Top 10 Must-Have Minecraft Texture Packs for Every Minecraft Player

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These 10 texture packs are Deadpool approved!

If you are playing Minecraft, then you must get a resource pack. They are amazing additions that change the way all the blocks look in game. These texture packs will make your jaw drop at how great your builds look!

Resource packs have been a necessary companion to Minecraft playthroughs for a long time. There is an outrageous number of them out there to choose from. So if you’re interested in adding to your Minecraft experience with resource packs, here are 10 that I think you should add to your game as soon as possible.

All the packs are available and ready to go for Minecraft 1.13.2 Alright, let’s get into it, shall we!

10. Ancient World Resource Pack

This is a grittier and haphazard pack. I kept it on the list because it is unique and interesting. One of the best things about this pack is the text styling. My biggest issue with it is that I feel like the block color palate--is for lack of a better word--“off”.  I would love to see what they do with this in the future!

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9. Vault Resource Pack by sintful1

This pack adds Fallout stuff for tools and items! I love this one so much,! This pack made me so happy when I saw it. This could easily be added on the top of your favorite texture pack and it would add the Fallout style tools and items next to your choice of texture. The reason that it is so far down on the list is that it does not add textures for everything in the game. I would love to see more from this author!

Description and download:

8. ACME Resource Pack by hastypixels

This is a cartoon style resource pack that has a smooth finish. My issue with this pack lies in the choice of texture for the water and lava. Those styles always look strange to me. Other than that, I love the stylization of everything in this pack overall.  A fantastic and cute style for anyone looking to relax and look at smiling pumpkins!

Description and download:

7. Lithos: Core Resource Pack by eleazzaar

This is a vanilla inspired resource pack that is beautifully done. Every Minecraft player will instantly recognize every block with its updated and crisp, clean lines and details. I personally use texture packs because I do not partially enjoy the vanilla styling, so if that is also you then you should check this one out.t. I would highly suggest this to those who are wanting to stay true to the stylization of vanilla Minecraft!

Description and download:

6. CraftMania Resource Pack by Gianqui

This is a vanilla inspired resource pack. The only real issue that I have with this pack is that the chest has a brick type pattern when perhaps they were meant to be planks. The pack is excellent for those of you who want to not stray too far from the original look of Minecraft, but still are looking for something to give your game a slightly updated feel

Description and download:

5. SapixCraft by Sapix  

This is a primary cartoon style with some hints at realism. I personally have not been a true fan of this resource pack because style is not my thing. However, this is one of those resource pack creators that knows what they are doing and has been updating their pack to every version for a long time. This is an excellent cartoon pack. The stylization is truly unique to this creator and appreciated by many.

Description and download:

4. Modern HD Resource Pack by mikeyto1o

This, as you can probably guess, is a modern style resource pack. It is clean, crisp, and smooth. I absolutely love this texture pack and would recommend you try it out! The only issue I have is with the ore stylization. I am not quite sure what they were going for with the ore but besides that everything else looks amazing.

Description and download:

I would like to take a pause on this list for just a moment to explain why two of the all-time greatest resource packs, Modern HD and SapixCraft, have been put as number four and five. My reasoning is that these packs are great and should be included on every list of great resource packs for all time, but I feel we should highlight some other lesser known fantastic resource packs in our top three of this list.

3. C-Tetra Resource Pack by canna

This is a cartoon style resource pack. Initially, I was not a fan, but it continues to grow on me. I enjoy the simplicity in their design. I do not enjoy the way the ore looks but the overall cute styling of this pack more than makes up for it!

Description and download:

2. Smooth Operator by FiftyWalrus

This is a mix of cartoon and realism that we seasoned Minecraft players will recognize. Look at the description in the URL. My only real issue is like I had mentioned previously is that I am not a fan of this stylization for lava. However, this is a fantastic resource pack that you will fall in love with. It has a smooth and simplistic approach that is kind on the eyes and make your builds truly beautiful addition to your world.

Description and download:

1. Muse Resource Pack by LordCakeThief

This is a realistic style resource pack that delivers some amazingly detailed blocks that will make a beautiful palate for your next build! The most off-putting thing that I have seen in this pack is the patchy stylization that was used on the stone that then translates to the ore surrounding. The leaves and textures of this pack are a joy to the eyes and will hit a cord for those with an eye for detail.

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