Sea of Thieves Announces Early Christmas Merch

Sea of Thieves Announces Early Christmas Merch
Start locking that treasure away...

Sea of Thieves has announced the release of their annual line of Christmas merch to the Rare Games Store.

On 17 November 2021, at 6:10 PM CEST Sea of Thieves announced the release of some Christmas merch on their store “ Including cards, sweatshirts and these rather elaborate knitted jumpers (complete with stitched ship battle and cannons on the arms). How jolly!” in the words of their Twitter post. 

A pirates Christmas. Image by Sea of Thieves.

They have posted that they have a wide range of Christmas merch available for purchase on their store. First up there is the Sea of Thieves exclusive knitted Christmas Jumper. 

This jumper is primarily grey, with a bright blue collar and hem and a turquoise Sea of Thieves skull on the front.

Sea of Thieves also has a “Rare” exclusive knitted Christmas Jumper, with bright yellow cuffs, hem, and collar, and a bright navy blue for most of the rest. 

Festival of the Damned. Image by Sea of Thieves.

There is also a variety of Christmas sweatshirts from previous years and a plethora of different Sea of Thieves Christmas cards available.

Among other things, there is also a Sea of Thieves world map side table, which, can serve as a pretty cool bedroom feature for Sea of Thieves navigation enthusiasts. Nerd alert! 

For a complete list of all Christmas products available on the “Rare” Sea of Thieves merch store, players can visit the store’s official site. Merry Christmas a month ahead of time for the pirate crew!

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