[Top 10] Minecraft Best Combat Mods We Love!

Minecraft Best Combat Mods
Step up the way you battle mobs.

Who knew there could be so much more to the world of Minecraft?

Mods are for those who have gotten bored or have run out of things to do in vanilla Minecraft but don’t want to just completely abandon the game they have known and loved since they were ten years old. Especially when you have defeated the Ender dragon ten different times in ten different ways and killed thousands of creepers, you kind of just want a new experience. Enjoy new weapons, mobs, and other surprises with these ten combat mods we love!


10. Tetra Mod

Discover weapons crafting completely unique to what you're used to

Bored of the vanilla weapons? Looking for something new and interesting that’ll mix up the way you battle mobs? The Tetra Mod centers around altering the normal weapons you’ve become accustomed to by changing their look and overall capabilities.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • You are allowed to customize the look and capabilities of different weapons and tools to make them more useful in combat. 
  • It implements double-headed tools like axes, pickaxes, and hammers as well as new items like tool belts.
  • There is a crafting table variable with an original and enjoyably complex interface for crafting new tools and viewing their performance statistics.
  • The weapon components no longer have to be composed of the same material, they can each be customized individually with different materials.
  • This mod gracefully combines vanilla Minecraft with a new and exciting feature.

Get the mod HERE


9. Gods’ Weapons

Experiment with weapons and armors that provide you with your own godly abilities

Gods’ Weapons contributes a more fantasy-based addition, without changing the overall game to be unrecognizable. Its weapons and other items are distinctive, new, and fun!


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • Try out the different weapons that the Gods’ Weapons mod has to offer, like the Hammer of Storm, Aura Sword, or Apollo’s Bow, all of which have their own look that differentiates from the base game!
  • The new weapons also possess their own abilities that are bestowed upon the wielder. For instance, the Hammer of Storm allows you to strike lightning, and the Aura Sword knocks back opponents.
  • You also have the chance to utilize three different abilities: God, Demon, and Wind. The God ability allows you to jump three times as high and ten times as far, along with being able to step up one block without jumping. I won’t spoil the other abilities for you!
  • The mod adds different armor as well, such as Ares' Chestplate and Hermes’ boots that also have their own durability and overall abilities.
  • Along with the other player abilities, there are also rings that grant certain powers. Most are self-explanatory, like the speed ring, which makes you faster.

Get the mod HERE


8. Mutant Beasts

The mobs you know and love are stepping up their game

The classic creeper and zombie just don’t get a player’s blood pumping like they used to, but their mutated parallel might. The Mutant Beast mod provides new and interesting mobs that may just have you running for your life every once in a while.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • This mod provides new, and more difficult combat scenarios with mini-bosses that resemble the classic mobs but with much more health.
  • The mutant versions of your favorite mobs include the mutant enderman, zombie, creeper, and... a spider-pig?! All of these quite honestly resembles a Minecraft nightmare.
  • Each mob has their own unique abilities and attacks that differ from its normal counterpart. For example, the mutant enderman can hold up to four blocks and throw them at you! 
  • With great risk comes great reward! Because these mobs are such beasts, defeating them provides you with amazing and very fitting profit, like the Hulk Hammer and Mutant Skeleton armor!
  • Some other mob rewards include domesticating them into your pets. For instance, hatching a creeper egg after killing the mutant creeper produces your very own creeper minion!

Get the mod HERE 


7. Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod

Set down the sword and pick up... an assault rifle?

Is the bow just not as exciting for you anymore? Take the weapons in Minecraft up a notch (or, like a thousand notches) and download this mod to use 3D guns! This adds a realistic spin on the world of Minecraft for those who also enjoy a round of Modern Warfare. 


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • This mod provides 3D guns, attachments, vests, backpacks, and more all in HD quality and with multiple unique animations!
  • Night vision goggles and a night vision scope are also included in the mod, which means mobs who thrive at night don’t stand a chance.
  • Guns not your thing? There are also customizable melee weapons along with three different types of grenades.
  • Enjoy a new way to move with stealth by accessing the crawl feature, or stakeout by going prone!
  • Acquire a wireless camera and tablet in-game to monitor your friends or other entities’ actions with a live-stream feed! Be careful though, the battery on your tablet can run out.

Get the mod HERE


6. Better PvP

The perfect way to keep track of your weapons, armor, and enemies

This mod is combat-oriented in multiple ways and provides a more informative experience if you’re battling your friends, going up against others in a server, or even if you’re just playing in survival mode. Better PvP offers a lot of great features that allow the player to be more involved with their stats and the enemy.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • Everything is customizable! For example, the added mini-map allows you to coordinate different colors to the entities it displays in your radius and set waypoints!
  • This mod administers a very cool notification system. For instance, you will be notified if the creeper you are passing is about to explode by a TNT block appearing on your screen. Other notifications include being shot by arrows, drowning, and more.
  • One of the best features of this mod is that it provides you with the health status of the entity you are fighting. 
  • This mod provides you with the status of your armor and weapons, as well as the information for items like food and how much hunger they satisfy.
  • Just because you have the mod downloaded does not mean that you have to utilize its features at all times! The various interfaces can be enabled and disabled through the settings menu!

Get the mod HERE


5. Mowzie’s Mobs

Flying beasts, snow monsters, and tribesmen, oh my!

If you’re looking to add more mobs that are unique to the Minecraft world and provide an entirely new combat experience then Mowzie’s Mobs is the way to go. This awesome mod integrates its own mobs with the vanilla game experience to provide a twist that keeps it interesting.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • This mod contributes fun and distinctive mobs with their own names and creative appearance. For example, the Frostmaw is a mob that would rival the Abominable Snowman.
  • The mobs are environment-specific, meaning they will only spawn in their appropriate biomes. Like the Foliaath, a dangerous plant-like monster that is indigenous to the jungle!
  • These mobs have their own attacks that help them differ from the average creeper and skeleton. For instance, the Frostmaw has extremely powerful ice breath and formidable speed!
  • Each mob has fresh animations and sounds unique to their species that are triggered by the way they move and their attacks.
  • There are also new drops specific to each mob, like how the Grottol drops diamonds or the Ferrous Wraughtnaut drops its Axe of a Thousand Metals.

Get the mod HERE


4. Techguns

Use this mod to take on the antagonist known as Dictator Dave

Techguns is another 3D gun mod but has multiple aspects that set it apart from Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod that have truly made it a fan favorite. Specifically, this mod is for the player who wants a more drastic and in-depth change to the base game of Minecraft.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • Along with numerous 3D guns, experience new usable items like the gas mask or jetpack.
  • Get acquainted with the various machines you need to craft all the goodies for your weapons, like the chem lab and ammo press.
  • The mod adds new death effects and animations like blood and gore (which can be disabled) along with gun recoil and reloading.
  • This mod acknowledges that with better weapons should come better mobs, so there  are new enemies  like the zombie soldier, Cyberdemon, alien bug, and many more! Beware, a lot of mobs can carry guns as well or have their own damaging capabilities.
  • Utilize the new slot interfaces, like the ammo slot or the auto-food slot. Food placed into the auto-food slot is automatically eaten.

Get the mod HERE


3. Flan’s Mod

No need to use minecarts for quick transportation anymore, just take the helicopter

Arguably, one of the most popular mods ever is Flan’s Mod, and for good reason. With tons of different content and creative additions to the game, you might even forget you’re playing Minecraft for a second.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • Flan’s Mod contributes a bunch of different weapons of multiple categories to the game. From shotguns to crossbows and remote explosives to trip mines this mod has no shortage of ways to deal serious damage.
  • A super cool part of this mod is the vehicles. Yes, vehicles! Travel your world in an ordinary car, or if you’re in danger spring for the tank!
  • If you want something more interesting than land travel, opt for air travel with  various planes, helicopters, and more.
  • Other items are also included that don’t deal damage but rather fix it, like the medkit and repair tools.
  • You can’t get bored with Flan’s Mod because of how expansive it is! Not just from the original creator, but because of the user-made content packs waiting to be downloaded.

Get this mod HERE 


2. Tinkers’ Construct

Enjoy new and customizable weapons along with a totally unique smelting system

This is another popular weapon’s based mod but it doesn’t include any guns. It has an impressive amount of possibilities for you to create and customize your own weapons along with  many other added details. It’s a bit like Tetra’s mod but more expansive.


How the mod makes the game more fun:

  • There is a more complex crafting system for the weapons. To give you an idea, it begins with the stencil table, then moves on to the pattern chest, and so on!
  • New materials are added to the game, like blue slime and magma slime!
  • Because there is a more complicated crafting system for each weapon, this means there is more range for customization. The main idea of the mod is to be able to put weapons together in several different ways based on the pieces. Therefore you do not need all of the pieces to be of the same material!
  • The mod adds entirely new weapons and tools that you can  craft and customize to your heart’s content!
  • There are crafting interfaces that are exclusive to the mod and even an entire smelting system that provides a whole other level of complexity to the game.

Download this mod HERE


1. Electroblob’s Wizardry

Yer a wizard Steve!

Add a dash of whimsy to your game and test your abilities as a wizard with this mod! Electroblob’s Wizardry combines Minecraft and magic to give you a new and fun experience in a user-friendly way without denoting the major amount of content the mod holds.


How this mod makes the game fun:

  • Electroblob’s Wizardry promotes combat through various spells rather than weapons. There are over a hundred different spells implemented in the mod right now, like  fire spells, healing spells, and even necromancy spells.
  • You can  obtain and wear a  wizard robe and hat that  act as armor to get into the magic mood while also protecting yourself. 
  • This mod encourages exploration, and there are a few different structures you may come across in your journey that provide you with important items. However, to get to these items you may need to battle a few mobs. These structures include Wizard Towers and Shrines.
  • Along with using spells in combat, you can also find and equip artifacts that amplify your magical capabilities and allow you to utilize many different powers distinct from regular spells. The more the merrier when fighting the evil wizards!
  • This mod also has a variety of user-made add-on content packs that provide more spells or actual weapons.

Get the mod HERE

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