Minecraft Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons (And how to Get Them)

Which are the most powerful weapons in Minecraft?
Don´t bring an bow to a sword fight

Which are the most powerful weapons in Minecraft and how do you get them?

The world of Minecraft is a vast and beautiful place, filled with breathtaking sceneries and landscapes, but within these beautiful fields of grass and dirt, many threatening creatures are waiting to sneak up on you; and whether you are an adventurer mining for diamonds or looking to sly the end Dragon, you need to be equipped with the most powerful weapons if you want to survive on this harsh environment. 

So, take your diamond pickaxe and let's get mining through the Top ten most powerful weapons and how to get them:   

10. TNT:

Topping this list is probably a very controversial weapon (TNT) since many people don't consider it to be a weapon, but when it comes to damage we beg to differ since, TNT can deal loads of damage if used correctly, of course in combat TNT respects no one, so using it could harm or even end up killing you which could be counterproductive, that's why it's so high on this list, but let's be honest some players have found ways to make cannons out of TNT, turning it into one of the strongest long-range weapons; also, a very creative one. 

To craft it you are going to need:

· 4 blocks of sand 

· 5 pieces of gunpowder

· Also requires a lot of patience and caution… you'll never know when it can potentially blow up in your face! So grab your TNT, your pistons and your red stone and let's get creative!


9. Splash Potions (Poison and weakness):

 Generally speaking, when it comes to talking about weapons, potions are the last thing to cross your mind, but these two are perfect for dealing damage and giving you a great advantage when it comes to hand to hand battle. 

To obtain them you need: 

· A brewing stand

· A normal potion of poison or weakness and 

· 1 Piece of gunpowder.  



8. Iron Sword:

 The iron sword is probably the best option for a melee weapon if what you are looking for is something easy to obtain but powerful, being made of iron, one of the most abundant resources in Minecraft. All you have to do is find a cave get your tools and prepare for a long session of mining and smelting!. 

· The Iron sword deals 6 of damage and will probably last long enough to take on the end dragon. 

To craft it you are going to need:

· 2 iron ingots 

· 1 stick


7. Stone Axe:

 At first glance, it may seem a little strange to include a stone item on this list, since stone doesn't seem to be as powerful or durable as iron or diamond. But, in this case, stone axes deal the same damage as their iron and diamond equivalent; they are easier to obtain and craft, which makes them perfect for this list.

· The stone axe deals a 9 in damage, making it strong and highly obtainable for any player. 

To craft a stone axe you will need 

· 3 stone blocks 

· 2 sticks. 


6. Bow:

When it comes to long-range battles; a bow may be the perfect weapon for the task, since it is easy to craft and can deal high amounts of damage in one shot. 

· Bows can deal up to 10 of damage with a critical hit when it is fully loaded and it is fast and troubleless to recharge.

To Craft a Bow you will need:

· 3 sticks 

· 3 strings, 

· They can also be dropped by Skeletons. 


5. Crossbow:

The crossbow is like the bow's slower yet stronger brother and it is also perfect for situations where you need a high amount of accuracy. Crossbows can be loaded with either arrows or fireworks.

· They can deal up to a maximum of 18 damage when loaded with fireworks and a maximum of 11 with an arrow. 

To craft a crossbow you will need:

· 3 Sticks

· 2 Strings

· 1 Iron ingot

· 1 Tripwire Hook


4. Diamond Sword:

This sword is like any other sword except for the fact that it is made from diamond; making it one of the most powerful craftable weapons in the game.

· The Diamond sword alone can deal 7 of damage, but with the Sharpness and Fire aspect enchantments, it can become one of the best melee weapons you can put your hands on. Just be careful, diamonds are hard to get, so you may as well stick to iron swords.

To craft it you are going to need:

· 2 Diamonds 

· 1 Stick, 


3.  Netherite Axe:

Once again the axe proves to be an impressive and powerful weapon, ranking in third place on our list; 

· The netherite axe deals a 10 in damage.

To craft it you will need:

· To craft it you will need to use a diamond axe on a smithing table with a netherite ingot, and you'll be ready to take on anyone who makes fun of you for being the crazy guy with the axe. 


2.   Trident:

The trident is one of the most powerful weapons you can put your hands on in Minecraft, but it is also one of the hardest to get since you have a 15% chance of getting one when killing a Drowned Zombie, but with the right enchantments you´ll get a weapon that works for both close and long-range combat.

· The Trident can deal over 9 in damage either thrown or in close combat.  

To obtain it you will need:

· A drowned zombie can drop one after being killed


1. Netherite Sword:

This is one of Minecraft's newest additions and also a great one, being one of the strongest materials in the game, then it would be logical that a sword made from netherite would be the most powerful weapon you could get. 

· The sword alone can deal up to 8 in damage, but with the right enchantments, you could turn it into the world's most destructive weapon ever created! 

To craft it you will need:

· To craft it you'll need to upgrade your diamond sword with a netherite Ingot on a smithing table. 

So, with this top 10 I hope you are now ready to take on the harsh creatures that wander through the world of Minecraft, it doesn't matter if you are killing a mob of zombies or aiming to take down the End dragon;  This top ten will make it a lot easier for you. Except for Herobrine, stay away from that monster.  


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