[Top 10] Minecraft Best Flatland Seeds That Are Fun

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Flat does NOT mean boring!

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Flatland Seeds That Are Fun

When playing Minecraft with the intent to build a beautiful base or kingdom, the age-old question remains: superflat, or random generation? Both options have their pros and cons. A superflat world streamlines the construction process by eliminating the need for terraforming, but it’s incredibly boring to look at, and you can’t dig underground very far. But if you trust Minecraft’s random generation, you may wind up with hills that take you centuries to carve out - and what’s more, you might not even encounter your ideal biome without traveling for ages! Luckily, I’m here to tell you that you can have the best of both worlds. These ten seeds spawn you in or near a large enough area of flat land for building projects, but also feature a lot of unique and scenic terrain to form the backdrop for your creativity.

For these seeds, I’m simply going to sum up the features in bulleted lists.

10. 60477518

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/zdPfH7okXLs?t=102 

  • Simple plains flat land
  • Surrounded by deciduous forests
  • A nice village very close by!
  • A variety of biomes and resources close at hand, for survival mode

9. -365

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/onSFePVgp6I?t=14 

  • Huge simple plains flat land
  • Sparse trees
  • Deep caverns
  • Mountains nearby

8. -867903255

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/zdPfH7okXLs?t=145 

  • Snowy tundra flat land
  • Near forested mountains
  • Large coastline close by

7. 1546340620

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/2FE4EJxrzMI 

  • Winding valley-like plains flat land
  • Cliffs across a wide river
  • Dense dark oak forest nearby
  • Mountains in the distance

6.  -8093930700325409411

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/g-bAoxi9e_4?t=5 

  • Option of a small, round snowy flat land building location OR a huge, wide-open snowy flat land area
  • Shallow pools of water dotting the terrain
  • Interesting cliff generation

5. 847107843

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/2FE4EJxrzMI?t=163 

  • Huge sunflower-dotted plains flat land
  • Birch forest in the distance
  • Snowy biome and mountains nearby

4. -6843951550879163211

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/g-bAoxi9e_4?t=303 

  • Lake-side plains flat land
  • Lake is shallow enough to build on, as well
  • Several small islands 

3. 1890611819

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/4Z3cpuGX5YI?t=303 

  • Beautiful plains flat land
  • Huge, snow-capped mountains in the distance
  • Terrain is easily smoothed out, but a lot less uniform than other seeds

2. -403337996379379066

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/g-bAoxi9e_4?t=394 

  • Simple plains flat land
  • Surrounded by deciduous forests
  • Deep ravine nearby
  • A lot of water sources

1. -7488610459720570421

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/4Z3cpuGX5YI?t=343 

  • Mountain-ringed flower valley flat land
  • Gorgeous flowers everywhere
  • Sparse trees
  • Tons of bees and beehives for a lively environment!

Flatlands might not seem that exciting on the surface, but with all that simple terrain, these regions give you plenty of space to let your creativity run wild! We’ll see you around! Happy gaming!

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