[Top 10] Minecraft Best Farm Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Farm Designs That Are Awesome
it's farming time!

Which are the best farms to have in Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world game with many features that make it unique, one of them is the ability to farm. But in Minecraft farming doesn't necessarily mean the conventional way of farming, no in Minecraft you can farm from crops to mobs to give you a boost on your adventure. For this reason, we came up with the top 10 best farm designs that are awesome!


10. Egg farm

Eggs are an essential part of a balanced diet, oh… and also an essential item to have when it comes to Minecraft, they can either be used as food in thousands of recipes or they can work as some sort of throwable weapon if you don't have anything else, so why not make a farm that provides you with the number of eggs to get your day started?

What makes this design great:

  • This automatic farm will give you the number of eggs necessary for any recipe or whatever you need them for
  • They can be used as a weapon
  • They can be used for lots of recipes


9. Sugar cane farm

Sugar cane is a very important item to have in Minecraft and since it is sometimes very scarce there is no better way to ensure your production than to make an automatic farm.

What makes this design great:

  • You won't have to wander into the world in search of sugar cane
  • With sugar cane, you can make paper and sugar
  • This farm is quite simple but very useful


8. Mushroom farm

Mushrooms may not be one of the most needed items but they are indeed useful when it comes to potions and stews and every player should know by now the importance of potions in Minecraft.

What makes this design great:

  • Mushrooms are a scarce item so a farm will ensure you always have them
  • They can be used for food and potions
  • Very simple and useful farm


7. Bee farm

One of the newest additions to Minecraft is honey, maybe not so new but is impressive hoy one of the most recent features is also one of the items with more uses in the game and for that reason, a honey farm is a must. 

What makes this design great:

  • With honey, you can make lots of new items for decoration
  • Honey also works to take off the rust from copper
  • Honey also works as food or to make sugar


6. Gold farm

Until the recent updates, gold used to be one of the most useless ores to find in Minecraft, and for that reason, many players show hate for this shiny ore. But lately, there have been many features that were added to this ore, and with that having a farm for it is now something quite necessary.

What makes this design great:

  • Gold has better enchant ability so golden items will have a higher chance to get more powerful enchantments
  • Gold carrots serve as food or for brewing potions
  • Gold is used for rails and many useful items 


5. Wheat farm

So, now you have all these incredible and super useful farms; but, you are starving and there is no food around… Here is when the wheat farm comes in handy, what better way to relive your hunger than with an endless supply of bread!

What makes this design great:

  • Bread can work to feed villagers and yourself
  • This is one of the easiest farms to build
  • What can be used in many recipes 


4. Lava farm

Lava may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about farms, but it is quite simple and very useful, so much so that we had to add it to the list. LAva can be used for smelting or as a defense mechanism for your base, so a farm may come in quite handy.

What makes this design great:

  • Lava is the best source of fire you can use in a furnace
  • The farm is very simple and you can make it as big as you want
  • Have an infinite supply of lava buckets


3. Villager farm

This farm has very important uses, you can have an endless amount of villagers to trade with or you can also have an endless amount of carrots, which counts as a 2 in 1 so that's why this farm is so important to have.

What makes this design great:

  • Works as a villager farm for trading
  • Works as a carrot farm
  • Simple design and looks very cool


2. Iron farm

Unless you've never played Minecraft in your life, then by now you should know that iron is one of the most important resources for the game, it can be used to craft items and weapons. That's why having a farm that saves you the trouble of finding and smelting the ore is always accepted; also this farm is quite harder to build, but the end result is worth it. 

What makes this design great:

  • Get tons of iron for anything you need
  • Iron can be used for weapons, armor, or items
  • This farm looks very cool and is very useful for survival


1. Experience farm

This is by far the most useful farm since it takes one of the hardest objectives in the game and makes it simple and risk-free, generally to get experience you'd have to wander through the night to fight mobs or dig deep into a cave in search for ores. But with this farm, all you have to do is kill the mobs that are stuck in the farm and the XP will fall directly to you.

What makes this design great:

  • Gather all the experience you need risk free
  • Experience can be used to fix your armor and weapons or to enchant them
  • Experience also works as your overall score when you die 


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