[Top 10] Minecraft Best Armor Enchantments

Best Armor Enchantments
Your armor takes care of you, so make certain you take care of it in return with these enchantments.

10. Depth Strider

This enchantment is tied to boots only, thus allowing you to swim faster in water. Not only does the enchantment increase your swimming speed, but it also reduces the rate at which water currents push you. This is an absolute must when it comes to traversing the ocean.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • This enchantment makes exploring the ocean a breeze.
  • Allows you to fight the current and swim like a fish.
  • At maximum level, you practically have an underwater speed equivalent to your land speed.

9. Aqua Affinity

This enchantment can only be bound to a helmet, but is very important when it comes to exploring underwater. This is an absolute must if you are heading into an ocean monument as it will help counteract the Guardian’s slow curse. 

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Speeds up the slow underwater mining.
  • Allows you to make the most of your oxygen.
  • Counteracts the curse the guardian lays on you.

8. Fire Protection

This enchantment will reduce the effect that burning has on you. Obviously you will want to implement this enchantment when it comes to the Nether. But more importantly, fire is a griefer’s biggest tool so this will come in handy when dealing with toxic players.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Reduces the risk of fire.
  • Decreases the time in which you’ll burn from being set on fire.
  • Is an essential enchantment for traversing the Nether.

7. Blast Protection

Blast protection provides safety from perhaps one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. This enchantment reduces the damage received from explosions. In addition to preventing creepers from ruining your day, this enchantment is also a griefers nightmare.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Reduces damage received from creepers.
  • Prevents griefers from ruining your day.
  • Also prevents accidental explosions.

6. Thorns

Thorns provides protection in an offense is the best defense ideology. This enchantment will damage mobs or friends alike as they attack you. The downside of this enchantment is it will drain an armor pieces’ durability faster than normal.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Damages mobs as they damage you.
  • Will make friends think twice before they decide to smack you.
  • Can be equipped to all armor types.

5. Respiration

This enchantment is crucial when it comes to underwater exploration. It allows you to breath longer underwater and also to survive longer when you run out of oxygen. In addition, it increases your visibility underwater.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Allows you to stay underwater longer.
  • Gives you enhanced vision underwater.
  • Each level enchantment stacks the benefits it provides.

4. Unbreaking

This enchantment is very valuable for any item, but more so for armor. What it does is give the equipment a chase to not break when its durability wears out. With this enchantment, you have the chance to preserve your equipment and armor for longer.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Gives armor and weapons an extra chance of life.
  • Can preserve other pieces of equipment with valuable enchantments.
  • Can be stacked to make items even better.

3. Feather Fall

If you are anything like me, this is an absolutely essential enhancement because I like to jump off from great heights rather than build down. This enchantment reduces the damage from fall damage, sometimes negating it completely. The best part of this enchantment is it allows you to fling Ender Pearls willy nilly.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Reduces damage from Ender Pearls.
  • Allows you to reduce fall damage and safely descend much more carelessly.
  • Can be combined with hay bales for maximum effectiveness.

2. Mending

Mending allows the player to use their experience points to repair their equipment. This enchantment is equally equitable on all pieces of armor and weapons, thus making it invaluable. With this enchantment you can preserve your best pieces of armor.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Experience can be used to repair equipment allowing you to keep what you’ve become attached to.
  • Repairs are performed randomly, making each attempt unique.
  • This enchantment allows you to keep the best equipment on hand at all times.

1. Protection

The importance of this enchantment is in the name itself, after all armor’s most important aspect is the protection it provides. This enchantment reduces damage received and can be stacked with one another. Even better, the damage is absorbed between all pieces that have this enchantment.

Makes enchantment name great:

  • Allows each piece to last longer as it spreads the damage between each piece with the enchantment.
  • Can be stacked for maximum protection and absorption of damage.
  • Effects almost all aspects of damage received, easily making the best enchantment.

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