[Top 10] Minecraft Scary Seeds That Are Fun! (2022 Edition)

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Prepare for a scare!

[Top 10] Minecraft Scary Seeds That Are Fun! (2022 Edition)

If you’re anything like me - which if you’re reading this article, you almost definitely are - then you just can’t get enough of spooky things. Horror movies, scary games, true crime, Youtube channels about haunted doll collections… maybe that last one is a little too specific, but you get what I mean. If media intended to startle or sink dread into your bones is endlessly fascinating and exciting to you, here are ten Minecraft seeds that are sure to get you your thrill fix!

10. -228343301827593 - Frozen Village

Check out the seed: https://tlauncher.org/en/seeds_94/228343301827593_14435.html

Hypothermia is definitely one of the most viscerally terrifying ways to die. This is why stories like Into Thin Air and the simple mechanic of powdered snow in Minecraft trigger our fight or flight reflexes - we know that the cold is a slow and painful way to go out. This seed spawns you near a village on the edge of a snowy tundra biome. The village, however, is entirely devoid of life, implying that the cold overtook the residents long ago, but “devoid of life” doesn’t mean “unoccupied.”

9. 646887542 - Remnants of a Hostile World

Start Video At: 0:00

Check out the seed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMt4WboaP_o

This world feels empty. Deserted. Monsters abound, but you seem to be the only living soul for miles in any direction. Everywhere you look, the villages are abandoned or infested, and their ancient structures lie untouched for you to explore - if you have the guts to brave them, that is. There’s something deeply and existentially horrifying about this seed. Every crumbling piece of architecture, every wandering zombie, is just another spine-tingling reminder of the impermanence of life.

8. 1325351762 - Life from Death

Check out the seed: https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftseeds/comments/r75esc/all_biome_near_m...

Now, hear me out - a seed that spawns you in an enormous mooshroom island, surrounded by every biome in the game, probably doesn’t sound scary. After all, mooshrooms are the cutest mob in the game. But something that few ever talk about is… where mushrooms come from. See, mushrooms are, by nature, decomposers. They feed on corpses - dead things. So why has no one asked how many organisms must die to feed mushrooms the size of trees? What are those cows eating to produce fungi all over their backs? And what could truly be buried in that massive cavern, located in the middle of the biome? Only exploration is sufficient to reveal.

7. 3442423248073583333 - Entrance to Hell

Check out the seed: https://tlauncher.org/en/seeds_94/3442423248073583333_14441.html

Here in the real world, there are many locations that are rumored to be haunted or cursed or referred to as gateways to the Underworld. Screams heard from empty tunnels, candles flickering in caves where no breeze can be found… in Minecraft, however, those rumors are never just rumors. In this seed, you spawn near a village with a ruined Nether portal located at its center. Repair it at your own risk - I promise that nothing good awaits you on the other side.

…except Netherite, that’s a pretty good thing, I guess.

6. 5911551324655502 - Village of the Undead

Check out the seed: https://guide-minecraft.com/seeds/dead-village.html#2427

If you’re interested in living your own mini Walking Dead series, this seed is for you. It spawns you right inside an abandoned village - infested with zombie villagers that are hungry for flesh. You’ll have to be a fast-thinker, quick on your feet, to make it out with your brains intact - especially with no tools or weapons to protect yourself with!

5. 2103285228 - Impossible Jungle Temple

​Start Video At: 10:30

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/tUSeoqpugC4?t=630

Sometimes, all that’s necessary for a good scare is something that seems just unfamiliar enough to be unreal. The uncanny valley, it’s called. Well, this valley certainly is uncanny. This ravine has generated with a jungle temple suspended in midair inside of it. The loot inside is tempting… but surely difficult to reach.

4. 633155865 - Fear of Heights

​Start Video At: 0:00

Check out the seed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m7gir7Er-I

In my research for this article, I came across many mansion seeds - which makes sense. Woodland mansions are, naturally, a scary concept. A huge house filled with hostile creatures, hidden deep in a dark forest? Of course that’s a little scary. I limited myself to three mansion seeds for this list, and while I think the other two are a bit scarier, this one is definitely the most spectacular. The mansion generates on top of an enormous pillar of stone, jutting out of a mountain. If you have acrophobia, this seed is sure to fill you with fear.

3. 575901225 - Haunted Mansion

​Start Video At: 1:36

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/tUSeoqpugC4?t=96

This seed spawns you near a woodland mansion looming over an abandoned zombie village. The cobwebs and roaming undead, under the immense, ominous shadow of the mansion, inspire memories of campfire stories that used to keep you lying awake in your sleeping bag, begging for the sun to rise sooner. 

2. 503820117 - Wicked Ritual Mansion

​Start Video At: 5:42

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/tUSeoqpugC4?t=342

For our final woodland mansion seed, I take you inside the walls of the dreaded manse to risk death on the off-chance you might uncover the deeds of the Pillagers residing among its rooms. If you’re lucky, your adventure may last long enough for you to come across the ruined portal the house has been hiding. It’s unclear what the Pillagers are planning, but I’m certain it’s nothing good.

1. 154840049486770795 - The End is Waiting

Check out the seed: https://tlauncher.org/en/seeds_94/154840049486770795_14428.html

Our last seed brings us not only to the end of our list, but to the end of the game. Right at spawn, you have access to an End Portal - complete with all its Ender Eyes. If you’re very brave… or very stupid… you could jump straight in, no tools, no armor, no preparation. Nothing is scarier than that.

Hopefully these spine-chilling seeds haven’t cooled you down too much. If they sound fun to you, grab a blanket and turn out the lights… and prepare for a scare. See you around… and happy gaming!

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