[Top 25] Best Haunted House Movies To Watch Now

Haunted House Movies
Things are heating up back at home after Anna comes back from a mental hospital only to find more trouble in her own family.

25. Mirrors (2008)

Mirrors 2008 Trailer

Ex-cop Ben Carson takes a job as a security guard at an abandoned department store in a bid to give meaning to his life and save his struggling marriage. Upon entering the building Ben finds dozens of beautifully decorated mirrors, which project terrifying ghostly visions to him. Frightened by what he sees he returns home to his wife and young children trying to forget the mysterious images he's seen, only to find that the creatures from the mirrors have followed him home.

24. The Haunting

The Haunting Trailer

Dr. David Marrow has carefully selected a group of test subjects for a study on insomnia and takes them to a supposedly haunted mansion known as the Hill House. Once he has lured his subjects into the house Dr. Marrow begins to enact his secret plans to test the effects of fear on the human mind. While everyone was sure that the stories surrounding Hill House were nothing but a myth, the spirits hiding within the old house begin to torment the subjects and the doctor.

23. The Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut Trailer

Devastated by their oldest son Matt’s recent cancer diagnosis, Sara and Peter decide to move their family to an old Connoniel house in Connecticut to be closer to the hospital for his treatments. After moving into the home the family realizes that their charming old home was once a funeral parlor. With no alternative, Sara sends for a priest to bless the house and after the visit, the family believes they are safe from any paranormal activity, however as the weeks drag on Matt’s condition takes a sinister turn.

22. The Amityville Horror (1979)

The Amityville Horror 1979 Trailer

Newlyweds Geroge and Cathy Lutz have found the perfect home to raise their newly blended family in, and it’s right in their price range. Despite the agent’s warning that just a year before the house was the site of a horrific mass murder, the Lutz family decides that they can look past the gruesome past of the house and have it blessed before moving in. Just as the family begins to move in and settle into their new abode, the malevolent spirits haunting the walls of the house begin to show their ghastly faces.

21. The Sentinel (1977)

The Sentinel 1977 Trailer

In a bid to turn her life around, model Alison Parker breaks up with her abusive boyfriend and moves across New York City to a new apartment building. After moving in Alison begins to notice strange occurrences in her new home and runs into her sole neighbor, an elderly, blind priest who keeps to himself. As the strange activity becomes more alarming, Alison realizes that she and the priest are not the only inhabitants of the building.

20. Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings Trailer

Ben and Maria Rolf are ecstatic to find a gorgeous victorian mansion to rent for the summer and are even happier when they see the price. They move in right away and bring Ben’s aunt Elizabeth with them for the ride. Soon after moving into the home, the family finds themselves undergoing mysterious and sudden changes in behavior eventually leading to the tragic death of Elizabeth. With the behavior of the couple becoming more and more abnormal, they begin to sis=ect that their beautiful new summer home may have a dark secret.

19. The Legend of Hell House

The Legend of Hell House Trailer

The Belasco House has become infamous for its tales of vicious spirits haunting the halls after being violently murdered by the previous owner. Determined to investigate the claims Lionel Barrett and his team venture into the mansion to uncover the truth. Barrett insists that the ghost stories are false and is convinced that they won't find anything paranormal, but soon the spirits of the Belasco House begin to make their presence known.

18. The Entity (1983)

The Entity 1983 Trailer

Carla Moran begins therapy with a local psychiatrist after she claims she was brutally raped and beaten by an unseen force. Her doctor, Phil Sneiderman, is convinced that Carla is suffering from depression and causing the injuries to herself to get attention. His hypothesis is soon shattered when the attacks continue and even the doctor begins to suspect that whatever is terrorizing Carla is not of our world.

17. Ghostwatch

Ghostwatch Trailer

Broadcasted live over the BBC network, four paranormal reporters and their camera crew venture into what is rumored to be the most haunted house in Britain. Behind the screen sits an audience of captivated viewers, anxiously watching the action from their homes. At first, all is well in the house and only the occasional technical difficulties occur, but as the minutes tick past it becomes very apparent that something is very wrong.

16. Ju-On: The Grudge

Ju-On: The Grudge Trailer

Nishina Rika has discovered a strange door in the home of her sickly patient and is horrified when she sees the ghastly face of a ghost staring back at her inside. Shaken by her experience Nishina leaves but continues to see the faces of a young boy and woman haunting her outside of the house. When she digs into the history of the house hoping to uncover the identity of the two ghosts terrorizing her, Nishina learns that the two figures are that of a mother and her young son who were brutally murdered in the house years before by the father, and their angry spirits are now hell-bent on causing others to feel the same pain that they did in death.

15. 1408

1408 Trailer

Hoping to find inspiration for his next big break, horror author Mike Enslin checks into the Dolphin Hotel which is said to house a dark secret. Against the warnings of the hotel manager Enslin takes the infamous room 1408 and settles down for the night to write his book. At first, Enslin spends the time touring the gorgeously decorated room and thinking about his failed marriage and the tragic death of his young daughter, but as the house drag on the room begins to torment him with terrifying visions of his impending doom.

14. The Changeling

The Changeling Trailer

Stricken by grief after losing his wife and young daughter to a terrible car accident, John Russell  packs up what's left of his life in New York and moves to a secluded mansion outside of Seattle, hoping to find some meaning. Shortly after moving in, John begins to see the ghostly visage of a young boy who had tragically drowned in a bathtub in the home and he seeks the help of Claire Norman. The two set out to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding the child’s death and soon stumble upon the sinister history of John’s new abode.

13. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity Trailer

Katie and Micah are ecstatic to finally be moving in together in their new suburban home. Everything is wonderful at first with the young couple settling in when some mysterious occurrences begin to terrify them. They’re convinced the happenings are the work of some paranormal force and set up dozens of security cameras within their home to catch who or what has been terrorizing them.

12. The Others

The Others Trailer

In an effort to protect her two young children from the horrors of the second world war, Grace moves her family to the secluded English coast. While awaiting the return of her missing husband Grace notices her children are becoming increasingly paranoid in their new home. Both of her children claim to see spirits and Grace is unconvinced until she begins to see the figures for herself.

11. Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist 1982 Trailer

After weeks of curious inexplicable occurrences, the Freeling family discovers that their home is haunted by numerous spirits. While at first the ghosts inhabiting their home seem friendly they soon turn violent and terrorize the family. They’ve finally had enough with the malevolent spirits when five-year-old Carol-Ann suddenly goes missing and calls in an exorcist to rid their home of the unwelcome guests for good.

10. The Conjuring

The Conjuring Trailer

The young Perron family has been terrorized by a malevolent spirit haunting their secluded New England farmhouse and call in famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Once inside the home, the Warrens identify a spirit and set out to uncover the secrets behind the house and its former residents. However, in the middle of all the chaos, Carolyn Perrin has been targeted by a female spirit and the Warrens must fight off the evil force before it claims her soul.

9. The Shining

The Shinning Trailer

Hoping to find some inspiration for his next book, Jack Torrance moves his young family to the beautiful Overlook Hotel. They take over as caretakers and settle in when things take a turn for the worst. Jack’s wife and son begin to see strange things and both are terrified, urging him to leave while they have the chance. 

8. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense Trailer

Cole Sear is being terrorized by dozens of ghosts who have zeroed in on him for his psychic powers. He’s terrified by these spirits and only speaks of his horrific visions to his psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. Crowe is determined to help the boy and sets out to uncover the secrets behind his patient's bizarre gift.

7. The Orphanage

The Orphanage Trailer

Laura convinces her husband to buy the orphanage where she grew up with plans to convert it into a beautiful home for sick children like her son Simón. Almost immediately after moving into the building, Laura begins to see strange things and her son goes missing shortly after. Months go by with no sign of Simón and because of his sickly nature, everyone believes he is dead. Laura refuses to give up hope that her son is alive and sets off to find him with the assistance of some spirits inhabiting her home.

6. House on Haunted Hill

House on Haunted Hill Trailer

Frederick Loren has placed a bid of $10,000 for anyone who can stay the night in an infamous haunted house. When the guests arrive alongside Loren they secretly plan to get rid of him and take the money for themselves. Hell-bent on killing the millionaire the group decides to carry out their evil plans but are stopped when the supposedly empty mansion comes to life.

5. Hell House LLC

Hell House LLC Trailer

Five years ago fifteen innocent people lost their lives under mysterious circumstances while joking around in a local haunted house. Rumors have begun to circulate regarding the traveling company that ran the attraction that night as only one of the members of the crew survived the ordeal. Determined to uncover the secrets surrounding the tragedy a documentary crew ventures into the now-abandoned house to expose the evil hiding inside.

4. Hausu

Hausu Trailer

Gorgeous and six of her friends are off to visit her aunt at a remote mansion so she can stay away from her father and his creepy lover. Upon arriving at her aunt’s home the friends begin experiencing strange visions and seeing ghostly visages haunting the halls of the house. After investigating the terrifying occurrences the group finds a suspicious cat that seems to be the center of all the chaos.

3. Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo Trailer

A grieving family is desperate to find some peace after losing their daughter Alice to a tragic drowning. They contact a parapsychologist who opens his own investigation into her death to help the family. Upon further investigation into the drowning, the family and the doctor are led to Lake Mungo where they discover Alice’s secret double life.

2. The Innocents

The Innocents Trailer

After taking a job as a governess to two young children, Miss Giddens begins to worry about the children she’s looking after. Both children begin acting strange and Giddens is also seeing mysterious things. As she becomes increasingly paranoid Miss Giddens realizes that the children’s odd behavior is caused by a malevolent paranormal force haunting the home.

1. The Uninvited

The Uninvited Trailer

Anna has finally returned home after spending time in a mental facility, and is shocked to see that her widowed father is now engaged to her dead mother’s former nurse Rachel. She and her sister Alex dislike Rachel and after seeing the ghost of their mother they decide to dig into their new stepmother’s past.

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