[Top 10] Minecraft Best Dimension Mods

Minecraft Best Dimension Mods
So many options!

There are a lot of fantastic Minecraft mods to choose from, but by far the coolest are the dimension mods. These mods create entire new worlds to explore, often accompanied by dozens of new enemies and items to collect. This article will take you through the 10 best dimension mods


10. Candycraft


Get Candycraft Here:



9. Twilight Forest


How Twilight Forest Makes the Game More Fun:

  • The Twilight Forest is flushed out in every sense of the words, with many unique biomes with their unique mobs. Add that to hundreds of new items and gear, new tameable pets, and tons of structures and you have a dimension that feels amazing to explore and experience
  • The boss fight in the Twilight Forest have also really held up, the mechanics they introduced and the loot they drop was revolutionary for the time and I’m happy to say that they’re still just as cool to take on today


Get Twilight Forest Here:


8. Orespawn


While Orespawn isn't strictly a dimension mod, it has multiple new dimensions to explore in addition to all the other additions it has

How Orespawn Makes the Game More Fun:


  • Orespawn is great because of how it takes every great aspect of Minecraft and pumps it up to the extreme. Multiple dragon boss fights, dozens of new ores, hundreds of new pieces of gear, and hundreds of new mobs both peaceful and hostile. It’s Minecraft pushed to its limits and its awesome
  • Orespawn’s dimensions are all huge, detailed, and stuffed with fun creatures to fight and great loot to get

Get Orespawn Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mmd-orespawn


7.  Abyssalcraft


How Abyssalcraft Makes the Game Fun: 

  • Includes monsters with extremely impressive models, these things are legitimately terrifying and embody the eldritch beings that the mod is inspired from
  • Abyssalcraft goes beyond monsters when setting up its atmosphere, also adding in new dimensions to explore and experience the home of these monsters yourself


Get Abyssalcraft Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/abyssalcraft


6. The Aether 2


How The Aether 2 Makes the Game Fun:

  • New and improved world generation to greatly increase the variance in the structures and terrain you’ll find in the Aether generation
  • Brand new creatures and items, some inspired from the original mob and some not. But all of them are super creative and very fun to mess around with

Get The Aether 2 Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether-ii


5. The Beneath


How The Beneath Makes the Game Fun:

  • An interesting challenge because this mining dimension comes with mobs with increased health and damage
  • Also comes with a new block, the teleport block. This block is not only a great help when exploring this dimension, but is also great to mess around with any time

Get The Beneath Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-beneath


4. Dimensional Doors


How Dimensional Doors Makes the Game Fun:

  • Randomly spawns in doors that the player can open to enter an eerie dimension with plenty of secrets and scary ambiance
  • Allows the players to craft items that will create mini pocket dimensions that can be decorated however you want


Get Dimensional Doors Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dimensionaldoors


3. Runic Dungeons


Runic Dungeons is a super fun mod that adds in a ton of magical dimensions that each have plenty of different new creatures to fight and loot to collect

How Runic Dungeons Makes the Game Fun:

  • Allows the player to make their own portals to allow them to travel and jump between any number of dimensions they want
  • Includes a ton of really cool and powerful magical items that can do all sorts of great things


Get Runic Dungeons Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/runic-dungeons


2. The Bumblezone


How The Bumblezone Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in a really cool looking honey themed dimension, with quite a few new honey and bee themed decoration blocks which look awesome
  • This mod is also good for challenging yourself, as the bees will get quite upset if you try and take their honey. Their combined strength makes not even a full set of diamond powerful enough, so come prepared!


Get The Bumblezone Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-bumblezone-forge


1. Advent of Ascension

Out of all the mods on this list, none of them can top Advent of Ascension in terms of the sheer amount of content found in this mod. With over 20 brand new and fully fleshed out dimensions you will never be bored of this mod

How Advent of Ascension Makes the Game Fun

  • Each one of these dimensions has monsters and creatures unique to that dimension. Hundreds of monsters and dozens of boss fights that are all distinctly different provides an insane amount of content
  • With over 20 dimensions filled with its unique creatures, monsters, blocks, weapons, and biomes, the amount of things to do in even one dimension is mind-boggling


Get Advent of Ascension Here: https://adventofascension.gamepedia.com/Download


There are plenty of dimension mods to choose from and different worlds to explore, so I hoped this article helped you figure out which one you wanted to explore next

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