Sea of Thieves Gold Guide: Best Way To Make Gold in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Gold Guide

The Best Ways To Make Gold in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an open world pirate adventure that takes you and your closest friends in search of treasure, skulls, and trading material. While the quests in Sea of Thieves send you on quests searching for different materials, each search ends with one common thing, gold. Here is how to make the most gold in Sea of Thieves.

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There are three major ways to make gold in Sea of Thieves. The first way is by going on quests given by the Gold Hoarders. This guild of traders has come to the Sea of Thieves to gain mystical treasure hidden by pirates of the past and will pay you to bring it to them. There are certain chests that pay the big bucks. But they usually come with a trial.

The treasure chests you want to keep your eye out for the most are the Captains Chest, Chest of a Thousand Grogs, and the Chest of Sorrow. These three chests will bring you the most gold and are often found on longer quests. They can also be found on sunken ships and in hidden caves. These are the chests that you want to focus on. The other chests will bring you gold, but the amount is almost insignificant in comparison.

Gold Hoarders tent waiting to trade gold for treasure.


Another way to bring in gold is through the Order of Souls. This faction of traders will send you on quests in search of the skulls of old captains who perished in the Sea of Thieves. Some of the skulls of these once great pirates can bring in a great reward. However, similar to the Gold Hoarder quests, the Order of Skulls will have some skulls that pay more than others. The skulls that pay the most are the Hateful Bounty Skull and the Villainous Bounty Skull.


The last of the trading factions that pay gold for goods is the Merchant Alliance. This faction will send you on quests in search of animals such as snakes, pigs, and chicken. It will also pay you money for spices, sugar, silk, tea, and powder kegs. These last four tend to gain more money than the livestock, but there are a few animals that will bring in a lot of gold as well. They include black coated and golden striped animals. The fastest way to gain money through the merchant alliance is not to complete the quests, but instead start the quest, gain the crate, and then cancel the quest. This way you have free crates that you can use to go get black or gold striped animals outside of a quest. You will gain more gold this way.


There are a couple of other ways to get quick gold in Sea of Thieves and the easiest is by diving sunken ships. When you are sailing the seas, and see a group of birds circling the sky above, this is a sign that there is a sunken ship beneath the waves and they often have great treasure aboard. Sunken ships will often have some of the highest paying prizes by way of skulls, chests, and exotic items. So, if you are looking for quick gold, diving sunken ships is the fastest way.


Another way to gain a major payday is by defeating one of the Skeleton Forts. This is not a get rich quick route in Sea of Thieves, but it is definitely a get rich route. The Skeleton Forts send wave after wave of skeletons to defend their treasure from you. Once you defeat the final wave, you will be given a key to the treasure room which is usually full of all sorts of treasures. This includes all levels of chests, exotic goods, and skulls.

However, there are often times a few other treasures available. This includes some random gold trinkets that usually pay well and the highest paying chest (Stronghold Chest) and skull (Stronghold Skull). The hoard that you will gain from Skeleton Forts will certainly be the most worth it of any gold gaining venture.

Key to the Skeleton Fort treasure room, where pirates will get rich beyond belief.


The last way to gain a quick payday is by being a pirate. What would a pirate game be without stealing? It is Sea of Thieves after all and that means you can kill other pirates for their hard-earned bounty. It is important to note that if you are going this route, you need to be sure to sink the enemy ship after killing them. They will be forced to respawn well away from you and you will have time to recover their treasure from the sea and sell it.

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