[Top 15] Rare Minecraft Seeds Every Player Should Try

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A repeating cave system underneath a glitched Minecraft world.

When there are millions or even trillions of a thing, you are more than likely to come across a few of those things that are one-of-a-kind. This law applies to Minecraft’s seeds, in the sense that there are hundreds and thousands of unique seeds that some players are very lucky to come across. The rarities you will find in these unique seeds are things such as very abnormal structure generation, incredibly rare and lucky stronghold formations, portal glitches, and terrain generation that are sometimes so rare that many players can only replicate. These abnormalities in Minecraft can be explained in simple terms: during the formation of a player’s world, the computerized generation of the world is commanded to place blocks in certain ways. Sometimes, though, the formation can glitch out, causing certain blocks within the world to form elsewhere, as sometimes, you may even see a tree or an entire structure floating in the sky!

Besides that, players can easily access these seeds and witness the odds laid out in front of them. There’s also a great benefit of obtaining such seeds, as players can find new ways to get items such as diamonds and armor, have opportunities to build an amazing world in creative mode, a place to build a beautiful yet practical survival base in survival mode, and much more. Minecraft seeds are all about variety, so this list includes seeds that have terrain, structural, and even glitches you would’ve never thought were possible in Minecraft!

15. Heart-Shaped Desert Lake (Seed: 5742613388566557154)

A small heart-shaped lake in a desert biome. Isn't it cute?

Starting the list, we have a cute terrain generation, rather than something that would be considered “abnormal” or “glitched”. Simply, this seed contains a desert pond that is in the exact shape of a heart, making an interesting and rather endearing discovery in a Minecraft seed–that is, of course, rare. This pond can be transformed into a more decorative place, or even a small beach house built beside it, as the player can always walk out and witness the hearty pond every time. Now I understand why Floridians are so polite! This seed includes: 

  • Heart-shaped island 
  • Desert biome 

14. Pillager Outpost, But Glitched (Seed: 1256894139)

An abormally tall pillager outpost.

As the name implies, this pillager outpost is heavily glitched but operates, nonetheless. Normal Pillager outposts stand taller than all normal villager structures and are built of dark oak logs. They are normally separated from the villages, sometimes ominously standing over them from a distance, as the pillagers and villagers don’t necessarily get along… To understate it. However, this pillager outpost accidentally spawned away from a hill, creating an abnormally long base for the structure. The base pierces ‌to the stone ground, making it a moral challenge for the player to access the loot in the outpost. It’s pretty unfortunate because the pillagers within their structures will inevitably fall to their death, but they are the bad guys, after all. This seed includes:

  • Glitched structure 
  • Loot

13. This Seed Lets You Beat Minecraft Quickly (Seed: -5362871956303579298)

A stronghold with an End portal. 

Now, we begin with the genuinely rare seeds, and we’re talking one-in-a-trillion. It is highly uncommon for portals to be pre-lit or glitched, but I guess this seed surprises us. This ‌seed spawns on an island, thousands of blocks away from larger land, underneath a stronghold that has a fully lit Ender portal. Yes, you heard that right. Fully lit, which is extremely rare, precisely 1 in 1,000,000,000, thus making it a perfect addition to this list. Since the portal is already lit for you, going into the End dimension takes under 30 seconds. That’s something many players would take days to get to! You may or may not consider this cheating because you already know this seed, but just pretend that you discovered it. This seed includes:

  • An island 
  • Direct stronghold 

12. Fish-Shaped Island (Seed: 622277024144507548)

A fish-shaped island in a desert biome. Will you swim with him? 

Similar to #15, we approach another desert oddity that resembles another object or thing. In this case, a small desert island that looks like a cute fish, quite uncannily. The head is on point, the body is right, the fin is present, the tail, the eye that stares into your soul–definitely a fish! Or it could be a shark. It depends on how you see it. This seed includes: 

  • Beautiful coral reef 
  • Large desert biome

11. Insane Terrain Generation (Seed: -18375486380970237)

A tall snowy mountain accompanied by snowy trees. 

Aside from glitched structures and strange terrain formation, many of the rarer seeds contain absolutely insane terrain generation, including those that have massive mountains, beautiful crater lakes, expansive biomes, and many more unique things. This ‌seed contains massive, piercing mountains within a snow biome that expands thousands of blocks. These snowy stone mountains create a very large circle with an incredible snowy land in the middle; amazing for building an icy hut or several icy huts. Pretty sure the abominable snowman would love this seed. This seed includes: 

  • Very expansive snow biome 
  • Tall mountains

10. A Ship Without A Wreck (Seed: -8282991706430992122)

A perfectly intact ship in the ocean. 

If you guessed that this seed contains ships, then you are correct–that is, a ship with no wreck. And if you're a fan of the ghost ship Mary Celeste, then this seed is for you! Usually, in Minecraft, shipwrecks are found in desert biomes, wrecked and waiting for the player to discover the good old treasure. But it's incredibly rare to find a ship with no wreck, or a ship that is perfectly intact in the ocean! This seed spawns you on an island, which can be a downer for many players because of the lack of resources, but luckily, it also contains a ship that is sitting on top of the ocean water–creepily, rather.

Once you go into the abandoned ship, you will discover some impressive loot, including some iron ingots, emeralds, golden nuggets, carrots for food, and enchanted leather boots that immediately turn water to ice whenever you walk on it. Just don't let Blackbeard see you doing this. This seed includes: 

  • Abandoned ship 
  • Good loot 
  • Frost Walker boots from the chest

9. Heart-Shaped Wooded Biome Within A Mesa Biome (Seed: 110918009997)

A vast wooded biome within a mesa biome, in the shape of a heart, along with a wooded mansion. 

In the beginning, we covered a heart-shaped lake in the desert, but just wait until you see this amazingly rare phenomenon. This seed features a heart-shaped wooded biome within a mesa biome that has a woodland mansion in it! And it has a few mushroom trees, adding a pop of color to the terrain. The possibilities of this seed are endless, as players can create unique structures within this heart biome, giving more personality and color to the canvas. Establishing a survival base that your friends would kill to have. This heart shape is so perfect that it almost looks intentional! This seed includes: 

  • Woodland mansion 
  • Very large building space 
  • Room for creativity

8. More Insane Terrain Generation (Seed: 2066329444374006410)

A bundle of trees within a large crater-like hole. 

Like the last terrain mentioned, this seed also contains an impressively generated snow biome, and, of course, insane terrain generation. The snowy biome expands beyond thousands of blocks, giving the world a bright, mature look, neighboring a wooded biome with a crater middle, the real star of this seed. It contains a smaller wooded biome in the middle, with bright red mushroom trees that provide color. This seed gives a great opportunity to build an impressive base, one that lets you access the most useful material in all of Minecraft: oak wood. Besides, a survival base in a crater mountain alongside a massive snowy biome would make an incredible and useful world. This seed includes: 

  • Large snow biome 
  • High mountains and hills

7. Village Skyscrapers In An Ocean (Seed: 928574289)

A village on an island with a blacksmith. 

Now we dive back into the waters of "deformed" structures. If a player ever comes across a seed that contains a village that glitched, they must consider themselves a lucky one, and might as well ask out their crush before the luck runs out. Joking aside, the village in this seed is in the ocean rather than your typical land. The world generation tricked itself into spawning away from the normal terrain, glitching the bases of the houses into becoming long, resembling skyscrapers. The villagers are pretty upset about this, as we can imagine. But wait, this seed gets more interesting! Underneath this village lies a stronghold that directly brings you to the End portal. There is also a shipwreck around the village that has crashed into a stronghold, instantly directing the player to treasure. Not only that, but the waters surrounding that crash are heavily glitched, making this seed one of the rarest on this list. This seed includes: 

  • Stronghold
  • Nearby shipwreck
  • Glitched blocks

6. A Jungle Temple Spawns On A Woodland Mansion (Seed: 1067071636714001342)

A jungle temple sitting on top of a woodland mansion. How did it get there?

A structure spawning on top of a structure is something you will see sometimes in these rarer seeds. It's astonishingly rare, even rarer than winning the lottery! As the typical explanation goes, the computerized generation of the Minecraft world often glitches, either in small or large terms, creating these truly rare oddities. Here, we are met with a jungle temple spawning on top of a woodland mansion. Not only do you, the player, have a great way to gain materials and loot in this seed, but you can also lie and tell your friends that you randomly came across it! Just make sure to hide this list in advance. This seed includes: 

  • Jungle temple 
  • Woodland mansion 
  • Good loot for beginning worlds

5. Two Shipwrecks... On The Same Island (Seed: 7777777777988733304)

A lonely island partnered with two shipwrecks. 

This one is surely a ‌favorite, especially if you love pirates and things alike. This seed spawns you on an island, which may or may not be a good thing, but that's until you look forward. A shipwreck that has still kept the ship majorly intact, but that's until you look backward. Another ship that is in a similar condition to the other ship! That's right, you just spawned on a decently shaped island with two nearly intact ships on both poles. The loot within these ships are your typical items, but it already completes the experience knowing that you just spawned on one of the rarest Minecraft islands ever. Jack Sparrow could only dream of what you have. This seed includes: 

  • Two shipwrecks 
  • Impressive loot
  • An island

4. A Lush Cave Inside Of A Woodland Mansion (Seed: 1483936285)

A colorful and very green lush cave.

Lush caves are luscious in their ways, yes, but how does that compare to a woodland mansion? The tall, spacious and elegant style of the woodland mansion is sufficient for one's aesthetic needs, but what if one wants both? What about a lush cave within a woodland mansion? Yes, it is possible, and yes, this seed is exactly that. Somehow, the woodland mansion, during the formation of the Minecraft world, accidentally spawned nearby a lush cave, then glitched both areas–becoming one. It sounds crazy, and so does the way the mansion looks. It's both unique and extraordinarily rare, as the interior of the mansion looks like a house that has been enchanted with mystical vines and moss. This seed includes: 

  • Woodland mansion 
  • Lush cave 

3. A Very Strange Seed With An Underground Secret (Seed: 4165936693698546884)

A repeating cave system. 

Calling this seed strange would be somewhat of an understatement, but it's only for what's beneath the world. When the player spawns in this seed, they are greeted with a small wooded village in the spruce biome, nothing strange yet. However, once they fly up to the sky and look at the land itself, they find a giant mushroom biome right in the middle, along with another wooded biome on the opposite side. A very rare occurrence in itself, but that's not until you turn on spectator mode and go underground. You will find a repeating cave, or a repeating world generation glitch that only occurs once in 140,000,000,000 worlds. This seed includes:

  • Wooded village 
  • Large mushroom biome 
  • Repeating cave system

2. This World Can Break Bedrock (Seed: 870041913950284822)

A Nether portal underneath a bed of lava, breaking bedrock. 

If you're a Minecraft player, then you know ‌bedrock cannot be broken, no matter how hard you try. However, this recently found seed breaks it, making you subject to the rarest Minecraft death: the void. Players can fall from the End world and end themselves that way, but nobody has ever fallen from the void, making this seed astonishingly rare. The seed contains a Nether portal which accidentally spawned in a ravine, and accidentally below bedrock, giving easy access to the void. This seed includes: 

  • Nether portal 
  • Access to the void

1. Fully Lit End Portal (Seed: 9009198391873876587)

A fully lit End portal, what would you expect?

If you want a way to easily beat Minecraft, then this seed is your match. Upon spawning in this seed, everything looks normal; there's a small village nearby, a typical Nether portal, and your average green terrain. However, a surprise is held 1,000 blocks away from your spawning place. You will be greeted with a stronghold that has a fully lit End portal, something that is incredibly rare and glitched. Usually, the player has to hunt for Eyes of Ender to activate the portal, but luckily for this seed, it has done half, or all of the work for you. Now you fan outplay your Minecraft friends, making them envious of your ability to discover Minecraft's rarest seeds. This seed includes: 

  • A fully lit End portal 
  • Stronghold

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