[Top 10] Minecraft Best Survival Servers To Play On

Top 10 best minecraft survival servers.
Can you survive the wilds of Minecraft multiplayer?

Minecraft's survival mode has always been a cornerstone of the game's appeal, offering players the thrill of mining for resources, building epic structures, and fending off deadly monsters in the night.  But the experience becomes even more thrilling when playing with like-minded adventures! In this article, I’ve collected the top 10 Minecraft survival servers that offer unique challenges and endless opportunities for creativity and exploration. From classic vanilla experiences to servers with custom plugins and events, there's something here for every type of survivor!


10) ExtremeCraft

IP: msl.extremecraft.net

“One of the largest Minecraft networks in the world! Join today and play with friends from all over the world, we offer various new and classic entertaining game modes!”


Coming in at #10 is the extremely awesome ExtremeCraft! While they also feature gamemodes such as Prison, Factions, SkyGrid, and more, they are best known for their regular Survival and SlimeFun! 

  • Dive into the adventure with an awesome starter kit that sets you up for success. And guess what? You’ll be sporting a stylish turtle shell helmet – not only does it protect you, but it also gives you that cool green look. Get ready to explore the wilds with style!
  • Why venture alone when you can join a thriving town filled with friendly faces and bustling activity? Become a member of an existing town or start your own village. Go get your build on!
  • Tired of pesky griefers ruining your masterpieces? Utilize ExtremeCraft’s land claiming feature to protect your builds from griefing. Say goodbye to unwanted intruders and hello to stress-free building – it’s time to unleash your inner architect without any worries!
  • If basic vanilla survival has become a bit boring for you, don’t fear! Check out ExtremeCraft’s “SlimeFun” gamemode, a heavily modded survival-like adventure. The fun awaits!


9) CatCraft

IP: mh.catcraft.net

“CatCraft is a Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition server that aims to expand and enhance vanilla survival gameplay.”


This feline-friendly server is the cat’s meow! CatCraft offers a survival gamemode similar to vanilla with fun perks and plug-ins. Join today to see what everybody is meowing about!

  • Join in on one of their three survival realms: red, blue, or green. Which of these worlds will be your new home? Make the choice today!
  • Feel like taking a break from survival? Play some of the lobby mini games to pass the time! They offer mini games such as mazes, fishing, and more!
  • How would you like to be top cat of the server? Check out their cat themed ranks for exclusive rewards and a purr-fect new title!


8) Elysium 

IP: elysiumsmp.net

“We are Elysium, a brand new survival SMP server!”


This vanilla survival server is perfect for both beginners to the survival scene and for old-timers ready for that classic Minecraft feel. Join Elysium today!

  • Elysium features a relaxing survival experience with no PvP, no griefing, and KeepInventory on. 
  • Highlighting their economy, Elysium offers the opportunity to create player shops. Buy and sell your way to the top!
  • Ready for a bit of a challenge? This server provides a very basic starter kit of your claim shovel (to protect from griefing) and some steak to keep you from starving. The rest is up to you!


7) FoxCraft

IP: mp.foxcraft.net

“Foxcraft is a Minecraft Server Network that has been around since 2011 and provides it's playerbase with multiple classic gamemodes like Prison, Skyblock, Survival, Creative, and more!”


Welcome to FoxCraft, where the perfect balance in survival gameplay awaits you! Say goodbye to overpowered beginnings and embrace a more authentic survival experience. FoxCraft offers a well-rounded adventure for every type of player! 

  • Are most starter kits too OP for your taste? FoxCraft’s starter kit is perfectly balanced, allowing for proper survival gameplay while still giving you all the necessary tools to survive your first night. 
  • Speaking of tools - Use the claim shovel provided by your starter kit to claim your builds, protecting you and your precious base from griefing!
  • Earn achievements simply by playing and win rewards for completing them!
  • If you’d like to take a break from survival, try out their other gamemodes such as parkour or kingdoms. 


6) MineBerry

IP: go.mineberry.org

“Launched on December 29th, 2019, MineBerry quickly became a home for thousands of players all over the world. Join today for enjoyable lag-free gameplay and continuous updates on our server.”

Join in today on one of three survival gamemodes available on MineBerry: basic vanilla Survival, the challenging Anarchy, or modern OP survival! The variety in games will give you endless opportunities for fun. 

  • Of all servers on this list, MineBerry’s basic survival is the one closest to vanilla survival gameplay - perfect for a nostalgic gaming sessions. 
  • Unlike more laid-back servers on this list, PvP is enabled! Fight for fun and for glory while still braving the wilds. 
  • Despite PvP being enabled, there is no griefing allowed on the basic vanilla survival, ensuring all your masterpiece builds will remain untouched.
  • However, keep in mind that Anarchy allows for griefing, giving this server a challenge like no other!


5) LemonCloud 

IP: mp.lemoncloud.net

“LemonCloud is a feature-packed Minecraft server which offers unique gamemodes such as skyblock, factions, prison and survival. We can't wait to see you there!”


Halfway through the list at #5 is LemonCloud! This beautifully named server features Skyblock, factions, and creative - but most importantly, survival! Join today for a vanilla-esque gamemode featuring several fun plug-ins to keep the experience varied for all players. 

  • This economy-heavy server features shops to sell materials you have gathered. 
  • Ready for a challenge? Enter the nether or the end for a price - you have to work your way up to gather enough money and resources before entering. 
  • Has fishing gotten a bit boring for you? LemonCloud’s fishing mechanics features exciting new fish to catch and to sell. The seas await you!
  • Sometimes, being an old-school player can make navigating plugins difficult. Not sure how to get started? Have a question about the gameplay? Refer to your personal Guide Booklet!


4) InsanityCraft

IP: sm.insanitycraft.net

“InsanityCraft is one of the oldest and largest active networks in the world. From its birth in 2012, we have created some of the top gamemodes with the best experiences for over 1 million players from all around the world!”


Hop onto InsansityCraft, one of the older servers on the list, for some quality survival gameplay. This server offers a classic survival gameplay with innovative new opportunities!

  • Choose between joining the blue world, opened in 2022, or green world, opened in 2017 - which will be your new home? Will you start fresh in the pristine landscapes of the blue world, or settle in the seasoned lands of the green world? 
  • This server offers optional classes to choose from with a variety of perks such as increased healing, strength, and much more. 
  • Enjoy a peaceful survival experience without the worry of griefers ruining your day with their claim feature and rest easy knowing your hard-earned items stay with you, even in the afterlife, with KeepInventory on. Die, respawn, repeat!
  • Complete quests for rewards! It's a fun way to keep the adventure going and get rewarded for your efforts.


3) Netherite 

IP: mc.netherite.gg

“Join our thriving community at site.netherite.gg for an unparalleled gaming adventure. Our server boasts a diverse array of game modes to cater to every Minecraft enthusiast, ensuring endless hours of excitement and competition.”


Though also home to gamemodes such as Skyblock and Factions, Netherite comes in at #3 on our list for Survival servers! This server stands out for its immersive survival experience, bolstered by unique features and a welcoming community. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a budding builder, Netherite offers something special for every type of player.

  • This nice texture pack will immediately immerse you in the survival experience. The custom textures breathe new life into the world, making every block and biome a feast for the eyes!
  • You begin with a basic starter kit of stone tools, 5 gems (Netherite’s custom currency), and a variety of seeds! No overpowered gear here – just the essentials to get you started on your survival journey. Use those gems wisely and plant those seeds to kickstart your adventure.
  • Speaking of seeds, these seeds are different from vanilla Minecraft and include strawberries, onions, blueberries, and more. Cultivate your crops, trade with fellow players, and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labor. Plant them now to become the best farmer in the server!


2) Penguin GG

IP: hub.penguin.gg

“We are a brand new network launched in 2022. Come join SB737 as he plays and records with his community!”

This server, while newer on the scene, is full of fun and new friends to meet! With a great community and exciting gameplay, Penguin GG is one of the best. Come and explore their Survival gamemode and see what makes this server #2 on our list. 

  • If you want a relaxing survival experience, then this server is just right for you. Penguin GG features KeepInventory on their survival world - so even if you die, you can still keep your items.
  • Find endless fun with a variety of quests to complete, achievements to accomplish, and bosses to defeat in this survival world.
  • There are also custom pets! If you want to switch up from the regular old cat and dog Minecraft has, take a look at the available pets here on Penguin GG. 
  • While many older servers lack room in their survival worlds, you will find there is plenty of room to build and claim on Penguin GG!


1) OPBlocks 

IP: hub.opblocks.com

“OPBlocks is a friendly and fun-loving community with no toxicity allowed. Join us today to try our game modes and you'll feel right at home!”


Ready to play some OP survival? Then look no further, OPBlocks is the server for you! While this server also features factions, skyblock, and other gamemodes; its survival world just can’t be beat. 

  • Who says you can’t have a career in Minecraft? In survival, you can choose a job ranging from miner, lumberjack, hunter, and more. Level up and make yourself some money!
  • Want to feel like royalty in the survival world? Check out the survival-specific ranks that come with exclusive perks designed just for you. From special commands to unique items, these ranks will make you the envy of the server.
  • Why settle for one world when you can have two? Build and claim your dream base in one of two worlds to choose from and hop over to the resource-specific world when you need materials. 


And that wraps up the top 10 Minecraft survival servers. Whether you want a vanilla server or one with custom plug-ins, or if you’re looking for a fast-paced PvP based survival game or a laid-back peaceful game, this list has a server for every player. So gear up, head out into the wilds, and begin your survival adventure with friends today!


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