[Top 5] Best Minecraft Pickaxe Enchantments

Best Minecraft Pickaxe Enchantments
Is your pickaxe good enough?

Which are the best enchantments for your pickaxe

The pickaxe is one of the most important tools in Minecraft, it is one of the first ones every player crafts and it is the only one that is vital for the game, for that reason we've dedicated this top 5, so you can get the best out of your old reliable pickaxe. 


5. Silk touch

Silk touch

The Silk Touch enchantment will break any block you mine exactly as it is. Silk touch can be very useful if you are trying to get back blocks like glass, glow stone or maybe even grass blocks, but in most cases, it can be quite limited; when it comes to pickaxe mining it has a few ways in which it can be used for the player’s advantage; that is why we decided to put it so high on the list.

What makes Silk touch great:

  • Mines any block as it is

Silk touch details:

  • Levels: I


4. Unbreaking


Unbreaking will increase the durability of your pickaxe, this means that you will be able to mine more blocks than you would with a normal one; which is always a good thing. But, let's keep in mind that it won't last forever…

What makes Unbreaking great:

  • Your pickaxe will last longer

Unbreaking details:

  • Levels: III


3. Efficiency 


Efficiency will make your pickaxe mine faster, this is perfect for situations where mining speed is necessary for your survival, such as mining underwater or in the Nether, which are quite hostile environments.

What makes efficiency great:

  • You will mine a lot faster

Efficiency details:

  • Levels: V


2. Fortune


When it comes to mining for precious gems, fortune is the top enchantment, since depending on the level of the enchantment you will get more items for every block you mine; this is perfect when mining Diamonds and other precious gems that are hard to find. 

What makes fortune great:

  • More ores drop when mining them

Fortune details:

  • Levels: III


1. Mending


As we've always said, the best kind of tool is the one that never breaks, something that is quite complicated to find both in Minecraft and in real life; now, that’s, where mending comes in when you enchant your pickaxe with mending your pickaxe, will regenerate every time you earn XP, making your pickaxe almost indestructible. 

What makes mending great:

  • Will regenerate your pickaxe 
  • Your pickaxe will last longer

Mending details:

  • Levels: I


Now, you should always keep in mind that most of the enchantments can be combined, so that means that you can create a pickaxe that not only lasts forever, but that can also mine twice as fast as a normal one and in a game that has the word “Mine” on the title that information is priceless. 


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