Minecraft Answers Players' Most Burning Questions in 'Ask Mojang' #20

Minecraft Answers Players' Most Burning Questions in 'Ask Mojang' #20
Run or die.

Minecraft has hosted ‘Ask Mojang’ #20 to answer the most common questions players had after this year’s Minecraft Live.

On 12 November 2021, Minecraft released ‘Ask Mojang’ number 20 to help answer the top questions players had after watching Minecraft Live 4 weeks ago on Saturday 16 October 2021.

Minecraft Allay. Image by Minecraft.

The first question was “What was your favorite mob during the mob vote this year?” by @twilal_ Cory Scheviak and Brandon Pearce responded to this with ‘The Glare’, while Chi Wong, a 3D artist, said its “just a floating lettuce.”

Another key question asked was “How exactly does Allay work and what are its limits?” by @Barbecueswithsauce. 

This question was met with a comical display of how the Allay can pick up anything that was dropped by demonstrating it with a bowl of candy poured out on the coffee table by Chi Wong.

@Fynn asked, “What was the general inspiration for the Deep Dark cities?” Brandon answered this with a cryptic “They come from an ancient civilization -” and then he motioned for the camera to be cut…

Players wanted to know whether the Warden will attack players only or all mobs. The Warden is a monster that hates noise, and according to Mojang, will also attack other mobs, not just normal players.

Players asked a variety of questions related to the thought processes that went into development and content release decisions, as well as details related to upcoming content. The full video with all questions and answers can be found on Minecraft’s official YouTube channel.

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