Top 10 Best Minecraft Axe Enchantments

A Minecraft axe rests on the ground
It's not enchanted yet, but that's where you come in

If you’re going to build anything fast, your best bet is going to be enchanting some axes before you collect materials. Not only can axe enchantments save you from mobs, they’ll also save you hours of time. 


10. Curse of Vanishing

Let's say you’re on a PvP server, and you really don’t want people looting your body when or if they manage to kill you. Carrying an item with the Curse of Vanishing will cause your inventory to disappear upon death.


Makes Curse of Vanishing Great:

  • Perfect method of revenge
  • Prevents looting
  • Fueled by spite


Curse of Vanishing details:

Regular attack speed

Regular damage


9. Bane of Arthropods

Like the title says, your local pest control will wish this one existed in real life. Spiders, Silverfish, and Bees are all arthropods, and will retain increased amounts of damage. 


Makes Bane of Arthropods Great:

  • Saves time dealing with pests
  • Spiders are terrifying (even in Minecraft)
  • Handy for Spider EXP Farms


Bane of Arthropods details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • Regular damage


8. Smite

If the name doesn’t sell it to you, the fact that it devastates Nether mobs will. If you’re headed into the Nether anytime soon, this is an enchant to keep your eye on.


Makes Smite Great:

  • Increases damage done to Undead mobs
  • e.g. Skeletons, Zombies, Strays, Husks, and Drowned


Smite details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • Regular damage
  • Increases up to Smite V


7. Silk Touch

Having to rearrange your house is such a bother, and as you’re aware by now, many enchantments are structured around making the game dynamics more convenient. Silk Touch will allow for you to collect the block of items which would typically split apart upon destruction.


Makes Silk Touch Great:

  • No more books flying everywhere when you destroy a bookshelf
  • Prevents total campfire desecration 
  • Gather fragile objects without hurting them 
  • e.g. turtle eggs 


Silk Touch details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • Regular damage


6. Mending

Mending is less straight-forwards than some of the other enchantments, but it has incredible value once you know how to use it. With the additional use of Experience Orbs, you can restore an item back to its original state. 


Makes Mending Great:

  • Continuous usage
  • If you don’t die, and gain XP, your enchanted items can last forever


Mending details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • Regular damage
  • Need EXP orbs to use


5. Sharpness

Sharpness increases the amount of damage done for Melee attacks, and can increase up to level V. Useful against both mobs and other players.


Makes Sharpness Great:

  • Can be applied to swords and axes
  • In Java it adds +3 damage
  • In Bedrock it can add up to +6 damage


Sharpness details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • 12 Attack Damage (+3 from Regular)


4. Chopping

This enchantment has been kept hush hush for the Java Edition, but supposedly it will increase both the damage of the axe, as well as the shield disabling.


Makes Chopping Great:

  • Increases likelihood of players using axes for melee
  • Shield disabling will be an asset to fighting mobs


Chopping details:

  • Chopping adds an extra heart per level
  • It also gives half a second more stun damage per level
  • Maximum level of 3


3. Unbreaking

If you’re tired of burning through axes, this is the enchantment made for you. Unbreaking will allow for your axes to last while you mine materials in bulk. 


Makes Unbreaking Great:

  • Increases tool longevity 
  • At its peak, your axe can last up to 43% longer


Unbreaking Details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • Regular damage
  • Can reach up to level III


2. Fortune

Fortune is a catch-all for finding the items you’re looking for. If you’re mining for diamonds, jewels, or anything else, Fortune increases the odds. 


Makes Fortune Great:

  • Increases haul of various goods
  • e.g. diamonds, iron, sapling, apples
  • Increases crop yield as well


Fortune details:

  • Regular attack speed
  • Regular damage
  • Reaches up to level III


1. Efficiency 

Many players agree that Efficiency is the top axe enchantment because it services the main purpose of having an axe: Chopping things to bits, fast. 


Makes Efficiency Great:

  • Increases the speed at which you chop trees
  • Able to be used on axes, pick-axes, and shovels


Efficiency details:

  • Increased speed
  • Regular attack damage
  • Goes up to level V
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