Top 15 Minecraft Best Builds of All Time

Minecraft Best Builds
If you build it, they will come

15. Space Shuttle

Who doesn’t love a bit of space adventure? This space shuttle build looks ready to rocket you straight into the stars.

What’s Awesome About the Space Shuttle?

This stellar creation by Corpeh is massive, featuring a control center and the launch pad itself. The shuttle and boosters are extremely realistic and the interiors of the buildings are completely built as well. This downloadable build has secret rooms to explore around the launch pad, and an elevator that will take you right into the cockpit of the shuttle. 


14. Battlestar Galactica

This easily recognizable space battleship captured the hearts and minds of sci-fi audiences in the late 1970 and then again in the mid 2000s. 


What’s Awesome About the Battlestar Galactica?

Incredible amounts of time and detail went into the making of this ship by TheHaunse, with over 5 million blocks used. There is a drive core and control rooms, as well as an expansive hangar deck and working lifts. This gigantic build comes as a downloadable map so that you too can have the awesome experience of living on a battle starship.


13. Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Game

Sonic meets Minecraft in this playable mini game build - and it’s a match made in heaven.


What’s Awesome About the Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Game?

This mini game by FVDisco features mechanics found in the real game like super springs and speed jumps. The platforms form a circuit that you can race against time to complete, and a live clock over the start/finish line tracks your time for each run. This build is downloadable, so any time you get tired of mining coal and fighting creepers you can go unleash your inner hedgehog.


12. Mirror’s Edge

As fans of Mirror’s Edge eagerly awaited its sequel, one fan took to Minecraft to recreate it.


What’s Awesome About Mirror’s Edge?

Is that a screenshot from Mirror’s Edge or is that part of this amazingly accurate Minecraft map? Lord_Pancake really outdid themselves with this build that will appeal to fans of both games. The clean lines and sharp edges of the well-loved parkour game lend themselves well to replication in Minecraft, and the result is spectacular - from the detailed building facades to the intricate shadow work. 


11. Planet Earth

Planet Earth as a cube? But I thought we figured out that it’s round centuries ago?


What’s Awesome About Planet Earth?

Our home planet got a new look with this build by LetsLente, and this build  is a 1:1500 scale version of earth that features many of its natural landmarks including major rivers, Mount Everest, the Mariana Trench, and more. Over 135 BILLION blocks were used to generate this cube planet, and traveling the world just became as easy as playing Minecraft. 


10. Working Computer

It’s a new type of inception, a computer within a game within a computer. Fortunately this one isn’t going to take over the Overworld - yet. 


What’s Awesome About the Working Computer

We’ve all tried to do fun things with redstone and if you’re like me it probably failed, but what legomasta99 managed to create with redstone circuitry is nothing short of amazing. This computer has over 28 kbytes of memory and 31 bytes of RAM. It’s actually programmable, and can perform certain computations and run multiple programs within the Minecraft realm. 


9. Mines of Moria

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice, this replica of the Mines of Moria is straight out of Middle Earth.


What’s Awesome About the Mines of Moria

Ebglminecraft and their team made this extremely intricate replica of the Mines of Moria from LOTR, and the detail is nothing short of breathtaking. The tall, vaulted ceilings are shaped and crafted to the last block and torchlight illuminates the massive pillars. The most awesome part of this huge build is that the crafters did it all in creative mode without using any mods, cheats, or other help. 


8. Babylonia

While we may never know exactly what Babylonia looked like in its prime, we can only hope it was similar to this stunning recreation. 


What’s Awesome About Babylonia

This sprawling metropolis features a massive palace, a towering pyramid, and a beautiful, jungle-infused temple covered in hanging vines and plummeting waterfalls. Roi_Louis’s vision of Babylonia came to life in this amazing interpretation that is chock-full of detail from the bright bazaars to the cozy residences to the palace itself. 


7. The Golden City

It takes a team to build a golden city, and the results are awe inspiring.


What’s Awesome About The Golden City

This expansive city is the product of a collaborative effort of crafters from Sanacraft. The city has many magnificent buildings including its city hall, archive building, and multiple museums, mansions, bridges, and castles. Its footprint is absolutely massive and there is always something else to see. If you want to be part of a team-building project yourself, Sanacraft is also working on another server called Forgeheart.


6. The Acropolis

Some of the best builds in Minecraft are inspired by real places, and The Acropolis is no different.


What’s Awesome About The Acropolis

This replica is a very accurate representation of The Acropolis, which was a Greek city dedicated to the goddess Athena. The Greeks believed that their gods controlled many aspects of their lives and the natural world around them, and built elaborate temples to please them. Athena would certainly be proud of this incredible tribute, and Gtofan74 should be too. 


5. Cathedral of Artium

This cathedral may not exist in real life, but one crafter’s vision brought it into reality. 


What’s Awesome About the Cathedral of Artium

Spanning from the bedrock layer to the clouds, this cathedral is nothing short of massive. There is a beautifully intricate statue at the first landing before a huge staircase brings you to the main entryway. It’s wings and body are crafted with pops of color and detail, and the view is spectacular all around. Creoluicis’s creation is certainly one of the greatest Minecraft cathedrals ever built.


4. City Building Project

User rikkuness has used their crafting talents to create an ultra-realistic cityscape.


What’s Awesome About the City Building Project

This city is absolutely breathtaking, featuring modern architecture, green spaces, and roadways. Everything is built to scale, but the true selling points of this build are the minute details that rikkuness put into it from the traffic lights dotting the intersections to the benches lining the parks. The interiors of the buildings are all built and decorated as well, making this city as realistic as any you could visit in real life.


3. Minas Tirith

This city is a beautiful rendition of another LOTR favorite by Fishyyy.


What’s Awesome About Minas Tirith

One of the more lush and gorgeous cities in Middle Earth, the buildings spiraling up the mountain, whitewashed walls, sheer stone cliff, and mountain-top palace are replicated in perfect detail in this giant build. It took over 6 million blocks and 22 hours to create this LOTR tribute, and elves and dwarves alike can revel in its beauty.


2. Medieval City

While not based on any real-life city, the imagination of the Elysian Fire Build team brought this stunning creation to life.


What’s Awesome About the Medieval City

This city comes in the form of a downloadable map that is built for exploration. You can explore the palace on the hilltop overlooking the city, the boats in the harbor, or the many buildings making up the city proper. There are Easter eggs hidden all over that reward those who seek out the city’s nooks and crannies, and the exquisite detail of this city with the potential for exploration make it a great map to download.


1. King’s Landing

Game of Thrones fans will be absolutely drooling over this replication of the capital city of Westeros.


What’s Awesome About King’s Landing

It took 175 different crafters over two and a half years to complete this build, and for good reason. The level of depth and detail that was put into this city is almost indescribable and this creation will hold a place among Minecraft’s most impressive builds for many years to come. From the Red Keep on Aegon’s High Hill to the ships in Blackwater Bay, GOT fans will find nothing but perfection in this awesome replica.

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