[Top 10] Minecraft Best Anarchy Servers That Are Fun

Are you ready for a full anarchy experience?
The Best Anarchy Servers

What is an anarchy server?


As the name suggests, anarchy servers are online servers where almost anything is possible, they can have from few to no rules at all; the idea is to survive by any means possible.

In some cases even hacking is possible and the environment tends to be hostile with players looking to loot other players or their bases, sometimes players just want to troll around and do stuff for the fun of it. These servers can be quite a ball of fun and anxiety, that's why we gathered the top ten best servers, that will give you a fun and exciting experience.


10. Bionic PvP Network 

The world of Bionic PvP

The whole point of this server is to help competitive players all around the world to improve their PvP skills, whether it is on any of their many game modes, their anarchy server provides an entertaining way to get to the highest rank possible in the freest and fun possible way you can. 

Server Details:

  •  IP: bionicpvp.net
  •  Player limit: 750
  •  Uptime: 97.6%
  •  Check out their website here: buy.bionicpvp.net


9. Mineland: 


Mineland is one of the most popular servers out there and for that reason, you will always find tons of people playing and enjoying many of the game modes it has to offer.

Their anarchy server offers a lawless type of gameplay that lets you grief, kill or steal from any player, you can either try to take on the world alone or come together to create a clan and take on anyone that gets in your way, the choice is up to you, but the fun… The fun is always guaranteed!

Server Details:

  •  IP: hd.join-ml.com
  •  Player limit: 2845
  •  Uptime: 97.8%
  •  Check out their website here: https://mineland.net


8. Moocraft: 

Moocraft is a fun way to experience limitless freedom 

Moocraft is an anarchy server that is intended for players who want to have an experience of almost full freedom, but without having to deal with hackers or modders which in some cases seem to be tedious and get into our nerves, in this server everything is permitted, from griefing to looting, of course with the omission of hacking, which is meant to give the players the same advantages and disadvantages. 

Server Details:


7. Straight up:

Straight up Vanilla Screenshot

This Server is dedicated to looting and raiding, giving you the full survival experience. In this server almost anything is possible, except for hacking and modding.   There is no land or chest protection, so your best chances are to build far away and hope that no one gets in your way; this server is intended for players who want to play smart and have a good time raiding and looting; of course, good times are always a must!

Server Details:

  •  IP: splatdaddy.com
  •  Player limit: 297
  •  Uptime: 97%
  •  Check out their website here: 


6. 9b9t:

The view of 9b9t

The intention of this server is to give players the experience of the popular anarchy server 2b2t, but without the downside of it being overpopulated and full of players.

This server gives the players full freedom to do anything they desire and it's a fun and interesting experience if you want to get a taste of what the 2b2t server is like. 

Server Details:

  •  IP: 9b9t.org
  • Player limit: 5000
  •  Uptime: 97.8%
  •  Check out their website here: https://9b9t.com


5. Purity Vanilla:

Purity Vanilla

This server is designed to give the players the Minecraft experience that the developers originally intended, there is no teleportation, no player homes and no predetermined economy amongst other mechanics that the creators wanted to exclude from the gameplay. 

The server gives each player total freedom to roam the world looking to build, grief or just go around getting into fights and looting other players; this server gives you some of the best experience of what an Anarchy Server is all about. Of course, hacking and modding is not allowed. 

Server Details:


4. Simply Vanilla:

A screenshot of Simply Vanilla`s image

Simply vanilla is a server designed to have a similar anarchy experience as 2tbt but without the hacking and modding that can cause severe exhaustion to some of the players, but besides that, you are free to do whatever comes to your mind! 

Server Details: 

  •  IP: simplyvanilla.net
  •  Player limit: 999
  •  Uptime: 71.2%
  •  Check out their website here: simplyvanilla.co 


3. Minewind:


In this server, you will get the full freedom experience of Minecraft survival with an unlimited experience of players and without having to worry about lag. 

This server is full of minigames and fun things to do while experiencing full freedom, without admins or mods, so everything is permitted except for cheating.

Server Details:

  •  IP: play.minewind.net
  •  Player limit: No limit
  •  Uptime: 99.9%
  •  Check out their website here: minewind.com




Enjoy absolute freedom in the Minetime anarchy server since here there are no rules except for having fun and having no rules! You can do almost anything from griefing to hacking and modding, with this server freedom is your only alternative and of course to stay alive!

Server Details:

  •  IP: Minetime.com
  • Player limit: 1000
  •  Uptime: 95.2%
  •  Check out their website here: https://minetime.com


1. 2b2t:

An aerial render of 2b2t

This may be one of the wildest and most famous anarchy servers there is, in this world rules don't apply and everything is permitted,  it is like living in the wild west where everything is possible, your only objective is to make it through the next day. For that reason, 2b2t has become the most popular anarchy server for YouTubers and players in general. 

Server Details:

  •  IP: 2b2t.org
  •  Player limit:
  •  Uptime:
  •  Check out their website here


 So now that you know which are the top 10 best Anarchy Servers of Minecraft, are you ready to live the experience of full freedom; of a world without laws or rules?

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djbilly55 2 years 9 months ago

I tried most of these anarchy servers, but a lot weren't what I was looking for. For those who feel the same, check out the server with IP address: ANARCHY.MOXMC.NET It has thousands of players online and is a much better anarchy/PvP experience!

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