[Top 5] Minecraft Best Chestplate Enchantments

Minecraft Best Chestplate Enchantments
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Which are the best enchantments for the chest plate?

In Minecraft as in real life, a chest plate is a very important piece for protection, but sometimes having a netherite chest plate is not enough. For that reason, we decided to do the top 5 best enchantments for your chest plate. 


5. Thorns

This is a great enchantment for those moments where there are tons of enemies attacking you since the effect of the enchantment is to deal damage to anyone who attacks you, so even if you are hit a lot, you will still be dealing damage. 

What makes thorns great:

  • Will deal damage when the player is attacked

Enchantment details:


4. Mending

Mending is an enchantment that will help your chest plate recover its health every time you collect experience ores, this is perfect for keeping your chest plate new without having to use an anvil to recover it. 

What makes mending great:

  • This enchantment will recover your armours health whenever you collect experience ores.

Enchantment details:


3. Fire protection

Fire protection as the name suggests will give even more protection to fire or any kind of fire-based attacks; making it perfect for exploring the nether. 

What makes fire protection great:

  • Protects the payer from fire

Enchantment details:


2. Blast protection

This enchantment will protect the player from explosions or blasts, whether it is from TNT, creepers or ghasts we strongly suggest using this enchantment to protect your chest plate 

What makes blast protection great:

  • Will absorb blasts and explosions

Enchantment details:


1. Protection

This enchantment will give you extra protection to your chest plate in general, absorbing a great majority of the attacks the player receives; it is like having all of the other enchantments together in one place. 

What makes protection great:

  • This will make your chest plate stronger and las a lot more

Enchantment details:


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