter on the morning of her birthday. Conceited and determined to make the most of her special day, Tree goes about her day but is viciously slain by a masked killer. To her surprise Tree wakes up back in Carter's room, realizing that she is trapped in a time loop. In a bid to break the time loop Tree must now unmask her killer and s

21. Fright Night (2011) 

Fright Night 2011 Trailer

Charley thinks he's set for life, a popular high school senior, set to graduate, and dating the hottest girl in his class. Things soon take a strange turn for the worst when a mysterious man moves in next door. His new neighbor’s strange activity leads Charley to believe that the man may be a bloodsucking vampire. Hell-bent on exposing him as the monster he is, Charley begins to pry more into the life of his neighbor with the help of an illusionist.   

20. The Final Girls 

The Final Girls Trailer

Struggling with the recent death of her mother, a famous horror actress from the ’80s, Max decides to watch one of her mother’s most iconic films with a few of her friends, hoping to find some peace. When the movie begins Max and her friends are dragged into the silver screen where she meets her mom and the serial killer after them. Finally reunited with her mother, Max and the rest of her friends must stick together if they are ever going to escape the world of the malicious murderer.  

19. The Blackcoat’s Daughter 

The Blackcoat's Daughter Trailer

While the rest of their boarding school has gone home for the winter, two girls stay behind in the school alone. Soon reports of a malevolent force tormenting the two catches the attention of a troubled young woman, Joan. Looking for some meaning in her life Joan sets out to the school to help the girls and uncover the secrets within its walls. 

18. Night of the Creeps 1986

Night of the Creeps 1986 Trailer

Terrifying extraterrestrial parasites have made their way to earth and begin searching for human hosts. The parasites turn the host into a vicious zombie and soon there are hundreds of bloodthirsty monsters raveging the town. With their parents and neighbors quickly falling victim to the carnage, many of the teenagers in the town take matters into their own hands and exact their bloody vengeance on the hordes of monsters. 

17. The Lost Boys 

The Lost Boys Trailer

Moving to a new town can be a big change for teenagers to begin with but brothers Michael and Sam discover that their recent relocation is anything but conventional. When Sam connects with a local girl Star who happens to be in cahoots with the leader of a vicious gang of vampires. Sam quickly becomes entangled with the deadly group and it’s up to his brother Micahel and his newfound friends to rescue him before it's too late. 

16. Scream 

Scream Trailer

Struggling to get over the murder of her mother,Sidney finds herself being stalked by a myseterous masked killer. The mysterious masked murderer has been wreaking havoc across the town and has set his sights on Sindey and her friends. Frightened for their lives Sidney and her friends team up to escape the murderous grips of the killer and uncover the madman behind the mask. 

15. Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead Trailer

It’s the evening of the highschool prom and a group of unpopular teenagers has been left out in the cold without dates. While the rest of their class is causing a ruckus at the party, the losers outside face an impending horde of zombies. With their classmates inside and no help on the way, the group decides to take matters into their own hands and put an end to the bloodthirsty rampage. 

14. Tragedy Girls 

Tragedy Girls Trailer

Sadie and McKayla are inseparable and the two ammature crime stoppers have their sights set on a mysterious serial killer who has been wreaking havoc in their town. The two have finally gotten a hold of their prime suspect and are holding him prisoner while they interrogate him. Little do the two know the murderer’s devious behaviour has rubbed off on them and they set out to commit some chaos of their own. 

13. Battle Royale 

Battle Royale Trailer

Sent off to fend for themselves on a remote island, 42 9th graders have been fitted with electric collars around their necks, some basic survival supplies, and all the weapons they can carry. The group is given a list of strict rules to follow and told to fight to the death. Whoever is the last one standing will be allowed to leave, but if anyone breaks a rule, the collar fastened around their neck will blow their brains out. 

12. Better Watch Out 

Better Watch Out Trailer

Ashley arrives at the quaint suburban home of the Lerner family to babysit their young son Luke while the parents are out. At first everything is normal and the two find ways to pass the time unit Luke’s family returns, but soon their quiet evening is shattered by the sounds of intruders. Uninvited guests have made their appearance in the home and are out for blood and Ashley must now face her fears and fight off the villains to protect herself and Luke from certain death. 

11. Ginger Snaps 

Ginger Snaps Trailer

Ginger and Bridgett have always been outcasts in their small town but all that changes when Ginger is attacked by a savage beast on the evening of her first period. In the morning all of her wounds have miraculously healed, but Ginger is not the same. Bridgett soon sees a drastic change in her sister and decides that it is up to her to save her sister and their town from the monster rising inside. 

10. Attack the Block 

Attack the Block Trailer

A quaint neighborhood is South London is under attack from extraterrestrial invaders, wreaking havoc in the once quiet streets. With little hope of military intervention a gang of kids decides to take matters into their own hands and defend their home. Banding together the teens equip themselves with makeshift melee weapons and set their sights on the aliens. 

9. The Cabin In The Woods 

The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

Five college friends decide to take a much needed woodland vacation in a remote cabin to relax and unwind, but their quaint little trip soon turns more deadly. Each of the young adults falls victim to the sinister games of two scientists who are manipulating the cabin and the monsters surrounding it deep in the woods. The friends must now fight for survival if they are ever to return from the forest alive. 

8. Carrie 

Carrie Trailer

Tormentied by her classmates at school and her religious mother at home, Carrie has become a socially inept outcast. Over time she begins to notice strange occurrences and believes that she has been given supernatural powers. When Carrie is invited out to the school prom she thinks things are looking up for her, but when things take a sinister turn the simmering anger comes spewing out from deep inside. 

7. Raw 

Raw Trailer

Justine is just starting off in her new veterinary school where she finds it hard to fit in. She’s a strict vegetarian and the youngest in her class which makes her stick out. Desperate to fit in and launch her career she cosumnes raw meat along with some of her classmates. After eating the meat Justine begins to experience extreme side effects and slowly slips into insanity as her inner demons begin to peak out. 

6. Suspiria (1977)

Suspiria 1977 Trailer

In the hopes of pursuing a career as a ballerina Suzy moves to Germany to attend a prestigious ballet school. Once she moves in she begins to notice strange happenings in the building and becomes even more frightened when she learns of the mysterious deaths of other students. Upon investigation Suzy is horrified to learn that her new dream school holds a dark and terrible secret. 

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street 

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

The malevolent spirit of former child murderer Freddy Kruger is haunting the nightmares of teens and kids in a small town. As the cases of strange nightmares continue the adults of the town soon realize that Kruger is able to kill the unsuspecting victims in their dreams. 

4. It Follows 

It Follows Trailer

Jay thought she had scored the perfect night after having sex with her new hot oyfreind Hugh but soon begis to see the conseuqneces of her actions. She is now the next target of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim by way of intercourse and her death is inevitable. As the days drag on Jay begins to see the signs of the curse and becomes more unhinged, unable to seek comfort in those around her who know belief she is going insane. 

3. Diabolique (1955)

Diabolique 1955 Trailer

Michel Delassalle has proven to be an evil man, ruling over his boarding school with an iron fist, cheating on his wife and flaunting his mistress to the world. Fed up with his abuse the two women drawn together by their hatred for Michel hatch a plot to murder him and take his estate. After the deed is done the women think they are set for life, but strange occurrences begin to drive them insane starting with the sudden disappearance of the victim’s body. 

2. The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones Trailer

It’s prom season and Brent has received a hopeful invitation to the dance by a fellow classmate Lola. When Brent declines her advances Lola becomes seriously unhinged and concocts a sinister plan to exact her revenge on her unwilling date and get the evening of her dreams. 

1. Let the Right One In 

Let the Right One In Trailer

An outcast himself, young Oskar had thought he'd found the perfect playmate in his neighbor Eli. The two strike up a friendship and begin spending every waking second together, but things aren't as childish and playful as they seem. When a string of mysterious murders begins to terrify the small town, Eli confides in her new friend about her sinister secret. 

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