[Top 10] Minecraft Best Seeds For Java 1.16.5

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Travel back in time with these 1.16.5 seeds!

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Seeds For Java 1.16.5


Minecraft just recently dropped the 1.19 update, and boy, is it a huge update; new mobs, natural and supernatural alike, from the simple frog to the fearsome Warden, a new swampy biome to explore, and sprawling Ancient Cities buried deep in the Earth. On the one hand, big changes are exciting! On the other, they can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, if you’re craving a bit of familiarity, Minecraft makes it easy to backtrack, returning to the comfort of predictable caverns pre-Caves and Cliffs, with no Warden in sight. Here are some excellent seeds for a 1.16.5 game of Minecraft, whether you need them to make your mods or your server run correctly, or you just want to go back to a simpler time. All these seeds work for Java.


10. 2366113115015421255 - Mountain Village

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Vlgtpa4A1JI?t=61 

The preview video for this seed features an absolutely stunning view of this Savannah village’s spawn location. The generation of the mountains is gorgeous, shelves of stone and clay cradling village buildings from sea level to mountain peak, and the waterfall is positively extraordinary. This seed is perfect for someone seeking a scenic place to settle down.


9. 36202477388071817 - Wild West Ghost Town

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/rkL4zW_NVHc?t=418 

Abandoned zombie villages aren’t particularly rare, but it’s not everyday that you see an abandoned desert village. The cobwebs in the windows of these sandstone structures could have existed for centuries - or perhaps this town was bustling with life just a week ago. Whether you take this location as ancient and sacred, or as a dusty, empty town in southern Arizona, the mystique of this village is sure to inspire all manner of spooky stories.


8. 214442248005665 - Winter Wonderland

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Vlgtpa4A1JI?t=99 

This beautiful, arctic tundra island is a snow-capped landmass with frozen shores, decorated by towering spires of ice that stretch up towards the blinding sun. Not many enjoy snowy biomes quite the same as the more temperate climates, but I’m always impressed with the rare few who choose to homestead here.


7. 629453083725791 - Vibrant Desert Village

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/SvHNMQKx82Q?t=273 

This red sand desert village is home to a ruined portal. The dark violet of the obsidian is a stark contrast to the rich yellows and oranges of the rest of the terrain. Between the blacksmith and the portal’s chest, you start your game off right with plenty of loot - not to mention, any village is a welcome addition to the early game. Food is much easier to come by when you have NPCs growing it for you!


6. 9009759197830545823 - Double Blacksmith Village

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/S2qryIM9uzU?t=196 

This seed is a solid start to any game; not only do you spawn in a village with two blacksmiths (twice the loot!) but you also spawn near a birch forest and a ravine. Ravines are great places to easily find early game ores, like coal and iron, and this one even has a naturally generated bridge or grass to make it easy to cross whenever you’re ready to explore beyond it.


5. -9059045145664655421 - Obligatory “Mansion at Spawn” Seed

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Vlgtpa4A1JI?t=204 

I’ve compiled a list entirely made up of seeds that feature a Woodland Mansion right at spawn, but you can never have too many of them. If you’re traveling back in time to 1.16.5, this seed is a great option for anyone craving the challenge and reward of conquering a Woodland Mansion - without all the annoying navigation that this task usually requires.


4. -9165782117248249805 - Secret Temple

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/SvHNMQKx82Q?t=615 

This seed isn’t particularly stacked, but it is particularly unique. It’s incredibly common to find Desert Temples that are partially submerged in the sand of their environment; in fact, it's more common to find them buried than it is to find them exposed. However, I’ve never encountered one quite like this. If you travel to a specific spot within this desert and dig straight down (don’t try this at home, kids) you’ll drop into a Desert Temple that’s been entirely engulfed by sand. 


3. 236285435567732556 - Badlands Border

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/rkL4zW_NVHc?t=567 

The desert village you spawn into is generated on the border of a colorful Mesa biome, some village buildings creeping into the territory of the terracotta, a few even running into some problems when they accidentally get a little too friendly with the terrain. Mesa biomes are, in general, a really unique biome, visually speaking, and the weird generation quirks of this bordering village only make this locale even more one-of-a-kind.


2. 550915391673325096 - Island Village

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/W8YOfBcrv2c?t=34 

This island is massive; plenty of room to build and expand, next to a little neighboring village where you can acquire early game resources, trade with villagers, grow food, and adopt a cat. Off the shore on one end of the island is a ruined portal, floating in the sea. Not only is this island a beautiful spot for building, but it comes with a lot of potential for environmental storytelling, too.


1. -4210187938502717381 - Shipwreck Isles

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Vlgtpa4A1JI?t=240 

This large island is located not far from an Ocean Monument and a fairly intact shipwreck just off the coastline. Both of these features are great for exploration and looting; you might even find yourself a treasure map in that sunken ship. But the reason this seed deserves the number one spot on this list is the Fortress’s fully activated End Portal. You could, if you so felt like it, run off right from the start and beat the game; the only thing standing between you and that mind-numbingly long scroll of Epilogue text is your skill and determination.


Whether you’re running an old server or are simply seeking the warm embrace of familiarity, these ten Java seeds for 1.16.5 are sure to impress and delight. We’ll see you around! Happy gaming!

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