[Top 10] Minecraft Best Factions Servers To Play On

Top 10 best minecraft faction servers.
Start the ultimate faction with your friends and rise to the top!

Thinking back on Faction servers in Minecraft may bring to mind the nostalgia of hunkering down in your base with friends, blasting your way into enemy factions, and mining your way to the top of the server. While those days may seem long-gone, Faction servers are still here! Whether you’re looking to build your own faction up to glory or you’d like to join in on a pre-existing group, we’ve rounded up the top 10 best Minecraft Faction servers with enough raiding and fun for everybody!


10) Netherite

IP: mc.netherite.gg

“Join our thriving community for an unparalleled gaming adventure. Our server boasts a diverse array of game modes to cater to every Minecraft enthusiast, ensuring endless hours of excitement and competition.”


Ready for a hell of a good time? Starting off our list at #10 is Netherite, one of the best factions servers out there! Netherite offers fantastic rewards with a classic factions experience, creating a nostalgic yet fresh feel!

  • Build up to the top for rewards - there are weekly payouts for the top factions!
  • Do you ever wish you could fly to build your huge base walls? Well, now you can! While outside of PvP, you are able to fly, making building much easier and travel much faster. 
  • Outside of building up your base, you can raid enemy factions using TNT cannons and creeper eggs!


9) Advancius

IP: mc.advancius.net

“Established in 2018 by Monkeyboys, Advancius Network is a Minecraft server that is dedicated to providing the best experience to all players!”


Coming in at #9 is Advancius, an excellent choice for beginning your Factions adventure. This server, while newer to the scene, is one of the best out there for all of the gamemodes they offer! 

  • Advancius provides epic starter gear for a great head-start! No need to spend hours grinding for materials - hop right into the experience and get to work building up your amazing faction! 
  • Tired of pay to win servers? It can be frustrating to lose out on rewards just because you can’t afford a rank. This is why Advancius offers free ranks - simply play to level up! 
  • Explore their plug-ins through items such as TNT wands, chunk busters, and much more!


8) CosmoMC

IP: mcsl.cosmosmc.org

“We strive to be a top Minecraft Network offering only the best gamemodes. We always put the community, and the player first.”


CosmoMC is one factions server that’s bound to leave you star-struck! This server is led by the community, for the community, and frequently updated. Take a look at their features below!

  • Keep an eye out for big weekly updates in this seasonal community-run Factions server. You’ll never know what fun update is coming next!
  • Tired of regular old PvP? Try out the crystal PvP on Factions instead - wield the power of the crystals once and for all!
  • Their starter kit includes two cobblestone gen buckets and an obsidian gen bucket - perfect for building up bases. However, they cost a pretty penny per placement, so use them wisely!


7) JartexNetwork

IP: jartex.fun

“JartexNetwork is one of the largest Minecraft servers! JartexNetwork was formed in 2015, and has developed its own plugins ever since!”


While Jartex Network may be known for its Prison gamemode, this server is perfect for Factions as well! Their Factions Immortal is a force to be reckoned with - so get ready to blast your way in!

  • Join in on factions immortal - a fast-paced action-packed faction server. You’ll wish this game could last forever.
  • Gather spawners and grind to become the top faction in the server! The higher ranked your spawner is, the more money you’ll receive for selling your goods. 
  • Head over to their KOTH minigame and win some PvP battles against others for rewards (and bragging rights)!


6) ExtremeCraft

IP: msl.extremecraft.net

“One of the largest Minecraft networks in the world! Join today and play with friends from all over the world, we offer various new and classic entertaining game modes!”


Ready for something extremely awesome? Join ExtremeCraft today and take a look at their Factions gamemode! This extreme version of Factions will have you working hard to become top dog. 

  • Dive into the adventure with an awesome starter kit that sets you up for success. And guess what? You’ll be sporting a stylish turtle shell helmet – not only does it protect you, but it also gives you that cool green look. Get ready to rule the wilds with style!
  • Take a look at the hall of fame, updated every hour. Each player here has put blood, sweat, and tears into making their faction the very best… maybe someday, you can be there too!
  • Think you’re ready to take on other factions? After prepping your TNT and gear, dive into the fight!


5) Minecadia

IP: org.minecadia.com

“Minecadia, founded in 2021, is a server known for its popular Minecraft game modes, such as Factions, Skyblock, Survival, and OneBlock. Since it's opening, Minecadia has quickly gained a reputation for providing fun, unique experiences on each.”


With opportunities for all players, Minecadia will not let you down! Join today to take a peek at their Factions server, which is continually breaking boundaries with innovative gameplay. 

  • Yarrgh! This Factions gamemode is Pirates themed this season - join today to become a part of the pillaging and plundering. 
  • Join one of four crews (plunderer, vandal, pyro, or bandit) before beginning your faction journey for cool perks such as fire resistance or extra health!
  • Visit the warzone for some epic battles and prizes. Launch yourself into a PvP battle or dare to fight bosses in the warzone for prize rewards. 
  • Keep in mind that Minecadia’s Faction server is for version 1.8 only!


4) InsanityCraft

IP: sm.insanitycraft.net

“InsanityCraft is one of the oldest and largest active networks in the world. From its birth in 2012, we have created some of the top gamemodes with the best experiences for over 1 million players from all around the world!”


Ready to get crazy? Coming up next is InsanityCraft, one of the oldest servers on this list offering modern Factions gamemodes. 

  • Although this server has been around the block a few times, the Factions gamemode is new to this server. Come experience this new gamemode at InsanityCraft today!
  • Want to be the best of the best? Build your faction up to the top and get prizes for being in the top factions!
  • Sick and tired of pesky thieves? Lock your containers with signs to keep your items safe. No more worrying about your items when offline!


3) LemonCloud

IP: mp.lemoncloud.net

“LemonCloud is a feature-packed Minecraft server which offers unique gamemodes such as skyblock, factions, prison and survival. We can't wait to see you there!”


Starting off our top 3 servers is LemonCloud! While this server also offers Prison, Survival, Skyblock, and more, they specialize in their rapidly paced Faction game. 

  • LemonCloud offers Factions as a fast-paced gamemode, each season lasts 4 weeks with a 1 week break before next season begins.
  • With 100+ custom fish added to the server, make money fast by fishing and selling your bounty! 
  • Participate in events like KOTH or dragons for some friendly competition and to make some quick cash. 


2) Minemalia

IP: play.minemalia.com

“MineMalia Network is a server that strives to provide you with the best possible Minecraft experience with custom, unique and lag-free servers.”


Although MineMalia also offers other gamemodes such as SMP, Lifesteal, Parkour, and Bedwars - they are #2 on this factions server list for a good reason! This server provides an excellent Factions experience that you don’t want to miss out on. 

  • Unlike many Factions servers whose wilds are full with no room to build, Minemalia offers wide space in the wild. This provides plenty of land for epic base building and exploration. 
  • This server offers throwable creeper eggs and gen buckets - perfect for raiding enemy factions or for building up your own base. Try them out today!
  • Take part in server events such as KOTH or complete quests for rewards! 


1) ComplexGaming

IP: cf.mc-complex.com

“Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We currently offer a wide selection of servers ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Creative, Prison and more!”


Coming in at #1 for the best faction server is ComplexGaming! This server, while featuring many different gamemodes, offers a unique Factions server guaranteed to keep you engaged. 

  • Each Faction season lasts 6 weeks, resetting frequently to keep the game fair for everybody. 
  • ComplexGaming offers custom enchants such as (insert here) for an opportunity to spice up PvP!
  • Gear up before battling in the dark zone or fighting bosses to rise quickly in the ranks. 
  • Would you rather participate in PvP? Try out their Warzone KOTH and other competitive games to compete for glory (and for money!). 
  • Bored of building up your empire? Try out some of ComplexGaming’s minigames such as hunger games, one in the chamber, and more!


There you have it - the Top 10 Minecraft Factions servers! Each server offers a unique experience for endless amounts of fun, whether you prefer vanilla Factions or a custom server with innovativeplug-ins. Think you’re ready to join the best of the best and take a crack at creating a faction? Get your raiding ready and join one of these servers today!


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