[Top 5] Minecraft Best Levels for Diamond

Minecraft Best Levels for Diamond
Diamonds are a Miners best friend

Which are the best levels for diamond?

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but when it comes to Minecraft, diamonds are everyone's best friend; Diamond are useful for crafting many weapons and tools that will help you on your adventure, they can also be used to craft your armour and protect yourself on your way to defeating the Ender Dragon. 


5. Layer 11 - 13:

Easy diamonds

These layers are famous for being the ones where you will find most of the resources you need and diamonds are no exception, of course, you really need to make yourself a great strategy so you don't spend countless hours mining only to find 3 of those precious ores. 

What makes Layers 11 - 13 great:

  • The best layers to find diamonds
  • you may come across other resources


4. Strip Mining:

Strip Mining

Strip Mining is one of the easiest and resourceful ways of finding diamonds, although you may lose a couple of pickaxes on your way we recommend that you use stone ones until you find your precious diamonds. 

What makes strip mining great:

  • Simple and logical


3. Lapislázuli mining:

Lapiz lazuli mining explained 

This is a fast and easy method, all it takes is to find a vein of lapis lazuli and from there you will mine 4 blocks to -z coordinates and then dig straight down. Just remember to be careful when digging straight down.

What makes upside-down strip mining great: 

  • Fast mining
  • Simple   


2. See through glitches: 

Minecraft - Xray Glitches

These glitches tend to exploit certain features of the game in order to let the player see through blocks like lava or even solid blocks. This will help the player have a higher chance of finding diamonds, they are quite simple to make and most of the time are risk-free, just be careful when mining through lava. 

What makes see-through glitches great:

  • See below places like lava where diamonds tend to generate
  • Easy to spot the diamond 


1. Chunk Mining:

How to mine diamond and ancient debris(netherite) in Minecraft with chunk mining! (not strip mining)

Chunk mining is a simple yet incredibly useful way to mine for diamonds, diamonds tend to generate in every chunk, for this reason, the best method to find them is to dig a square surrounding the contour of the chunk and then dig to the middle until you find the diamonds.

Why is chunk mining great:

  • Simple and logical
  • The fastest way to find diamonds
  • Loads of diamonds guaranteed


Diamonds are a very scarce item in Minecraft for that reason you should always have a strategy plan for whenever you want to go mining for more of these ores, so grab your closest iron pickaxe and let the mining begin!

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