Top 10 Sea of Thieves Best Weapons

Sea of Thieves Best Weapons

What Are The Best Weapons in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is an open world pirate game that lets you and your friends search for treasure, go on quests, and fight against rival crews. These things require the best equipment in order for success. Here is a list of the top ten weapons in Sea of Thieves.

10. Snake

A group of snakes waiting for an ambush

Sea of Thieves only has a handful of traditional weapons to choose from, so sometimes pirates have to get a little creative when it comes to attacking or defending against enemies. Snakes often can come in handy when you meet an unruly pirate. Snakes were once worshipped by the ancient people who lived in the Sea of Thieves. The reason behind the worship is unknown right now, but it is likely due to the venom that the snakes shoot towards nearby threats.

There are several islands that snakes live on, but the most obvious is Snake Island. If you are out of canons and in need of luring your enemy into a trap, sail for an island with snakes on it and make sure your enemy follows. Find a snake and prepare for battle. Be sure to use your instruments to soothe the snake until your enemy comes around the corner. Then, stop playing and allow the snake to see your enemy. If all goes to plan, your enemy will be hit in the eyes by the snake venom. Not only will this damage your enemy, but it will blind them as well allowing you to attack with your cutlass or pistol. While the snake is not a traditional weapon, when used properly it can be an effective one.

9. Pistol

Every pirate needs his/her trusty pistol

One of the four traditional weapons that Sea of Thieves offers is the pistol. A trusty weapon for every pirate on the high seas, the pistol allows for general accuracy in close range combat. Not quite as powerful as the Blunderbuss, but still a faithful weapon that will protect against all sorts of enemies.

The pistol is very effective when it comes to defending against snakes. One shot to the head with the pistol will take care of your pest problem. One of the fallbacks to the pistol, and the reason it’s not higher on this list, is that it is harder to aim in fast combat. So, if you find yourself coming face to face with another pirate, the pistol may not be your weapon of choice. This is especially true since you are only given five shots. The pistol is one of the four weapons that can be customized…. sort of. All weapons in Sea of Thieves are created equal for each player. You are not able to upgrade weapons to make them better, but you may be able to tell a more experienced pirate from a newbie by the style of weapon they are carrying. Cosmetic packs allow you to change your mangy pistol for a gold one, or a variety of other cosmetic differences. But, keep in mind, the ability of these weapons is dependent on the carrier, not its look.

8. Speakinghorn

The loud speakinghorn can be used to disguise your location

Another unlikely weapon in Sea of Thieves is the Speakinghorn. Okay, so this one can not cause any damage to anybody, but sometimes being a pirate means you have to trick your foe. The speaking horn was first given to pirates after the great Megalodon hunt, and allows them to speak to other pirates from great distances. When spoken into, you can hear a very distinct echo which allows players to know you are speaking to them with the Speakinghorn.

This is where the tricky pirate shenanigans come in. If you find yourself sailing the seas and notice that a lone pirate, or even crew are anchored off the coast of an island, it is safe to say they are likely searching for treasure. Send your ship past the island, but jump off and go ashore. Sneak up on the unlucky swine and use your Speakinghorn to speak to them. They may see your ship sailing past the island and think you are still aboard. Alas, you are not. This opens the door for a perfect surprise attack and confusion, allowing you to take out a few before they realize what is happening. If you are fortunate enough to pull off the trick, you can steal their treasure from out from under their noses. Like most items in Sea of Thieves, the Speakinghorn can be upgraded cosmetically, allowing you to look spiffy while performing your trickery.

7. Skeletons

Lure your enemy to these skeletons for an ambush

Similar to the snakes at number 10, Skeletons can be used to lure your enemy to for a sneak attack. However, this takes a little more skill and requires a certain quickness. Unlike the snakes who will not chase you, Skeletons will come after you or anyone else. So, be sure to lure your enemy close and allow the skeletons to start attacking them. In the confusion, you should hopefully be able to get off enough shots with the Blunderbuss to kill your enemy.

The skeletons can be found on pretty much every island that is not an Outpost. However, the best place to set this trap is at the Skeleton Forts, where hordes of skeletons defend a treasure. The trick is to not die yourself, because you would certainly love to lay claim to this treasure.

6. Stealth

Using his pirate stealth, a sailor sneaks up on an enemy ship

Another classic weapon for pirates to use is the art of stealth and spying. Some pirates are more out for guts and glory than they are for gold, and if you are one of those types then this weapon is one of your greatest allies. Similar to the way you sent your ship sailing alone with the Speakinghorn, do the same again for stealth. If you want you can even scuttle your ship so there is absolutely no trace you exist. Once you are sure that your enemy is unaware of your presence, it is time to stow away on their ship.

The best way to proceed is to slowly climb the ladder of the enemy ship, so they won’t hear you. Be sure you are not speaking into your mic. Once the coast is clear and you are on board, head straight for the crows nest. This is the least visited place among the ships sailing the Sea of Thieves, and so it is the least likely place for you to be found. Patience is key here. You would certainly love for the enemy to load their ship with goodies while you wait in the dark. Once an ample supply of booty is on the ship and you are out to sea, it’s time to attack. Take out whoever is steering the ship first. Then, steer the ship into the closest rock causing damage to the hull. As the ship is filling with water, your enemy won’t know whether to repair or to defend against you. Take advantage of the confusion and take out the crew. If all goes well, the ship will sink and you will be able to return for the floating booty once on board your own vessel. Stealth has always been a weapon of pirates and there is certainly no exception on the sea of thieves.

5. Eye of Reach

A sniper waits to use the Eye of Reach on an unsuspecting enemy

The Eye of Reach is another of the traditional weapons in Sea of Thieves. It is essentially the only sniper rifle in the game and is effective from long distances. At some point in the past your scope was cracked, but this allows you to have an aiming mechanism. Like the other weapons, you can only upgrade the Eye of Reach cosmetically. So, it’s best to practice using this bad girl on skeletons while you are perched atop your crows nest. Once you feel good about it, you can use it against enemy pirates.

Like any good sniper, you may have to exercise patience when using the Eye of Reach. Set up atop an enemy crows nest and pick them off, or hide at an outpost, waiting for some unsuspecting prey to show up. Take them out and steal their treasure. This is one of the top weapons because it allows you to fight from a distance with little risk of getting injured.

4. Cutlass

A pirate shows off his Cutlass after a kill

What would a pirate be without his Cutlass? The most traditional and recognizable weapon that a pirate carries, and the most trustworthy. Unlike the other weapons of Sea of Thieves, the Cutlass has no ammo and so it is able to keep on fighting long past the blunderbuss or pistol. However, it means you are up close and personal to your enemy and more prone to damage. One of the key advantages of the Cutlass is the charging ram. You can “charge” the weapon and ram it into multiple enemies cause significant damage. However, this takes time and leave you open to attack. I would always advise a pirate to have this on his person at all times.   

3. Your Ship

Your ship is the perfect weapon for ramming

This one is often times overlooked. What is a pirate with no ship? Just a thief. Aside from getting you and your crew from island to island, your ship can be used as a weapon itself. No, I don’t mean the canons that are on board, that's up next. I mean the ship as a whole. Sometimes, whether by surprise or last resort, using your ship to ram enemy ships can be very effective.

Ship ramming goes back to the early Greeks of old, but in the Sea of Thieves it can cause just the confusion you need to take out your enemies. Ramming your ship into your enemies will create holes, likely in both ships, that will send the enemy crew scrambling to repair. In this confusion, you should attack. You may have to sacrifice your own ship in the process, but if you don’t have any treasure aboard, this likely won’t matter. The most effective way to use your ship is by making it a torpedo. Have any powderkegs available and place them at the front of your ship. This will create a contact bomb which will cause even more damage to the enemy, possibly killing some of their crew in the process.

2. Cannon

A crew member loads a cannon, preparing for a fight

Perhaps before you go ramming enemy ships with your own, you should try using your trusty cannon. Every pirate out there needs a cannon to fire. Always aim below the waterline. This is a common mistake young sailors make. If you hit above the waterline you won’t sink the enemy, but below will flood them. The cannon is also effective against skeletons. Lead them to the shore of an island and unload your power upon them. The canon can even be used to sneak on enemy ships. Just launch yourself from the cannon and sneak aboard your enemy. They may think you shot a cannon ball at them, when it was really you dropping in to say hello with your Blunderbuss.

1. Blunderbuss

The most trustworthy weapon in all of Sea of Thieves, The Blunderbuss

Hands down the best weapon in Sea of Thieves is the Blunderbuss. While it only has 5 shots in it, just one of those shots could be enough to kill an enemy pirate or skeleton. Paired with the cutlass, you will certainly be the fear of the seas. The Blunderbuss is essentially an old school shotgun and little aiming is needed. Just point in the general direction and fire. It is also very effective against sharks. Like everything else in Sea of Thieves, this is only upgradable cosmetically.

Before you even set out from port, be sure to equip your Blunderbuss and Cutlass, load the cannons, and find some powderkegs. Now it is time for you to attack.

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