[Top 10] Minecraft Best Seeds For Manhunt

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Can you beat Minecraft before your friends take you down?

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Seeds For Manhunt


I’ve covered several lists of speed running seeds in the past, each of which contain a lot of excellent options for crushing Minecraft in the shortest amount of time. Of course, speed running is a challenge on its own, but for some folks, that’s not nearly exciting enough. That’s where Manhunt speed running makes its entrance. Instead of speed running alone, where your only opponents are Minecraft’s RNG and the clock, Manhunt speed running introduces a new obstacle: other players, whose only goal is to end your run early. Here are ten awesome seeds to speedrun, whether you want to get your heart pumping alone or you feel like being chased down by your friends!


Most of the seeds on this list all contain the same basic features - excellent spawn conditions within reach of relevant portals, lucky loot opportunities, and oftentimes, a very specific route to follow to be sure you always wind up in the right place. If you’re looking up speedrunning seeds, I doubt you’d want me to waste your time - so I won’t. Each entry will include a link to the video showing the potential route and a couple bullet points detailing the version of the game and the perks of the world. Nothing wasted in word or deed! Happy speedrunning!


10. 8494389945446512238

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/6BChH3QP72A 

The topic of speedrunning is synonymous with the popular Minecrafter Dream and his friend on the Dream SMP. I don’t engage with a large quantity of his content, but his speedruns - and especially his Manhunt speedruns - are truly spectacular. They’re fun, clever, and they demonstrate some pretty insane Minecraft skills - skills that only come from years of practice. This seed was used in one of his Manhunt videos. It’s not a remarkably stacked seed, but it would be a fun challenge for any of his fans to play a round of Manhunt in.


  • Seed popularized by Dream, one of the world’s premier Minecraft content creators
  • Java Edition
  • Village near spawn
  • Ravine near village with easily accessible diamonds
  • Temple in nearby desert


9. -8272096027667337428  

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/wZ1lsTBiMXI?t=21 

It’s not always recommended that you spend very long collecting supplies during a speedrun; naturally, that’s time wasted. The clock is ticking; you can’t just dilly dally around in the mines. However, in the context of manhunt, speed is certainly a necessary goal, but mainly because you’re racing against other players, hellbent on your failure. Armoring up might not be a waste of time, after all. Villages come with Iron Golems - a great source of quick iron, if you get there soon enough to battle it out before your hunters find you.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19
  • Ruined Portal near spawn
  • Village near spawn


8. -539223779

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/iaVrz9u3T8c?t=2 

If you have the time, holing up inside a skeleton dungeon might actually be a great way to prep for the End. Arrows are a necessity when defeating the Ender Dragon, but hunting chickens and digging gravel to craft them yourself is only one of many options to get your hands on a bunch of them. Skeleton Dungeons are another great way to farm them up fairly fast.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19
  • Village near spawn
  • Plenty of food an uncommon supplies inside village chests
  • Skeleton Dungeon near spawn
  • Nether spawn located inside a Fortress
  • Mineshaft near spawn


7. 3718008342849175333

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/wZ1lsTBiMXI?t=48 

Blacksmiths are always a treat when you discover a village - especially if you’re fleeing a bounty hunter whose only goal is wiping you out. Free loot, what a joy! This blacksmith’s chest is loaded up with iron and iron gear. You get yourself a sword, some pants, and a backup pair, just in case you have any “accidents” - like attempting a risky jump and breaking the pair you’re wearing upon landing. The extra ingots could be used for another piece of armor, or for a bucket, which would come in handy when building a Nether portal.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19
  • Village near spawn
  • Uncommon supplies inside Blacksmith chest
  • Ruined Portal near spawn
  • Lava pool near spawn


6. -2019283747

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Blb91DkDiac?t=3 

If one blacksmith is a blessing, then two are twice as nice - but of course, where this seed really shines is in the convenience of the Stronghold. Dig straight down under the village, and you’ll find it. But be warned… if you can find the Stronghold with ease, then so can your would-be murderers.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19
  • Village near spawn
  • Two Blacksmiths in village
  • Lava pool near spawn
  • Stronghold located underneath village
  • Bastion near Nether spawn


5. -1787412067

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/gwZQ-xbfjZE?t=3 

This seed is great for a speedrun, as all of these seeds are, but it would also make a fun survival world, all on its own. I love how one of the village’s houses spawned in the middle of this giant cavern underground. Of course, that’s not what you’re here for, though - if you’re trying to crush this game quick, this seed is fantastic for that, too. Not only is the Stronghold right beneath your feet, but if you build the Nether portal where it’s built in this video, you’ll spawn inside a Bastion, too.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19
  • Village near spawn
  • Stronghold underneath village
  • Nether spawn is located inside a Bastion


4. 6332276367529012205

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/SQGYr0J3Al4?t=8 

The moments that make speedruns and Manhunt games so entertaining are the truly brilliant spur-of-the-moment ideas that put the preferred team over the top. Weaponizing the game’s rules, setting clever traps, and making great use of uncommon terrain are all great examples of a speedrunner thinking on their feet - which could spell the difference between victory or defeat. That… wasn’t meant to rhyme, but you get the idea. This seed offers a truly one-of-a-kind generation quirk that could make or break a speedrun.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19.10
  • Village near spawn
  • Extremely cool terrain generation, which can be both a challenge and an advantage
  • Stronghold underneath village
  • End Portal is nearly complete
  • Fortress near Nether spawn


3. 4369632385069928371

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/z0YCPi84Of4?t=84 

An underappreciated variable in speedruns is access to food. Any village can be a great place to collect a hoard of it, as their chests often contain bread and apples and they’re usually surrounded by bales of hay, but this seed’s Ruined Portal - which can be used to go to the Nether, if completed - has a supply chest full of Golden Carrots. It’s almost like the game knew you were taking on a challenge and said, “Hey! Here! Bring a snack - you’ll need it!”


  • Java Edition, 1.19
  • Zombie Village near spawn
  • Ruined Portal inside village
  • Uncommon supplies and food inside village and portal chests


2. 5171135490219886018

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/wZ1lsTBiMXI?t=133 

Down to the final two, we have some unbelievably stacked seeds, one for Bedrock and one for Java. This seed features traits of many of our previous entries, as well as a couple extra handy amenities: the Desert Temple is a great place to find good loot and TNT for traps, the lava pool is an easy tool for getting to the Nether, and the Nether itself? Well, we haven’t specifically discussed it before, but it’s almost always a must-visit, even in a speedrun; you might not have time to goof off, but you’re still gonna need Blaze Rods to find and access the End. Blaze Rods can only be found inside a Nether Fortress, a structure that can take ages to locate… and this seed drops you right in the middle of one, just as you spawn in. Talk about convenience.


  • Bedrock Edition, 1.19
  • Village near spawn
  • Desert Temple inside village
  • 9 diamonds inside temple chests
  • Skeleton Dungeon inside village
  • Rare loot inside dungeon chests
  • Lava pool near spawn
  • Nether spawn located inside a fortress
  • Treasure Bastion near Nether spawn


1. -4634986947366562646

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/z0YCPi84Of4?t=149 

Our last entry earned its number one spot for one reason and one reason only: materialism. This seed is full to bursting with incredible - and shockingly accessible - loot. Several of our seeds have mentioned Nether Bastions so far, but if you don’t know what a Nether Bastion is, it’s essentially a palace for the Piglins to live in. Trading gold with Piglins is a go-to speedrunning method of farming up the necessary supplies for unlocking the End, so that in and of itself holds value, but just wait - not only are there two of these Bastions close at hand, but they’re both Treasure Bastions, a rare type of Bastion that comes with a treasure room packed with some of the rarest, most unattainable loot in the game. Your hunters (or your prey) won’t stand a chance.


  • Java Edition, 1.19
  • Village near spawn
  • Two buried treasure chests near spawn
  • Iron and diamonds inside treasure chests
  • Lava pool near spawn
  • Nether spawn located inside a fortress
  • 2 Treasure Bastions near Nether spawn


These seeds are well-stacked, but if you’re fleeing from a fellow player that’s been struck with bloodlust, you’ll be sure to still find a solid challenge in any one of these seeds. We’ll see you around… and happy hunting.

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