Top 15 Movies Like Sea Fever

Movies like Sea Fever
Sea Fever? It happens.

Water is vital for survival, but find out below how it could also drive you to fight for your life. 

A fishing trawler is doomed when it gets tangled in a sea creature’s tentacles. They are stuck at sea, but they technically aren’t supposed to be there, so calling for help can be a bit tricky. Will the crew survive each other while they are stranded? Below are fifteen films like Sea Fever.

15. The Rift (1990)

The Rift Trailer

A rescue crew dives into the deep ocean to find a lost submarine. The ship discovers an underwater cave, and they get out to explore. Rather than stumbling on the lost submarine, they find creatures with tentacles trying to kill them. 

The film is also known as Endless Descent. 

14. Deep Rising

Deep Rising Trailer

Tensions are high when a luxury cruise liner smashes into something and is stuck in the middle of the ocean. Taking the opportunity, a group hijacks the ship and attempts to steal from the cruise. It isn’t long before karma sets in, and a tentacled creature attacks the ship.

The film ranked number eight on opening weekend.

13. The Creature Below

The Creature Below Trailer

Olive takes a dive to further her studies but comes face to face with a giant squid-like creature. She becomes obsessed with it, and the creature forms a creepy bond with Olive. She descends into madness after those around her question her intentions. 

The film is Stewart Sparke’s first feature film, which he shot within just fourteen days and £12,000. 

12. Leviathan (1989)

Leviathan Trailer

An undersea mining crew discovers the remains of a shipwreck. After they investigate what’s onboard, the crew falls ill. As the bodies begin to pile up, the thing that infected the crewmembers begins to mutate. 

The film was co-written by David Peoples, who was a screenwriter for Blade Runner.

11. Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Trailer

A group of college friends gets away for spring break. They rent a cabin in the woods but are soon disturbed by a disfigured man who needs help. They ignore him, and the man ends up puking infected blood everywhere. The group soon displays flesh eating symptoms, and they go mad trying to find the source. 

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

10. The Neptune Factor

The Neptune Factor

Just as a research crew is about to leave their facility, an earthquake strikes, leaving them stuck at sea. Most of their facility is in ruins, and their air supply is limited. They continue to assess the damage when they stumble upon an area filled with giant sea creatures.

The Neptune Factor was produced on a two and a half million-dollar budget.

9. Weaverfish

Weaverfish Trailer

A few friends hang out by a river and have a good time, and swim. A while later, the symptoms start setting in, and the group realizes something’s got to give. They go down the list of possible culprits, but they better hurry before they all succumb to the illness.

Weaverfish was shot in a sixteen-day period.

8. Sector 7

Sector 7 Trailer

Oil rig workers have terrible luck at work. When a researcher pushes the team for success, they discover his ill motives for a new oil source. That idea doesn’t last long, because something lurks under the rig and everyone must survive or die. 

Sector 7 had a debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2011.

7. Underwater

Underwater Trailer

A drilling team is stuck underwater after an earthquake damages their facility. A failed attempt at hailing a rescue team forces the crew to walk across the ocean floor. Unknown to them, an undiscovered creature is about to make itself known.  

Production began in early 2017 in New Orleans.

6. Growth

Growth Trailer

The mistakes of one doctor lives on twenty years later. A group of friends goes to the same island where genetically engineered parasites came to fruition. Wherever the group turns, the people on the island are being consumed by parasites. 

Gabriel Cowan wrote and directed the film on a $300,000 budget.

5. The Thaw

The Thaw Trailer

Researchers discover the remains of a wooly mammoth and decide to bring it back to their lab for studies. A group of research students arrives at the research facility only to discover an illness has spread throughout. 

Val Kilmer stars in the horror sci-fi that premiered at the Nuremberg Fantasy Filmfest.

4. Black Mountain Side

Black Mountain Side Trailer

Archeologists discover ancient ruins in Canada, which dates back thousands of years. Soon after, they are stranded in a cabin with zero communication to the outside world. Day by day, the group experiences strange symptoms. 

The cast and crew lived at the cabins they filmed at.

3. The Host (2006)

The Host Trailer

A giant sea creature starts attacking people in South Korea. It turns out, it does not like chemical waste, and is fighting back. The U.S. Military also reveals it has a deadly virus, but who is to believe. All anyone knows is they need to survive the giant sea monster. 

The Host won best film at the Asian Film Awards.

2. The Thing

The Thing Trailer

A spaceship is discovered under an ice sheet in Antarctica. They extract a creature from the ice and bring it back to their research facility. While the crew celebrates, the creature thaws out and infects the crew with its alien cells

In 2011, Universal Halloween Horror Nights debuted a maze title The Thing: Assimilation.

1. The Bay

The Bay Trailer

Celebrations go on despite warnings from researchers that something may be wrong with the water. The Mayor worries more about how people will react rather than preventing tragedy. It isn’t until residents start to break out into rashes and dying, that the CDC is called.

The film is Barry Levinson’s approach to a documentary on the Chesapeake Bay he was supposed to produce for an environmental group.


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