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best minecraft mob mods
The spooky and scary mutant Enderman!

Are you interested in mobs in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, I’m sure you’re aware of the countless mobs in the game, from sheep and pigs to zombies and creepers, there are a wide variety of creatures that appear! However, after encountering all of them often enough, they might start to get repetitive and boring. Thankfully, there are mods to help solve this problem! Take a look at the top ten best Minecraft mods all focused around mobs!

10. Champions

A champion spider

See this mod on YouTube:

Are regular Minecraft enemies too easy for you? With the Champions mod, that difficulty will shoot right through the roof! Champions adds elite mobs of every type, with new abilities and boosted stats to make them a real challenge! Have fun taking on some boosted baddies!
For someone like me who finds Minecraft enemies too easy, this mod was super fun and helpful in remedying that problem!

  • When mobs spawn into the world, they’re assigned a rank, which determines how powerful they will be!
  • There are new abilities that mobs can possess called Affixes, which give them new powers and make them stronger!
  • Every hostile mob has different variations, so have fun trying to encounter all of them!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

9. Mutant Creatures Mod

The mutant Enderman

See this mod on YouTube: 

Mutant Creatures offers some thrilling and fun boss battles, here are three of my favorites!

  • The Mutant Skeleton is a massive beast with projectiles, and it tries to crush you in its ribcage!
  • The Mutant Enderman can teleport not just itself, but also you!
  • The Mutant Snow Golem turns a friend into an even stronger friend, that will defend you even more diligently from hostile mobs!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

8. Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt: ZAWA

Zebras surrounding giraffes

See this mod on YouTube: 

  • Elephants are huge animals with soft hearts, they’re a joy to befriend and even cuter to admire!
  • Tigers are ferocious and prowl the savannas, make sure you don’t run into one while  unprepared!
  • Red pandas may be endangered in the real world, but you can have as many as you want with this mod installed!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

7. Mystical World

Fantastical apple critters

See this mod on YouTube: 

Along with new mobs, this mod also has other fun features that complete it and make it enjoyable!

  • Lava cats are a brand new mob that live in warm places like the Nether, and make great pets for the winter!
  • One of the new mobs, the Sprouts, drop berries you can use in new food recipes!
  • This mod also adds new building blocks, such as the mud block, which is a mixture of dirt and water, and can be dried out to make different stairs and slabs!

 Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

6. Lycanites Mobs

Crazy warthog creature

See this mod on YouTube: 

This is a mod for those who crave combat and adventure! Lycanites Mobs adds over 100 new mobs into the game, that’s right, over 100! However, this means that some get overshadowed by others, and it’s hard to keep track of so many. Especially since all of them are hostile, but it’s still an expansive mod with tons of content regardless!
With tons of crazy and frightening mobs, this mod made my Minecraft experience a lot more fun and challenging!

  • Inferno mobs are found in fire and lava, and boast some strong firepower!
  • Wargs are deadly predators, but can be tamed and ridden around just like horses!
  • Arisaurs are massive plant dinosaurs, that you can even farm things on!

 Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

5. Mowzie’s Mobs

A wild arctic beast

See this mod on YouTube: 

Mowzie’s Mobs is a mod that adds a variety of fictional creatures into the game, showing off the fantastical and wondrous world of monsters! With both hostile and passive mobs, Mowzie’s Mobs is a great mod for those who want to spice up the kinds of creatures they’ll find while exploring their Minecraft world!
The amazing creatures in Mowzie’s Mobs make the game a lot more fun, and also a lot more interesting to play!

  • Lanterns are a beautiful aesthetic way of lighting up the roofed forest biomes, and look absolutely stunning too!
  • The Frostmaw is a ferocious beast residing in the coldest biomes of your world, make sure you travel prepared to face it!
  • Deep in the jungles, feral plants called Foliaath are lurking, so watch your step!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

4. Primitive Mobs

The rare treasure slime

See this mod on YouTube:

While lots of mods focus on adding real life animals or crazy fantastical monsters, Primitive Mobs has a different goal. Primitive Mobs adds 25 new mobs into the game that all aim to capture the classic Minecraft feel, not too overbearing, but also not too underwhelming. All of the mobs are unique in their own way, so I highly suggest that you check this one out!
While going for that original Minecraft feel, Primitive Mobs succeeds for sure, bringing lots of new fun along with it!

  • Spider families bring a more scary feeling along with them, getting attacked by groups of spiders is just gross!
  • Treasure Slimes carry around items inside them, making for a cool way to acquire rare gear for yourself!
  • With multiple kinds of Creepers that have different explosions, always make sure to watch your back when roaming the world at night!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

3. Better Animals Plus

A group of new wild animals

See this mod on YouTube: 

Better Animals Plus is a mod that adds tons of new creatures into your game, all based on real life animals! From insects, to land roamers, to ocean dwellers, this mod has no shortage of animals for you to meet! Just be careful, not all of them are friendly!
With the wide variety of creatures in this mod, there’s no shortage of fun exploring the world!

  • Tarantulas are a creepy crawly addition, one that’s sure to spook you if you encounter it!
  • With whales and eels and other aquatic mobs, the oceans feel a lot more lively and worth exploring!
  • With the addition of insects like butterflies and dragonflies, adventuring through natures feels a lot more real!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

2. Morph

The morph mod menu

See this mod on YouTube: 

Have you ever wondered what the mobs in Minecraft feel like? Well with the Morph mod, you can finally experience just that! The Morph mod allows you to transform into any mob in the game, as long as certain conditions are met. Have fun transforming into your allies and enemies alike!
Being able to turn into any mob in the game is super fun, and here are three of my favorite ones to play as!

  • Playing as a Blaze lets you shoot fireballs and fly around, it really makes you feel powerful!
  • Silverfish are a fun one to try out, being able to slip through one block spaces makes for a super useful transformation!
  • Of course, something like the Ender Dragon really is just a blast to play as, bringing destruction wherever you soar!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

1. Mo’ Creatures

Towering tree monsters

See this mod on YouTube: 

Mo’ Creatures is an incredible mod for those who want tons of new mobs in their Minecraft world! With over 40 new mobs, some of which are friendly, some of which aren’t, there’s tons of mobs here for you to encounter and experience! With such a large collection and variety, this is a mod you can’t miss out on!
Mo’ Creatures strikes the perfect balance of the amount of mobs and whether they’re friendly or not, making the experience a super fun and adventurous one!

  • Birds are a great addition, making the forests and meadows feel that much more alive and natural!
  • Ogres are another excellent mob, making for a tough enemy while roaming the mountains!
  • Other aquatic mobs like manta rays really bring the rivers and oceans of the world to life!

Check out this mod for yourself, with the link here!

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