[Top 15] Minecraft Most Beautiful Builds That Are Amazing

Minecraft Most Beautiful Builds That Are Amazing
Here's a list of the most beautiful builds in Minecraft, of course they are not as beautiful as you ;)

Which are the most beautiful builds in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game full of limitless possibilities, one of those is building, which some people take too seriously and build monuments worthy of recognition; for that reason, we came up with the top 15 most beautiful builds that are amazing. 


15. New Port Notch

New Port Notch is one of the biggest and most popular Minecraft projects out there, this build is based on a New York City, New Port Notch is also referred to as “The land of opportunity”.

What's great:

  • Beautiful 
  • Very detailed 


14. Ancient Anubis city

This build is based on the famous Egyptian empire, with its highly detailed pyramids and builds worshipping the ancient gods, this build is worth the worship. 

What's great:

  • Based on ancient Egypt
  • Very carefully built with great attention to detail 


13. Taj mahal 

This build is a recreation of the original build, the effort and attention to detail in this build is so great, it will blow anyone's mind 

What's great:

  • Attention to detail
  • Beautiful build 


12. Beijing Olympic stadium

This build is based on the famous marvel of modern architecture, “the bird's nest” from the Olympic games that took place in Beijing.

What's great:

  • Great attention to detail
  • Great representation of the monument


11. Eiffel Tower

Imagine visiting one of the most famous monuments that have ever been built by mankind, but it is recreated in blocks so perfectly built that you would notice the difference.

What's great:

  • Great attention to detail
  • Beautiful build


10. The Titanic 

Ever wondered what it would have been like to see what the Titanic looked like before sinking?

Well, with this build you can most certainly get a glimpse of what traveling on the titanic was like. This build is so well made and has so much attention to detail that it would blow your mind just by looking at it. 

What's great:

  • Very detailed build
  • Looks exactly like the original


9. Imperial summer palace

This incredible build was meant to transmit royalty to whoever visited it and was meant to be for an emperor; this build is worth looking at at least once in a lifetime. 

What's great:

  • Great attention to detail
  • Very creative build


8. Falling water house

Based on the famous house by Frank Loyd Wright this beautiful structure is as beautiful and detailed as the original.

What's great:

  • Very detailed structure
  • Looks very close to the original


7. New York 

This build is not like the other ones above, in this case, a group of people took the time not only to build a monument or structure, but to build the whole city of New York, they say the project took about six years, but the attention to detail and the effort put on this project is worth every block. 

What's great:

  • Very detailed recreation of the city
  • A full recreation of the city


6. Middle Earth

If you are a fan of TLOTR, then this build is for you, everything from the world-famous novel can be found in this detailed build, so if you are planning to go on an adventure, we suggest you visit this build for a great one.

What's great:

  • Great build based on the novel
  • Very detailed 


5. Adamantis 

This beautiful Fantasy-based city was built on top of cliffs and surrounded by rivers that flow all across the city, everything on this build was very detailed and perfectly planned to fit together. 

What's great:

  • Beautiful ancient city
  • Very detailed and creative


4. Kredik Shaw 

This build is supposed to represent a temple that was abandoned and forgotten by time, where nature decided to take over. This build is full of beautiful views and structures that will make you want to visit it for real even if you know it doesn't exist. 

What's great:

  • Beautiful structures
  • Creative build


3. Cyberpunk project

Unlike the game this build is not a complete failure it's the whole opposite, based on the game this build manages to capture the futuristic views and atmosphere that the original game just couldn't. 

What's great:

  • Great build based on the game
  • Very detailed build 


2. The Uncensored Library

The first thing you'll notice when seeing this build is the detail and the beautiful structures that make it up, but that's not the only thing that's mindblowing about this structure; this build holds millions of books that countries and governments have banned, this was intended for those people who want to be informed but can't due to the censorship in their countries. 

What's great:

  • Beautiful build
  • Hold millions of prohibited books 


1. Earth

Two years ago when the pandemic started this YouTuber came out with the most ambitious plan ever, to build the whole earth in Minecraft; and although the project hasn't yet been finished, the progress and the attention to detail that every player has made to this project is mind-blowing. Every city looks exactly like the real one and the best part is that you can join the project if you have some free time and want to help Minecraft's most ambitious project. 

What's great:

  • The amount of work and detail is mind-blowing
  • It's still an ongoing project


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