The Predator 2018 Release Date: 10 Fast Facts

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Time for a New Hunt

The masked alien from another world first hit the screens in 1987 and brought a new wave of terror into the hearts of people

A skilled hunter with weaponry far more advanced than our own, and the ability to camouflage rendering himself entirely invisible, moved through the heavily wooded forests of  Central America and picked off the Soldiers of Fortune one by one until only one remained, Dutch (Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger).  He survived the carnage that happened around him, fought the alien life form, known as The Predator, and got saved after the alien detonated a bomb, killing itself and taking out nearly half of the forest.  

Predator (1987) - Trailer (HD)

That was the first time people saw the Predator and it wouldn’t be the last.  Following its 1987 success, the seven foot tall hunter was brought back to the screens in 1990 and this time he found his hunting grounds in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Michael Harrigan (Played by Danny Glover) was the last man standing in this film, losing close friends and work colleagues to the likes of the hunter before the truth of what he was facing was revealed. The most iconic scene in the second film was at the end when Michael Harrigan finds himself in the ship of the Predator and enters what is obviously the trophy room. In the room, placed upon the wall, we see a variety of polished skulls, the trophies taken after each hunt by the Predator. Upon the wall is the unmistakable elongated skull of the Alien. Which makes fans wonder: Did they have the idea of having the two alien life forms face off in a movie back in the 90s already?

Alien vs. Predator - Official® Trailer [HD]

In 2004, the question many fans pondered over was answered. Alien vs. Predator was released and, in the story, a well-known name made its appearance, that of Charles Bishop Weyland. Weyland seeks glory when there is a discovery made of a pyramid beneath the ice. What makes this pyramid unusual is the fact that it seems to have been built by three civilisations that were practically worlds apart. However, the expedition lands the team in the wrong place at the very wrong time. The pyramid was to be the hunting grounds for three Predators and their prey were the Aliens. Action packed scenes, bloodshed and some really good fight scenes made this movie quite enjoyable for the fans. Though, of course, many would ask the question: Why is the Predator going to such a cold part of the world? I thought he only came to our planet in the hottest summers? A good question definitely, but it was one I could overlook as I personally enjoyed seeing the face-off between the Predator and the Alien Queen.

One movie would have been enough but, they saw fit to release another in 2007, or felt that it was needed after the ending to the 2004 movie. This time, a distress signal from the Predator ship and images showing a rather disturbing hybrid alien – a Predalien – sends a Predator on a mission to earth in order to destroy the monstrosity and all evidence of it or his kind. As expected, chaos and carnage explodes in the small town, throwing the locals into the middle of the war. It was a good watch but not the greatest. Thankfully, this was the last film. It was a good idea for a film, but perhaps it just wasn’t executed in the right way.

Predators - Official Trailer (HD)

2010 saw the release of a third film for the Predator franchise entitled Predators. The opening of the film sees Adrien Brody’s character waking up falling from the sky. The release of a parachute slows his descent and soon, he finds himself in the midst of thick forest with no memory as to how he got there. The discovery of other people starts to slowly piece the puzzle together. Soon, they discover they are not alone in the forest and, what’s more unnerving is that the forest they are in isn’t even one on their home planet. They have been dropped on a foreign planet for one purpose and one purpose only: To be hunted. They are the prey, but who are the hunters? Here, the fans of the franchise were introduced to bigger, meaner Predators, ones that even hunted the ‘smaller’ Predators. As with the first Alien vs Predator movie, it is a case of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and, the few survivors that are left after a heart racing, blood pumping story, fight alongside the Predator to try and take down the common enemy.  The first and the second in the film franchise will always be the best but, I did quite enjoy this third addition. It wasn’t the greatest of stories but, it was interesting to see it take place on a different planet, one that appears to have been created for the sole purposes of being used as a hunting ground.

After all of these movies, I honestly did not think that they would bring out another, that Predators would be the last we, the fans, had seen of the seven foot tall deadly hunters. So, I was surprised to discover that there is another Predator movie due for release in 2018 and this time it’s being directed by Shane Black. For the fans of The Predator franchise, the name will sound familiar and it should. Shane Black played the role of Hawkins in the first Predator and he is taking charge of this film with the desire to bring the mystery back to the Predator and, perhaps, deliver a little more insight to the seven foot tall hunters. 

10 fast facts to know about the new Predator movie

The infamous hunter is set to return to the screens in 2018. 

  • Black has described this new movie as being an ‘inventive sequel’ rather than a reboot on the franchise. He likes the idea of ‘expanding and exploring existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the reset button.’
  • Shane Black has revealed that the main character’s name is going to be Quinn Mckenna but has also said that this may change.
  • It will be set in present day and will be similar to Predator 2 with a detective style to it.
  • The filming was delayed. It was meant to start in September of 2016 but will now only commence in February 2017 and is set to be done by May 15, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Amalgamated Dynamics will be handling the effects in the films such as the Predator costume (s).
  • The teaser image slogan is a play on words from a line that was used in Iron Man 3 by the Mandarin – a film that was also directed by Shane Black. In Iron Man 3 the Mandarin says “You’ll never see me coming”. On the teaser image, the slogan states “You’ll never see him coming.”
  • The rumoured cast for the movie thus far are Olivia Munn, Boyd Halbrook and even 50 Cent.
  • Though the film will be considered as a sequel to the original, it is being crafted in such a way that it can be a sequel as well as a standalone film.
  • Events of the original 1987 Predator film will be referenced in the new movie which is set to take place thirty years after the original film.
  • Shane Black has stated that the film will be R-Rated and he won’t be dumbing down elements to cater to a younger demographic.

There have been other rumours about the possibility of the new movie being set in the suburbs and that Arnold’s character, Dutch, from the original movie would make an appearance in the new film. That is all rumours but, maybe it would be nice for the ex-Soldier of Fortune to make an appearance and perhaps offer advice on how to tackle the problem of the alien hunter that will, more than likely, be wreaking havoc and spilling blood on planet earth. Unfortunately, there is not much else available on the project, Shane Black opting to keep a tight lid on the film and what it will be about and who will be in it. But, hopefully, we will be privy to a little more insight in the New Year. 

The teaser image that has been released for the new upcoming instalment in the Predator franchise. 

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