[Top 10] Minecraft Best Potions And How To Get Them

 Minecraft Best Potions And How To Get Them
Prepare yourself to become the strongest player using the power of potions!

Which are the best potions and how do you get them?

The world of Minecraft can be quite a hostile place to explore and sometimes it takes more than a full diamond armour and a sword in order to survive; this is where potions come in handy, whether you are planning on finding lots of ores and items or taking on the strongest bosses; every crafter needs a handful of potions. That's why we decided to make a list of the top 10 potions every player must take on their adventure.  


10. Swiftness

Potion of swiftness formula 

When it comes to a world full of creepy creatures waiting to catch you off guard, running maybe your best option and for these kinds of circumstances, the potion of swiftness may just be your perfect option to move fast and get away from these horrendous creatures. 

What makes swiftness awesome:


9. Strength 

Potion of strength formula 

when it comes to fighting or flight, sometimes fight will be your only option, so in order to make your way out of that situation the best way possible you will need to be stronger than your opponent; for that reason, you should always carry around with you a potion of strength, this potion will increase the damage given to your opponent with melee weapons. 

What makes strength awesome:


8. Night Vision

Potion of night vision formula 

Everybody knows that the nights in Minecraft are pretty dangerous since that's when the hostile mobs spawn, and to make it even worse your visibility will drop due to the lack of light. This is unless you carry with you a potion of night vision, which will increase the light level for the player who uses it.

What makes night vision awesome:


7. Slow Falling

Potion of slow falling formula 

Minecraft is a game full of mountains, ravines and places so high that falling can be something disastrous,  you could instantly die and lose all your progress, and for that reason, we believe that fall damage is no laughing matter and every player should have in its inventory a potion of slow falling; this potion will make the players falling speed decrease and also not take any fall damage when hitting the ground.

What makes Slow falling great:

  • The player will fall slower
  • The player won't take fall damage
  • Get it here:


6. Leaping 

Potion of leaping formula 

As we said with Slow falling, Minecraft is full of mountains and structures so high that sometimes going up will result in real pain for the players; that is unless you have a potion of leaping, which will increase the number of blocks you jump and will also reduce the amount of fall damage that you receive. 

What makes Leaping awesome:


5. Invisibility 

Potion of invisibility formula 

In a game where exploring caves and dungeons is a common thing, the ability to go unnoticed is quite important, and what better way to achieve this than by being invisible, for that reason you must always have a potion of invisibility laying somewhere in your inventory. of course don't want to get close to hostile mobs or they will detect you. 

What makes invisibility great:

  • It will make the player invisible to other mobs
  • Can make objects and other mobs invisible too
  • Get it here:


4. Water Breathing

Potion of water breathing formula 

Over the years the world of Minecraft has gone from simple lakes and rivers without much to explore to full oceans and underwater biomes full of life and unique structures, for that reason underwater exploration has become something important to the players, and what better way to explore these biomes than with the use of a water breathing potion.

What makes Water breathing awesome:


3. Fire Resistance

Potion of fire resistance formula 

When mining in the Overworld or in the Nether sometimes you might dig the wrong block and have a river of lava fall on you or you might fall down into one, for that reason we recommend never digging down; but also to always bring a fire resistance potion to avoid getting damaged from any type of fire attack.

What makes fire resistance awesome:

  • It will make you immune to fire or heat-related anomalies
  • Get it here:


2. Healing

Potion of healing formula 

The name of this potion is quite self-explanatory, imagine that you are low on health, you drink it and suddenly you are back to full health (Could go from 4 hearts to 8 depending on the level) and this is quite important when you are facing a handful of enemies and trying not to fall in lava and lose all the precious ores that you spent hours mining for. 

What makes Healing awesome:


1. Regeneration

Potion of regeneration formula 

We don't think this potion needs explaining, not only will it recover the player's health, but it will also keep it regenerating as long as the effect is on and every Minecraft player should know that this is a true blessing to have when it comes to exploring, fighting mobs or just mining for precious ores, cause you'll never know when you are going to need it, but when you do it may be too late... 

What makes regeneration awesome:

  • Will regenerate the player's health faster until the effect wears off
  • Will restore the player's health 
  • Get it here: 


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