[Top 15] Minecraft Best Underground Bases That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Underground Bases That Are Awesome
no one will ever find you if you hide underground

Which are the best underground bases in Minecraft?

Have you ever wondered which is the best place to hide your valuables in Minecraft? Minecraft is a game where finding the perfect spot to hide your stuff seems to be quite complicated since anyone can break anything and go inside your home and take all of your precious diamonds; so, in most cases hiding your objects underground sounds like a better idea than building your base in plain sight; for that reason, we gathered the top 15 best underground bases. 


The Dirt base

Minecraft Dirt Base Tutorial 

This base is simple, all you have to do is dig down a few blocks of dirt and there you have it, you have now built the most simple underground base in the world.

What makes the dirt base great:

  • Simple to make


14. The cave

How to turn a cave into a cool base in Minecraft 

This base is quite simple, all you need is to find a cave and decorate it as you like, just make sure to turn it into a nice and cosy home. 

What makes caves great:

  • Don't need to build much
  • Blend great with the environment
  • Looks great


13. The Ravine

Minecraft Ravine Base

This base is quite similar to the last one but instead of using a cave, you have to find a ravine and just build around it to turn it into your new home. 

What makes ravines great:

  • Cool views
  • Easy to decorate
  • Easy to build
  • Looks cool


12. The Mineshaft

Mineshaft Survival Base - Minecraft 

For this base you have to find a mineshaft and at someplace hidden within the mineshaft, you build your secret base, this will make it hard for other players to find your base and will result in some cool looking sites. Just remember where you built it. 

What makes Mineshafts great:

  • Look really cool
  • Very well hidden
  • easy to decorate
  • You can find loads of tools and ores


11. The Nether Base:

Minecraft - Nether Base

This build is also a simple one all you need is a portal to the Nether and once you are in you dig yourself an underground Nether base

What makes the Nether great

  • Hard to find
  • Looks great
  • You can find some useful ores on your way


10. The underground Farm

How to make an underground farm in Minecraft 

This one is a little bit more complicated but it is also a lot more rewarding, all you need is to build an underground base and to add a few spots to farm your food and you will be good to go

What makes underground farm cool:

  • Great for hiding resources
  • Looks pretty cool


9. The underground base

Minecraft - Cool underground base

This base doesn't have to be hidden, the main focus of this kind of base is to look as cool as possible since the players who walk on top of it will look at it from above, so instead of the roof, you make sure to add some glass blocks so your base looks as cool as possible. 

What makes the underground base great:

  • Looks great
  • Blends well with the environment


8. The borrowed basement

Making an underground base under my friends house 

This one is a bit funny and risky at the same time, all you need is to find another player's house and to build your own secret base beneath it, it might not be as secretive as the other but it will sure bring you and the other players quite a good laugh.

What makes the borrowed basement great:

  • Looks cool
  • Hard to find
  • A really funny experience 


7. The labyrinth

Minecraft - labyrinth noob vs Pro 

The point of those bases is to make an underground labyrinth so that players can't find your base even if they find the entrance, of course, you must remember the way or else you will end up lost inside of your own base.

What makes the labyrinth great:

  • Fun to build and to play with
  • Looks great
  • Perfect for hiding items


6. The ocean monument base

Ocean Monument base - Minecraft 

For this base you will need to find an ocean monument and drain it all with sponges, after that, all you need is to decorate it and turn it into your new home.

What makes the ocean monument base cool: 

  • Looks really cool
  • Hard to get to
  • Blend well with the environment 


5. The underwater base

Minecraft underwater base 

For this base, you will need to work a little harder, but the result will be worth it, the first thing you need is to locate a cool place under the ocean and there you most drain it and build the coolest underwater base you can imagine

What makes the underwater base cool:

  • Looks really cool
  • Very well hidden
  • Hard to get to
  • Blends well with the environment


4. The hidden basement

Minecraft - Hidden basement 

For this base you need to build a house above the ground, then add a couple of secret rooms and inside one of those hide a staircase that will lead you straight to your new underground base.

What makes the Hidden basement great:

  • looks cool
  • Great for hiding items
  • Hard to find


3. The hidden underground lava base

Minecraft - Underground Secret Base

The cool thing about this kind of base is that if it is done correctly it will be one of the best-hidden bases you can make, all you need is to find a pool of lava or make it yourself and beneath it build your secret base, this base will be perfect to hide all of your most precious belongings and ores; no one will jump into a pool of lava so you can rest assured that your items will be safe and sound.

What makes the Hidden underground base cool:

  • Hard to find
  • Looks really cool
  • Perfect for hiding your items


2. The bunker

How to build an underground bunker in Minecraft

The whole point of the bunker is to make it as big and as hard to enter as possible, it doesn't have to be as secretive as the others, but getting inside must give every player except you a real hard to and of course, once they're in it must be impossible to get out. To make it even more exciting, you should fill the bunker with secret rooms for experimentation and farming. 

  • What makes the Bunker great:
  • Very hard to get in
  • Looks really cool
  • Perfect for hiding your stuff


1. Underground hidden home 

Minecraft - Secret Base

The thing that makes this base cool is the fact that it is hidden from plain sight, everything around it must be hidden and getting inside must be almost impossible, but unlike the other bases this one should make you feel perfectly warm and as your real home should.

What makes the Underground hidden home great:

  • Perfectly hidden from anyone
  • Great for hiding your items
  • Looks really cool
  • Blends perfectly with the environment


So now that you know the top 15 best underground bases in Minecraft you can rest assured that no one will ever find your stuff, maybe not even you will find them! 

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