[Top 15] Minecraft Best Shaders That Make The Game Look Awesome

An exciting preview of how shaders can make your game look.

It’s no secret – Minecraft shader packs have dominated the Minecraft scene for years, but why? Well, they completely overhaul the entire lighting system within the game, making your lighting and colors look as realistic, vanilla, or vibrant as you want! Sometimes, that flat lighting of the base game can get incredibly boring, and you need what is effectively a fresh coat of paint in the game. Here’s my top fifteen Minecraft shader packs for you to get started with making your game look absolutely beautiful!


15. Nostalgia Shaders

Many veteran Minecraft players will agree that discovering shader packs for the first time was an incredible moment, and these shaders just might bring you right back to that time! This shader pack brings back some of the classic visuals from the originals that older players might recognize.

Nostalgia’s Key Features:

  • Emulates early basic shaders to focus on  performance
  • Provides vanilla-styled clouds to keep the authentic Minecraft feeling
  • Adds the effect of foliage blowing in the wind to provide a hint of realism

Get Nostalgia here


14. Potato Shaders

Are you running Minecraft on a slower machine, but still want to improve your visual experience with shaders? Trust me- I’ve been there, friend. Look no further, because these shaders might just be for you! The Potato shaders bring you all of the advanced features of regular shaders, but simplified to run smoothly on whatever pc you’re playing on!

Potato’s Key Features:

  • Completely lightweight and low-end pc friendly for maximum performance
  • Very heavily vanilla styled to remain true to the style of the game
  • Provides basic but high-end features to lower-end pc’s such as bloom, motion blur, and custom water effects

Get Potato here


13. DrDesten’s Shaders

While DrDesten’s shader pack might seem fairly ordinary, it actually removes one of the key features of other packs to majorly improve performance while also making the game look beautiful – it removes shadow effects! Don’t worry, though – this shader pack adds some intense and colorful effects to make up for it!

DrDesten’s Key Features:

  • Removes shadows to make performance better
  • Adds fog to sunsets for a breathtakingly gorgeous dusk effect
  • Provides a custom sky gradient for a vibrant and colorful skybox

Get DrDesten’s Shaders here


12. Continuum Shaders

Let’s say you’ve built something beautiful in the game, and want to add some shaders to make the build look even more impressive – what shader pack should you use? For all of your in-game camera effects, Continuum will have you covered, whether you’re a Minecraft photographer, or a youtuber looking to enhance your in-game cinematography, this shader pack will have your screenshots looking professional no matter what

Continuum’s Key Features:

  • Physics-based lighting for incredibly realistic effects
  • Designed with screenshots and in-game filming in mind, adding real camera values
  • Highly configurable color grading system to further customize your screenshots

Get Continuum here


11. Oceano

You look like you need a vacation. I know I do! As the name suggests, this shader pack is designed to provide the player with a heavily saturated tropical feeling to all of the environment. What gets enhanced the most, however, is absolutely the water, making it a vibrant oceanic color! With that in mind, it gives a very unique and bright look to the game! So take that little vacation with this shader pack - you’ve earned it!

Oceano’s Key Features:

  •  Incredibly vibrant and cartoony feeling to brighten the gameplay up
  • Designed mainly around making the water look vividly blue, like you’re on the beach!
  • Saturates colors, but without being overwhelming to keep it easy on the eyes

Get Oceano here


10. Kappa Shaders

Don’t be fooled by the name or cheeky logo of this shader pack – it’s much more serious than you think! While many shader packs often use calculations and equations to figure out how their lighting will work, the Kappa shaders rely more on lighting you’d see in nature, making it easy to enjoy and play with! And while the lighting is easy and natural, the skyboxes are what really top it off as a graphical wonder! No cap.

Kappa’s Key Features:

  • Leans towards realism to give Minecraft a more “nature-based” feeling
  • Weather and time of day fog effects to immerse the player in the world more
  • Incredible skyboxes and clouds to look at

Get it here


9. Soft Voxels Lite

The developer of Soft Voxels was not fooling around when they created these shaders – the full version is only available if you pay for it, which is a mark of high-quality content in the Minecraft world! But don’t worry, the shaders are also available to download as a lighter version, which provides equally fantastic visuals. Soft Voxels Lite is focused on path tracing based on the voxels in-game. You can make your computer feel like professional equipment with these shaders installed!

Soft Voxels Lite Key Features:

  •  A more performance-friendly version of the full Soft Voxels pack
  • Heavily focused on lighting based on path tracing for a very high-quality look
  • Fixes colored lighting from certain sources

Get it here


8. Pastel Shaders

These shaders might be newer than the others, but they deliver where it matters! The soft pastel colors give an incredibly cozy feeling to the game, as pastel colors often do. What’s even nicer about this pack is that there are multiple presets to choose from!

Pastel’s Key Features:

  • Soft-colored presets to choose your favorite level of visual comfort
  • Makes sunrises and sunsets breathtaking to look at
  • Keeps the night sky clear and starry, emulating the vanilla feel

Get it here


7. Chocopic13’s Shaders

Ah, Chocopic! A well-known name in the Minecraft community for a reason – their shaders are not only incredible-looking, but also incredible for many, many different computer setups! How can you pass up such a classic? After all, it’s a classic for a reason!

Chocopic’s Key Features:

  • Heavily saturated colors and lighting based on location and time of day
  • Moody yet atmospheric nether and end with foggy effects to increase the mystery of those dimensions
  •  Built specifically to be friendly with as many pc configurations as possible

Get it here


6. BSL Shaders

The BSL shaders are one of the most sought-after, highly popular that I’ve come across, and for very good reason! They’re highly customizable and meant to work well for both gameplay and screenshots, and friendly to use for all users. Some people aren’t fans of playing the game with shaders, and those “some people” I know will only play with these shaders installed!

BSL’s Key Features:

  • Sticks to vanilla colors to enhance gameplay visually
  • Very customizable to the player’s preferences/computer setup
  •  Adds optional photographic effects such as depth of field and motion blur for a more realistic feeling

Get it here


5. Sildur’s Enhanced Default

The only reason I haven’t put these shaders at the top is because I feel there’s others that look better, however – these are my most trusted, performance-friendly, and most used shaders, ever. Before I upgraded my pc, these were my go-to shaders for years, simply because of how well they worked on my old computer and how subtle yet transformative the effects were. So if your computer is as old or slow as my last one, then I’d really encourage you to try these - they’re fantastic!

Sildur’s Enhanced Default’s Key Features:

  • As the name suggests, these are very vanilla-based for subtle yet much needed lighting overhauls
  • Incredibly performance-friendly for lower-end computers and graphics cards
  •  I can almost guarantee that you’ll forget these shaders are on – you won’t want to go back to the normal game’s look because of how well these shaders go with Minecraft’s vanilla appearance!

Get it here


4. Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders

Sildur has done some impressive work in the Minecraft community, creating multiple shader packs for us to enjoy! Sildur’s Vibrant are, as the name suggests, vividly colored and gorgeous to look at! While making all kinds of shader packs for the Minecraft community, Sildur has gone even further and added presets to the Vibrant shaders for even more options!

Sildur’s Vibrant’s Key Feaures:

  • Brightens and saturates the features of the previously mentioned Enhanced Default shader pack
  • Features multiple presets to choose from to your preference
  • Keeps a vanilla feeling to stay true to the vanilla game’s appearance

Get it here



Once again: sometimes the highest quality shaders can only be accessed by buying them. However, don’t let this deter you completely from this shader pack just yet because the PTGI shaders have recently  been made completely free! Plus the SEUS shaders have been a smash hit for years, for good reason. The SEUS PTGI shaders bring the highest-quality, most realistic lighting effects available for Minecraft, just about ever. Combining them with a realistic texture pack can enhance your gameplay until Minecraft doesn’t even look like the same game anymore!

SEUS PTGI’s Key Features:

  • Completely realistic lighting effects using path tracing and global illumination
  • Emulates high-quality ray tracing to bring a totally new visual experience to the game
  • Is now FREE to use, making these intense shaders available to anyone

Get it here


2. Insanity Shaders

Here, we have something pretty different than the other shaders on this list – the Insanity shader pack was designed specifically for “Fear Nightfall”, which is a horror modpack. To fit in with the theme, these shaders make the game dark, moody, atmospheric, and reminiscent of horror games from the past. So if you’re looking to get even more spooked by “drop creepers” or those ambient sounds, use this shader pack to give the world a much darker feel!

Insanity’s Key Features:

  • Gives the game a gloomy feel for a unique experience, rather than a vibrant or cartoony feel
  • Desaturates the colors and adds fog for a scary ambience
  •  Features special weather effects for further immersion into a much gloomier world

Get it here


1. Complementary Unbound

Let me be honest – there was a good amount of time in which I didn’t play Minecraft anymore. But after a little while, I installed a modpack with these shaders built into it, and they blew me out of the water, taking me right back into the game and reviving my love of it. Not only are these shaders vibrant, but also performance-friendly so you can lose yourself in the game while enjoying the gorgeous effects these shaders provide. They’ll “complement” any gameplay style very well!

Complementary Unbound’s Key Features:

  • Vibrant and saturated colors that breathe new life into new updates of Minecraft
  • Stunning and vivid water and underwater effects that’ll make you want to swim!
  • Beautiful skyboxes in both the Overworld and the End, including an “after-rain” skybox that includes glistening ground and a rainbow in the sky.
  •  Performance-friendly and easy to enjoy while playing the game

Get it here


And those are my top 15 Minecraft shaders to make the game look incredible!


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