[Top 10] Minecraft Best Ender Dragon Seeds That Are Fun

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The End is just the beginning!

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Ender Dragon Seeds That Are Fun

When I was a kid, reaching the End was always the goal, but it wasn’t until 1.0 that it truly became a destination. Your average survival playthrough will see you slaving away in the mines, farming up food, diamonds, and experience to prepare for the great Ender Dragon fight - and locating the entrance to the End is a grueling task in and of itself! But the intricately designed, fascinatingly generated, and exquisitely stocked End Cities make all that hard work worth it. Here are ten End City seeds so cool, you’ll be willing to kill a giant fire-breathing lizard just to see them.

10. 47575348231856

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/K_cE7s1ucdw?t=40 

This seed sucks. I don’t mean that lightly; the Elytra are the main prize a Minecraft player is dreaming of when they’re staring down a huge dragon that’s caught their scent. Their happy place, their reason for risking their life, is the thought of the chance to fly, just like this terrifying but incredible creature. Imagine their shock and dismay to find that the End City they just fought a winged dinosaur for featured two End Ships - and both were generated so that their precious loot, the envied Elytra, had nowhere to spawn… nowhere to exist. Despite this nightmare scenario, this seed is still a rarity in and of itself.

9. 46771879825634

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/K_cE7s1ucdw?t=8 

If you’re still overcoming the disappointment from number ten, I have a seed that will cheer you right up again, from the same creator. (Thanks, DylanDC14!) This End City features another two End Ships… and not only are they both complete, but they seem to be… very good friends. One has spawned on top of the other, and the two are almost perfectly joined by a singular mast.

8. 5940435579478293339

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/3eR1KHxs2oc?t=5 

This seed is efficient, clean, and all around handy. Once the Ender Dragon has been slain and you gain unfettered access to the End Gateway - a tiny portal that takes you directly to the Outer Islands, where the End Cities generate - it’s not too difficult to reach, and the moment you pass through it, you find yourself on the front bow of an End Ship. Never has Elytra been more easily located!

7. -1834793673

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/-MwOuiMbjf8?t=26 

The loot found on the End Ships are the most sought after, as they give the player the ability to fly, but the loot found in the End Cities themselves are nothing to sneeze at. You can find all manner of enchanted armor, tools, and diamonds in chests scattered around the interesting purple structures. That’s why a seed like this is so cool! Two towering trees with branching buildings, just chock full of treasure to plunder, only an Ender Pearl’s throw apart.

6. 145527185366472

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/K_cE7s1ucdw?t=65 

We have another uncommon End Ship in slot six. This time, it looks as if two ships were trying to get to know one another, and then something went… very wrong. The ship on the bottom is perfectly fine, but the ship on the top is - well, it almost doesn’t exist anymore. There’s about one layer of blocks left from the ship that used to be there. I can’t even fathom a logical explanation for this… which is why it made the list!

5. 28028117723136

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/VcGL54PsvBU?t=65 

It might not be the best place to settle down and raise a family, but I suppose you could find worse apartments than this extravagantly enormous End City tower. This seed comes up frequently when talking about unusual End City seeds, and it’s no wonder why, as it plays host to the largest End City ever discovered in Minecraft.

4. 105066299458088

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/K_cE7s1ucdw?t=31 

This End Ship appears to have crashed headlong into its intended destination, the front half flattened, the bow nonexistent. Luckily, the back half is intact, so you won’t be heartbroken over missing Elytra again. The ship is balanced on top of an End City roof, implying that it had either crashed on landing or perhaps had been attacked and docked here for repairs. Unfortunately, the craftsmen that built these astonishing structures are long gone.

3. 1451871836

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/aHnSKb3sya8?t=428 

This seed is a looter’s paradise. In the showcase video alone, you can find at least five End Cities, most of which feature an End Ship. You won’t have to repair your Elytra for ages with so many backups and duplicates. Of course, five End Cities is nothing to sneeze at… but it’s also incomparable to our number one spot.

2. 233458582470766

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/1rIxOw8680A?t=17 

Before we wrap up with number one, here’s another hot topic seed: the best all around seed for treasure you could reasonably ask for. Not only is the End City a healthy size, but there’s an intact End Ship hovering nearby, and the chests? Hoo, boy, the chests will blow your mind. In just one chest alone, you’ll find forty-two diamonds. And there are more diamonds and gold in other chests, too - not to mention all the well-enchanted armor you can find scattered around, as well.

1. -137190542

Check out this seed: https://youtu.be/8frOTn6w95M?t=21 

Finally, our number one spot belongs to a seed publicized by Not merc on Youtube - an Outer Islands biome populated by eleven End Cities. That’s more than twice the count in our number three pick. Just imagine the amount of loot you could get your hands on here; not to mention, if most of those cities have ships, you’ll basically be rolling in Elytra. 

The End Cities are rare and valuable finds. Not only do they paint some very fascinating pictures and tell intriguing stories, but their mysteries come with a lot of benefits for the modern day explorer, seeking ancient artifacts that not only make them stronger, but allow them to take to the skies. We’ll see you around… and happy gaming

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