[Top 50] Best Horror Movies of 2018

Train to Busan
'Speed' meets 'The Walking Dead' in 2018's Train to Busan, introducing an exciting new addition to the horror genre.

With an abundance of new horror films taking the stage in 2020, one can’t help but marvel at the wonderful additions to the horror genre in recent years. 

From supernatural possessions to full-on slasher gore-fests, there’s something for everyone in the sprawling and bloody umbrella of the horror genre. The new additions to the horror community over the past few years have raised the bar, paving the way for newer takes on the meaning of terror.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Grab a buddy, turn the lights off, and take a look at some of the best horror movies of 2018.

Movie Name What's The Movie About? Trailer Release Date
 Along Came The Devil  A woman seeking to resolve the trauma of her troubled childhood unknowingly invites a demon to possess her.  Trailer   August 10, 2018
 Annihilation  When an alien force appears on Earth, a team of researchers ventures into a mysterious area where the laws of nature begin to warp.  Trailer  February 23, 2018
 Apostle  While on a mission to rescue his sister from an isolated island, a man goes head-to-head with a deadly religious cult.  Trailer  October 12, 2018
 The Appearance  When several monks die from inexplicable circumstances, a scientist is forced to confront the possibility that something evil lurks in the shadows.  Trailer  June 27, 2018
 Bird Box  A woman struggles to survive with her two children.when an invisible force begins to plague the world and wipes out most of humanity.  Trailer  December 21, 2018
 Boarding School  A young boy is sent to a boarding school run by a mysterious headmaster and his wife, where he soon realizes something sinister and mysterious lurks in the halls.  Trailer  August 31, 2018
 The Cabin  A young couple traveling to a remote cabin for a vacation crosses paths with a stranger who hides a murderous secret.  Trailer  December 4, 2018
 Cam  When a camgirl discovers her account has been hacked by an extra replica of herself, she must unravel the mystery of her bizarre doppelganger.  Trailer  November 16, 2018
 Cargo  When a deadly epidemic spreads through Australia, a father seeks protection for his young daughter.  Trailer  May 18, 2018
 Catskill Park  After a blizzard traps four friends, their camping trip turns into a nightmare when they realize something monstrous lurks in the wilderness.  Trailer  November 27, 2018
 Don't Leave Home  An American artist's sudden obsession with a disturbing urban legend leads her on a dangerous investigation into the legend’s origins.  Trailer  November 14, 2018
 Don't Open Your Eyes  When an apathetic hospice nurse discovers he has a dark connection to a woman in his care, he is forced to confront the darkness inside himself.  Trailer  September 24, 2018
 Elizabeth Harvest  After her husband forbids her from entering one particular room in their house, a woman discovers her husband is experimenting with human cloning.  Trailer  August 17, 2018
 The Farm  A young couple is kidnapped by a twisted family who raises human beings as livestock to serve in their diner.  Trailer  April 20, 2018
 The First Purge  In this prequel to the Purge series, an experiment is conducted on Staten Island in which no laws are in effect for twelve hours.  Trailer  July 4, 2018
 Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum  The crew of a Korean horror web series travels to an abandoned asylum to catch proof of paranormal activity, unaware of the danger they’ve put themselves in.  Trailer  March 28, 2018
 Halloween  Four decades after escaping Michael Myer’s deranged killing spree, Laurie Strode is forced to confront her long-time enemy once and for all.  Trailer  October 19, 2018
 He's Out There  On vacation at a remote lake house, a woman and her two children struggle to survive against a mysterious killer who stalks them in the darkness.  Trailer  October 25, 2018
 Head Count  After attempting an Internet ritual as a joke, a group of college students finds themselves at the mercy of an evil entity that can shapeshift.  Trailer  September 24, 2018
 Hell Fest  A night at a Halloween-themed amusement park turns to terror when a group of friends is hunted down by a masked serial killer.  Trailer  September 28, 2018
 Hereditary  A family tragedy turns to terror as bizarre and disturbing events begin tormenting the surviving members of the family.  Trailer  June 8, 2018
 Hex  A couple’s romantic holiday is thrown into chaos when they are attacked by a sudden, malicious force.  Trailer  September 27, 2018
 Insidious: The Last Key  In this addition to the Insidious series, paranormal expert Elise Rainier is forced to confront her childhood fears when she is drawn back to the house where the evil all began.  Trailer  January 5, 2018
 Look Away  A highschool student’s life is turned on its head when she suddenly switches places with her sinister mirror image.  Trailer  November 2, 2018
 Malicious  A college professor and his wife accidentally unleash a deadly supernatural force that begins hunting them down.  Trailer  October 19, 2018
 Mandy  After a hippie cult destroys the happiness of a man and his family, the man begins a trail of horrific vengeance against them.  Trailer  September 14, 2018
 Mara  When a woman claims that an unseen entity murdered her husband in his sleep, a psychologist begins to see horrific images of a ghastly creature.  Trailer  September 7, 2018
 Mermaid: Lake of the Dead  A woman attempts to rescue her fiancé from the deadly clutches of a mermaid that lives in the lake surrounding their home.  Trailer  July 12, 2018
 Monstrum  The loyal subject of King Jung struggles to fight against a monster that threatens both the King’s life and the kingdom.  Trailer  September 12, 2018
 The Nun  A priest and a young woman training to be a nun travel to Romania to investigate the mysterious death of a nun and stop the evil force that awaits them.  Trailer  September 7, 2018
 The Open House  A teenager and his mother soon discover that an intruder with murderous intentions has crept into their home during an open house.  Trailer  January 19, 2018
 Ouija House  A girl brings her friends to her ancestral home, where they accidentally summon an evil spirit that traps them inside the house.  Trailer  December 21, 2018
 Our House  An invention that amplifies paranormal activity within a young man’s home brings back the spirits of loved ones, but also something far more sinister.  Trailer  July 27, 2018
 Overlord  In the midst of World War II, a group of American soldiers discover that horrific human experiments have been conducted behind enemy lines.  Trailer  November 9, 2018
 Pledge  A group of college freshman attempt to join a popular fraternity, but what begins as light hazing soon transforms into an endless nightmare.  Trailer  July 24, 2018
 The Possession of Hannah Grace  An officer working the graveyard shift at a hospital morgue learns that something wicked lives inside one of the corpses—a young girl who died during an exorcism.  Trailer  November 30, 2018
 Possum  A disgraced puppeteer struggles to maintain his sanity when he is forced to confront the trauma and darkness of his past.  Trailer  October 26, 2018
 A Quiet Place  After the world is plagued by creatures that hunt using sound, a family struggles to survive in haunting silence.  Trailer  April 6, 2018
 Rampant  After being held hostage by the Qing Dynasty, Prince Lee Chung must face off against evil creatures that stalk the night.  Trailer  November 2, 2018
 The School  A woman searching for her missing child finds herself in an abandoned school, where she must survive against the dark forces that call it home.  Trailer  October 26, 2018
 Slender Man  After their friend goes missing, a group of girls begins to see a mysterious entity that seeks to eliminate them.  Trailer  August 10, 2018
 The Strangers: Prey at Night  A family staying at a secluded mobile home are stalked and attacked by three masked killers.  Trailer  March 9, 2018
 Suspiria  At a world-renowned dance company, a strange darkness attempts to consume those unfortunate enough to cross its path.  Trailer  November 2, 2018
 Truth or Dare  An innocent game of Truth or Dare turns horrific when a group of friends realizes they must perform a series of dangerous dares or face a grisly demise.  Trailer  April 13, 2018
 Unfriended: Dark Web  A teenager comes into contact with a strange laptop, only to realize the owner is watching him from beyond the screen and will stop at nothing to get his property back.  Trailer  July 20, 2018
 Unsane  A young woman is committed to a mental institution after claiming to be followed by a stalker, where she is forced to confront what is and is not real.  Trailer  March 23, 2018
 Welcome to Mercy  A single mother begins to experience signs of the stigmata, forcing her to seek help from a local priest and a nun.  Trailer  November 2, 2018
 Wildling  Tormented in childhood with tales of a child-eating monster called the Wildling, a teenager discovers a terrifying secret about herself.  Trailer  April 13, 2018
 Winchester  Firearm heiress Sarah Winchester believes she is being haunted by those killed using her family’s rifles, leading her to seek desperate means to rid herself of the spirits.  Trailer  February 2, 2018
 The Wrath  In the Lee Gyeong-jin household, after the sudden death of the family’s three sons, a woman soon discovers that an evil spirit has attached itself to the house.  Trailer  November 8, 2018

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