[Top 10] Minecraft Best Door Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Door Designs That Are Awesome
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Which are the best door designs in Minecraft?

So imagine you have been working for hours on your castle, only to realize that you forgot to add doors and know it is open to all kinds of evil mobs and players waiting to go inside and steal all your precious items from you... Well, if you want to make sure that no one goes into your base and at the same time increase the coolness of your home, here is our list of the top 10 best door designs that are awesome!


10. Craftable Doors

Craftable doors are perfect for starting this list since they are the right combination of simplicity and utility, not to mention that they also look very cool.

What makes this design great:

  • Simple, no complicated mechanisms to make them


9. The Weird wooden door

If you consider yourself a rollercoaster enthusiast this is the perfect door for you. At first, this door may seem like a simple wooden door, but push the button on the side and watch as the piston mechanism takes you on a fun ride to the other side!

What makes this design great:

  • Very cool mechanism to get inside 


8. Spiral door

If you are into trippy and fun animations, then this door is right for you. Not only does the overall appearance of this door look very cool but also the fun spiral animation, while it opens or closes, makes it one of the most entertaining and coolest-looking doors in Minecraft.

What makes this design great:

  • The spiral motion of this design looks very cool


7. The down sliding door

This door is also quite eye-catching, but the thing that makes it a lot better is that it is simpler to make and doesn't take as much space as other doors, pull the lever and see how the door hides beneath the floor to let you through.

What makes this design great:

  • This design is quite simple and fits perfectly with most structures


6. The Fence door

Fences are not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about doors, but in this case, you will have to forget everything you know about fences. Since this design turns your average fence into an astonishing door design.

What makes this design great:

  • This simple design fits perfectly on most farms and barns


5. The lava door

This unique door displays a cascade of lave on the sides, that is until you pull a lever and the door opens and just like magic the lava disappears. 

What makes this design great:

  • The door design is very elegant and the opening animation is very cool


4. The vault 

This design resembles kind of a vault not only because it's made of iron blocks, but also because it looks heavy and very thick. This door is perfect for storing your diamonds since it is very hard to break and the closing mechanism is very fast.

What makes this design great:

  • The mechanism looks very cool and the opening and closing animation is one of the fastest you'll find


3. The Hidden door

So you need a door to store your valuables but don't want anyone to know it's there? Well, here is where the hidden door comes in, the idea of this door is to make it camouflage with the environment so only the player who built it knows where it is.

What makes this design great:

  • This door is perfect for secret bases or places to hide your stuff


2. The Sand door

Sand may not seem like an item you'd use for a door, but look at this marvelous design and let the idea speak for itself. The beautiful cascade of sand turns this simple door mechanism into one of the most incredible ones you will ever see.

What makes this design great:

  • This door design is cool and has a unique texture unlike any other 


1. Laser door

Have you seen those movies where the hero is trapped inside the prison with lasers keeping him from escaping? Well, this door is the Minecraft equivalent for that, but instead of keeping the mobs in it is supposed to keep them out. 

What makes this design great:

  • Fascinating design with great visuals and animations


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