[Top 10] Minecraft Best World Seeds That Are Fun

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Find your personal nirvana in one of these awesome Minecraft seeds!

[Top 10] Minecraft Best World Seeds That Are Fun

Since Minecraft seeds are infinitely and randomly generated, there are always new seeds to explore and adventure in, especially as an already massive game continues to update and expand. If you’re in the mood for something new, here are ten more incredible 1.18 seeds to dive into, each with their own astounding features.

10. 1565939857 - Snowcap Forest

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/4Z3cpuGX5YI?t=181

I’ve included a variety of seeds on this list, so I guarantee that there’s something for everybody. In our number ten spot, we have a scenic building location, right near spawn. A round, dark oak forest, entirely surrounded by snowy taiga mountains. The forest is sitting on top of a healthy-sized dripstone cavern, offering many different types of environments for construction and mapmaking.

9. 5715757487551180444 - Carousel Falls

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/4Z3cpuGX5YI?t=58

Another great seed for those looking for a great view, number nine features a gorgeous hill, ringed by a deep, river valley, a location I’ve affectionately dubbed “Carousel Falls.” The cliffs are dotted with streams, and there is a wide range of terrain to play with, including mountains and sunny, flowery plains. 

8. 1669320484 - Arctic Goldmine

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/DhVVMF6ZN10?t=54

This seed is broken. Legitimately, it’s glitched, but in the most favorable way possible. Right at the start, you have access to a well-stocked village and a beautiful tundra, but as shown in the video, the real magic is underground. At a certain spot in the map, digging straight down - not advisable in most other scenarios - will land you in an endlessly looping ravine, filled with diamonds and mineshaft loot. 

7. -271126904 - Endless Cave

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/6c7r-WE6iyE?t=584

If you can’t get enough of spelunking through the Caves and Cliffs update, delving deep into the Earth to discover its hidden treasure troves, then this seed is a must-see. You spawn right on top of the mouth of a mind-bogglingly massive cavern, full of ores and lava. There are countless smaller caves splitting off in every direction, so there’s always something else to explore.

6. 3854341 - “The Eye of Nature”

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/6c7r-WE6iyE?t=461

Our number six entry is, in a word… odd. And I mean that as a compliment. Hidden inside a forest, there’s a breathtaking landmark, one that requires a bird’s eye view to properly appreciate. The ground is opened up in a nearly perfect circle, creating an entrance to a lush cave. It’s almost otherworldly - a portal into the caverns below. Truly one-of-a-kind.

5. 8838021692843574391 - Frozen Caverns

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/bXQ2EM4ANb4?t=871

On the surface, this seed may not seem like much - your standard tundra, a snowy taiga, and a frozen ocean with some admittedly impressive ice spires, but the best part of this seed is underneath you. Spidering through the stone is an enormous cave system with a huge, lootable mineshaft, filled to bursting with mob spawners to conquer and plunder.

4. 3537014557346103296 - Mushroom Mansion

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/cntGHQtPhYQ?t=37

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s impossible to compile a seed list without including at least one “mushroom mansion at spawn” seed - and this list is no different! This seed spawns you right next to a woodland mansion, on top of a beautiful lush cavern. However, this seed takes the spawn conditions one step further, and just past the shore is a large mushroom island. Populated with cute cows that act as an endless food source, this is a great resource to have so close at hand.

3. -1297929839 - Limitless Taiga

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/RNpSLQU2Vgg?t=8

I named this seed the “Limitless Taiga” because, in this taiga biome, your potential for success is limitless. There’s a lovely little spruce village located right at spawn… that apparently has a great need for weapons and armor, as it’s populated with six blacksmiths. Looting through the chests, you’ll find a crazy amount of diamonds, iron, and saddles. What more could you possibly need?

2. 6608188028236072941 - Stronghold Mansion

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/cntGHQtPhYQ?t=288

While the mansion isn’t located at spawn, this seed is still pretty spectacular. Not only does it feature a Woodland Mansion sitting on top of a stronghold, but there’s a lush cavern, bridged by mineshafts, sandwiched between the mansion and the stronghold corridors. 

1. -1709578933 - Ancient Village

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/6c7r-WE6iyE?t=409

Situated on top of a stronghold and right near an exposed skeleton spawner, I can’t help but wonder how long this village has been here. Have they been guarding these sacred structures since their construction? Are those the skeletons of their ancestors? Or did they even know what they’d built their town on top of? Regardless, it’s a great place to spawn in and farm some early levels - or maybe you can just skip all that noise and dive straight into the End.


And there you go! Ten fantastic seeds for your next Minecraft world. Whether you want a leg up in the early game or just some awesome scenery to gaze at through your window, I’m certain this list has a seed for you. We’ll see you around! Happy gaming!

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