[Top 10] Minecraft Best Bedroom Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Bedroom Designs That Are Awesome
This Bedroom designs are so great you will never want to leave

Which are the best bedroom designs for Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft is a fun and unique place to explore until the night falls and it becomes dark and full of dangerous mobs. That is why you need to have a nice and comfy bed and a place to spend the night. Most players will settle for four walls and a bed, but if you are one of those players who like to take things an extra mile here are our top 10 bedroom designs that are awesome!


10. The Wood Room

The point of this bedroom design is to make everything out of wood, you can use the same type of wood for everything or try to use different combinations to give the room depth and make it look cooler. This room is perfect when starting your adventure since you will need wood which is one of the most abundant resources in Minecraft. 

What makes this design great:

  • This room looks very cool and stylish When done right
  • The cozy environment will give the player a sense of peace and tranquility
  • Since wood is one of the easiest materials to obtain this room has the perfect balance between style and simplicity 


9. The Cabin

This room is very similar to the first one except, you don't have to use only wood, you can try to mix it with other materials like cobblestone. The point is to make it look as rustic as possible.

What makes this design great:

  • It blends perfectly with the forest environment making it perfect for starting your adventure
  • Its made out of wood which is a block that is very easy to obtain
  • Perfect for the old fashion rustic style lovers


8. The Rainbow room 

Make your room as colorful as possible, but the main idea is to make everything blend in and follow an aesthetic. This room has the potential to look pretty cool and stylish if done right.

What makes this design great:

  • The mix of different pastel tones of color looks very cool and pleasing 
  • Use concrete to make it extra cool and extra hard
  • Perfect for those players who love to think outside the box 


7. Black Room

This dark room can go in many ways either you can use only black materials to give it a modern and stylish aesthetic or you can go full dark mode by not adding any lamps or light sources to make it as dark as possible, just be careful if you choose the second option, cause mobs may spawn. 

What makes this design great:

  • Ake this room as dark as possible 
  • You can use dark blocks and very little light 
  • Mobs may spawn in this room so it can also work as an XP farm


6. Aquarium Room

Aquariums are one of the coolest things to have and it only gets better when you add them to your bedroom, another great part of this build is that you will have a great time catching the fish!

What makes this design great:

  • Fish bowls and aquariums are great and exotic decorations even for Minecraft
  • Looks very cool and is aesthetic
  • Building an aquarium is a fun and challenging experience


5. Modern Room 

The modern room is one of the simplest and more stylish rooms if done right, the point is to make it as minimalistic and clean as possible, this room can never go wrong.

What makes this design great:

  • The modern style is immaculate and straightforward to elaborate yet looks very cool
  • Most people enjoy the look of a modern design 
  • Very aesthetic and elegant design 


4. Disco Room 

The idea of this room is to make it as flashy and elegant as possible, like a nightclub. Just add some lights and colored glass with dark walls and floors and you are good to go, Just remember to turn everything off before you go to sleep.

What makes this design great:

  • Make this room as dark and full of light as possible to make it look very cool and stylish
  • You can even add some music boxes and have music play inside your room
  • Perfect for partying alone or with your friends!


3. Green Room

The idea of the green room is to make a peaceful room full of green colors and natural items such as trees and wood. Build your room using a combination of green walls and wood, and don't forget to add as many plants as you want.

What makes this design great:

  • Make it look as wild and natural as possible
  • Green is a very peaceful and unique color that blends perfectly with most styles
  • Make the perfect room by combining green blocks with wood and plants 


2. White Room 

This kind of room can go many ways, you can make it as white as possible, or you can make it similar to the modern style. The point is to make it look cool by using only white blocks unless you need to use blocks like crafting tables, which cant be tainted white. Most of the time this room will seem futuristic and very cool.

What makes this design great:

  • Make this room as white and aesthetic as possible
  • White rooms seem to be related to futuristic stuff
  • This room is spotless and simple 


1. Room Replica 

Who wouldn't love to have its room made in Minecraft? The idea of this design is very straightforward but a little complicated to achieve. The idea is to build a replica of your real-life room, this room offers a fun challenge for the player, and the result looks very cool!

What makes this design great:

  • A very challenging and fun room to build
  • This kind of room will always be unique and cool
  • Every player will love looking at its room replica in Minecraft


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