[Top 10] Minecraft Best Seeds For Caves and Cliffs That Are Fun

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Climb and clamber to the apex of your caving potential!

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Seeds For Caves and Cliffs That Are Fun

“Caves” and “Cliffs” might not sound like the most exciting features in a game as massive as Minecraft. They’re all just stone and dirt, right? Dark, dingy - or perhaps just dangerous with no real payoff. Well, if that’s what you’re imagining, then allow me to expand your mind. From incredible views to mind blowing generation quirks, glittering caverns to lava waterfalls - lava-falls? - these ten Caves and Cliffs seeds will make you think twice about stone and dirt being uninspiring.

10. -1932942955217706883

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/gTBei-lWJAs?t=469

Our first seed introduces us to one of the most awe-inspiring villages I’ve ever come across. It’s a normal plains village, average in every way… except for the pillars of earth that cradle each building, high in the sky. In addition to this awesome village, you’re surrounded by more mind-boggling mountains and rocky terrain, incomprehensible physics keeping islands of stone suspended in the air.

9. 1688849871264199

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Gyz23eWZpZI?t=150

This savannah village is generated on a shelf of land. The steep hills are graduated, step by step, starting from the lake where the water pools below, and ending on a snowy, stony mountain peak, towering overhead. This would be a beautiful location for a big farmhouse - or perhaps your own little casita, protected by the mountain range and forest around you.

8. -1338305936

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/gTBei-lWJAs?t=37

On the surface, this seed is fairly mundane. A plains village next to some snowy clumps of hills, nothing to write home about… except that, when I say “on the surface,” I do mean, literally, on the surface. There is an entirely separate world just beneath your feet. Not too far away is a cave entrance that burrows almost straight downward into the ground, opening up into an enormous cavern, filled with a complex exposed mineshaft.

7. 43065671511731794

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/UIsGG8nQ06Q?t=446

This seed spawns you in a village that was built right on the edge of a cliff that drops sharply into the river below. Behind you is a mountain, and not far away is another village, its buildings clustered around, on, and under a floating rock formation that provides comfort and shade - and plenty of visual intrigue.

6. 21955048213431932

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/UIsGG8nQ06Q?t=231

Scenic and idyllic, like the backdrop for a rustic period piece set in the swiss alps, this seed features a gorgeous mountain range, dotted with waterfalls and split by deep valleys. However, its most one-of-a-kind feature requires a bit of hiking. If you crest the tallest mountain located at spawn, you’ll find that the cluster of peaks are hiding a small but deep basin, just big enough for a cozy home.

5. 9570149222162946

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Gyz23eWZpZI?t=234

Many folks mischaracterize uneven terrain as being colorless and drab, but this seed begs to differ with that stereotype. You spawn in just a few yards to the right of an incredible badlands biome. The colors are vibrant and varied, offering a heap of inspiration and intrigue to explore and enjoy, and the spindly peaks stretching high into the sky are a refreshing change from the broad mountains that are much more common.

4. 2208626533096451426

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/gTBei-lWJAs?t=409

This lush cavern is just narrow enough to avoid feeling too overwhelmingly infinite, and the glowberries grow in excess, illuminating nearly every corner of the cave’s curves and crannies. Platforms of moss and stone descend into the depths of the huge, underground tunnel. Between the luminous plants reflecting off the serene pools and waterfalls, and the colorful wildlife in the form of axolotls, fish, and glow squids, this location is just like a mystical fairy grotto.

3. 81909218247801698

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/Gyz23eWZpZI?t=363

This savannah village isn’t too far away from a dense jungle, if that’s your thing, but I really chose to feature this seed for the huge savannah hills that surround the village. Gaining a bird’s eye view of the terrain around you reveals that there are countless cave entrances - and likely countless caves - to dive into and explore.

2. 5350123686981337386

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/gTBei-lWJAs?t=278

This tremendous island is home to no less than six biomes, a pillager outpost, a jungle temple, a desert temple, an abandoned mineshaft, and a spider spawner. If the jungle and the badlands cliffs weren’t enough to convince you, the many gaping entrances to the enormous hollow cavern not far below you certainly will be. 

1. -8785765546402160881

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/gTBei-lWJAs?t=186

The sheer size of this cavern is mind-bending. It’s impossible to tell how deep it goes or if it ever ends. But, most importantly, the entire thing is lit up by cascading rivers of lava, flowing slowly across the stone and bringing the cave to life under an ominous but beautiful red glow. This cave might be stunning, but it’s also insanely dangerous… but I have a good feeling that you’re up to the task.


While sometimes I miss the familiarity of the original cave generation system, it’s seeds like these that remind me just how awesome the Caves and Cliffs update truly is. Sure, I may have to shift some of my old mining habits, but I think it’s worth it, just to witness these amazing sites and the feats of nature they display. We’ll see you around. Happy spelunking!

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