[Top 5] Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments That Are Excellent

Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments That Are Excellent
Turn your bow into the most op weapon in Minecraft

Which are the best enchantments for your bow?

Bows are a very important weapon to have in your Minecraft survival world since long-range weapons will always come in handy when it comes to adventuring the hostile world of Minecraft, and the bow is a simple yet effective weapon to craft in this kind of scenario, for that reason we decided to do a list of the top 5 best bow enchantments. 


5 Mending


This enchantment will give the player the ability to automatically fix its bow by gaining experience orbs, this is perfect for making an almost indestructible bow. 

What makes mending great:

  • It will make your bow be more durable


  • Levels: I


4 Punch 


Punch is the perfect enchantment if you find yourself surrounded by hostile mobs and need to get away at any cost since this enchantment will increase the amount of knockback that you deal to the mobs that are hit by your arrows. 

What makes punch great:

  • Will increase the knockback on your arrows


  • Levels:  II


3 Power


Power will increase the amount of damage dealt by your arrows, this amount increases depending on the level of the enchantment and it is perfect for situations where you must deal lots of damage from a long-range. 

What makes power great:

  • It will increase the damage dealt by your arrows


  • Levels: V


2 Flame


This enchantment will let the player launch a flaming arrow, not only being able to cause damage when hitting the target, but it will also cause damage by the fire. This enchantment can also be used to ignite Tnt. 

What makes flame great:

  • Will launch a fire arrow


  • Levels: I


1. Infinity


As the name suggests, with this enchantment you will be able to shoot an infinite amount of arrows with your bow, just as long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory, of course, the arrows that land on the ground cannot be picked up and will simply despawn; but that seems like a small price to pay for all you can shoot arrows.

What makes infinity great:

  • Infinite arrows as long as you have one in your inventory


  • Levels: I

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