Minecraft: How to Make Smooth Stone

Thumbnail of a block of Smooth Stone from Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to Make Smooth Stone


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHlxqfKQdK0

Video by: drackiseries

Cobblestone might be an easy resource to get a lot of, but it isn’t the prettiest block in the inventory. Luckily, if you prefer the cleaner aesthetic of classic stone or smooth stone, there are two very simple ways to create them, without having to get your hands on a Silk Touch pickaxe. The video guide above demonstrates a slower and more resource-consuming method, but that method is more common and in some ways simpler. Our tutorial below will demonstrate the fastest method, but bear in mind that it is slightly more complex.

Just as a reminder, the difference between these three varieties of stone are as follows:
“Stone” is the name of the gray blocks that you mine to get “Cobblestone,” and “Smooth Stone” is a more refined variant of the original “Stone.” I tend to get “Stone” and “Smooth Stone” mixed up, but they’re two different blocks!

  • For the fastest method of creating Stone/Smooth Stone, you’ll need Cobblestone, a Furnace, some Coal, and 1 Iron Ingot.
    • ​The first step? Mine! Grab your pick and hop into a cave, or just cut a straight strip out of a mountain. However you mine, just make sure you come back with plenty of Cobblestone, plenty of Coal, and at least some Iron.
  • Make a Furnace as you normally would, and then smelt your Iron. You only need 1 Iron Ingot, so this shouldn’t take long. Next, grab at least 3 Cobblestone blocks and pop those directly in the furnace above your Coal. 
    • This will turn your Cobblestone into Stone.
      • If you couldn’t find any Iron, you can also grab your Stone and put it back into the Furnace again to turn it into Smooth Stone. The upsides to this method are that it doesn’t require any Iron, but the downsides are that it uses a lot more Coal.
    • If you’ve smelted your Iron and your Cobblestone to get Iron Ingots and Stone, you now have all the materials necessary for my favorite underrated Minecraft tool: the Stonecutter!
  • To craft a Stonecutter, simply open your Crafting Table and place 3 Stone blocks in a straight line along the bottom of the grid and then place 1 Iron Ingot right on top of that line in the box in the center.
  • Now you’ve got a Stonecutter. Place it wherever you like, open it with your interact key, and then put any type of stone (in our case, Stone) in the little box on the left. A list of options will pop up on-screen, featuring all the different variants of that stone that you’re capable of cutting. Now, you can instantly turn stacks of Stone into stacks of Smooth Stone with almost no effort. 
    • You can also make stairs and slabs this way!

Now that you have all that Stone and Smooth Stone in your inventory, I reckon you’re eager to get building. We’ll see you around! Happy gaming!

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