Minecraft Survival Beginner Guide (25 Important Tips)

A Well established base

#1: Punch Trees, Gather Wood

Begin the journey by punching some trees to gather wood, the cornerstone of your Minecraft journey. Collect just enough to craft basic tools and materials and get going

#2: Craft a Crafting Table

Transform your wood into a crafting table with 4 block, 2 horizontally and 2 vertically. The crafting table allows you to craft advanced tools and objects.


Tip #3: Build a Basic Shelter

Hurry before the sun sets, build a basic shelter using dirt or wood to protect yourself from monsters and the elements.


#4: Craft Torches

Light up your shelter and surroundings with coal torches. They provide a safe haven and keep hostile mobs at bay. They also stop mobs from spawning


#5: Gather Essential Resources

Explore the land, sea, caves and mineshafts to gather vital resources like coal, iron, and stone, and food. These materials are crucial for crafting and progressing further.


#6: Craft Furnace and Smelt Ore

Craft a furnace to smelt ore into ingots. This will unlock advanced tools, armor, and other essential items. Start off by smelting some iron ore. You can also cook your meat to gain more boost from them.


Tip #7: Establish a Farm

Start a farm by growing crops like wheat, potatoes, and carrots. This ensures a steady supply of food to sustain yourself. Make sure to provide enough nutrients for the plants


Tip #8: Raise Animals

Tame and breed animals like cows, pigs, and chickens. They provide resources like meat, milk, eggs, and leather. Breed them with the food they like


Tip #9: Delve into Mining

Descend into the depths and mine for valuable resources like diamonds, gold, and redstone. These rare materials open up new possibilities. Don’t give up. That diamond block is right around the corner.


Tip #10: Craft Enchanting Table

Gather obsidian and diamonds to craft an enchanting table. Enchant your tools, weapons, and armor to gain powerful abilities. Make sure to apply the correct enchantments to the proper tools.


Tip #11: Discover Villages

Explore the world and find new villages. Trade with villagers, acquire valuable items, and learn new skills. You can even kidnap them and bring them to be your personal farmers and etc.


Tip #12: Brew Potions

Set up a brewing station and brew potions using various ingredients. These magical concoctions provide temporary buffs and special effects.


Tip #13: Enter the Nether

Build a portal and step into the dangerous Nether dimension. Gather blaze rods, find fortresses, and acquire Nether-related resources. Don’t get sleepy or you’re in for some trouble. Bring some coffee with you.


Tip #14: Craft Netherite Gear

Combine ancient debris and gold to create netherite ingots. Upgrade your tools and armor to withstand the Nether's challenges.


Tip #15: Explore Ocean Monuments

Brave the deep ocean and discover ocean monuments. Defeat guardians and elder guardians to acquire rare items like sponges and prismarine.


Tip #16: Journey to Strongholds

Find and explore strongholds to find the End Portal. Use ender pearls and blaze powder to activate it.


Tip #17: Defeat the Ender Dragon

Gear up, gather ender pearls, and enter the End. Destroy end crystals, battle the Ender Dragon, and claim victory over this formidable foe. If you’re having a hard time, consider using the bed method.

Tip #18: Harvest Dragon's Breath

Collect the dragon's breath from the End's fountain. This valuable substance is used to brew powerful lingering potions.


Tip #19: Collect End City Loot

Venture into End cities and conquer challenging dungeons. Loot valuable chests, find elytra wings, and obtain shulker shells. The ended chest you’ll also find to be very useful. 


Tip #20: Craft Elytra and Fly

Combine the elytra wings with a chestplate to craft your own set of wings. Take to the skies and experience the thrill of flying. Fireworks give u great boost when flying.


Tip #21: Locate Woodland Mansions

Set out on an expedition to find the elusive woodland mansions. Discover new challenges, rare loot, and encounter the mysterious Villagers.


Tip #22: Defeat the Wither

Collect wither skeleton skulls and summon the fearsome Wither boss. Prepare for a fierce battle and claim the Nether Star as your reward.


Tip #23: Build Redstone Contraptions

Show off your engineering skills and create intricate redstone contraptions. From automated farms to secret doors, let your imagination run wild. Just don’t set a trap on yourself now.


Tip #24: Experiment with Command Blocks

Master the art of command blocks to create customized gameplay experiences. Transform the world and unleash your creativity.


Tip #25: Set New Goals and Keep Exploring

With the Ender Dragon defeated, set new goals for yourself. Whether it's building epic structures, exploring new biomes, creating your own adventures, or just living your dream life on a farm, the possibilities are endless!

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