[Top 15] Sea of Thieves Best Ship Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves Best Ship Cosmetics
'It's only a model'

15. Eternal Freedom Set

'But what a ship is... what the Black Pearl really is... is freedom.'

This, and the following ship, are the only Cosmetics I’ll put on the list that can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium, only because they are so iconic. Sail with these ship components, that make up Sea of Thieves’ version of the Black Pearl, to truly inhabit the free spirit of Captain Jack Sparrow. ‘Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.’

These feature my personal favourite Figurehead and faithful pirate Flag in the game. Added with the ‘A Pirate’s Life’ update, the full Eternal Freedom set can be purchased for 4,890 Ancient Coins.


14. Cursed Ferryman Set

'I am the sea!'

If you’re feeling a bit saltier, you can always join the crew of the damned. Deck your ship out in the slimy trappings of Captain Davy Jones’ vessel, the Flying Dutchman. The coolest feature of this set has to be the seaweed-encased sails, truly showing how one with the deep you have become. ‘Do you fear that dark abyss?’ The full Cursed Ferryman set will also set you back 4,890 Ancient Coins in the Pirate Emporium.

From here on I’ll only include Cosmetics you can earn and purchase in the base game, as those found in the Emporium and as rewards from Plunder Passes are less readily available. 


13. Party Boat Set

The Pride of all Bilge Rats

This set will show you are the life of the party, forever setting off fireworks from your cannons. If ever you wanted to make a statement on the ocean, this is the look for you. I think the Hull is just the jolliest component, well-suited to pairing with other sets. Let everyone know you are truly a carefree, pie-eyed pirate.

This set can be unlocked by completing Buried Treasures Commendations and then fully purchased from the Shipwright Shop for 419,800 Gold. 


12. Fearless Bone Crusher Set

One hopes the ship itself is less crushable

Show off the trophies of your Skelly slaughter and Beast hunts. This look is great for blending in with the murky depths of the Wilds and giving you an air of savagery. The skull and ribcage-encrusted Wheel and Capstan are especially badass.

Some of this set is immediately available for 225 Doubloons from the Shipwright. The rest can be purchased for 551,250 Gold after finishing the Master of Cursed Iron Commendation.


11. Sunshine Parrot Set

'*Squawk* Walk the plank!' 'What did the bird say?'

Some truly flamboyant flair here. If you want to celebrate your feathered Pet friend, this is a look perfect for the job. Only be aware that you will be sooo visible to other Players in this getup! But that gleaming parrot Figurehead makes it so worth the hassle.

To fully purchase this set from the Shipwright for 1,512,000 Gold, you first need to get  Legends of the Sea Commendation II. All that’s needed for that is to find Umbra’s Journal in some broken barrels on Crescent Isle’s beach. Easy.


10. Inky Kraken Set 

''Ello Beastie.'

If you want strike fear into the heart of the tentacled beast that hunts you from below, or into the hearts of other Players, this is a fine set for the job. Its dark colouring makes it well-suited to hiding in the night, whether you want to stay out of enemies’ sight or sneak up on them. The ink-doused Hull works well with other dark components for that purpose. Remember to also turn off your lanterns!

Of the three Kraken sets, this is the only one that doesn’t need a Commendation to purchase. Simply grab it from the Shipwright for 1,008,000 Gold.


9. Ghost Set

For when you're feeling less than corporeal

To add a touch of gloom and eeriness to your crew, this ship set is the one for you. And if you wanted to recreate the Ferry of the Damned (the ghostly ship you end up at when killed), this set has components to help with that – specifically the twisted, gothic Cannons. Make ready to let all others know that ‘tomorrow may bring calamity’.

You must become a Pirate Legend, gain Reputation Ranks with Athena’s Fortune, and complete several Legendary Commendations before you can fully purchase this set from the Shipwright in Athena’s Fortune Hideout for 3,050,000 Gold.


8. Tribute Peak Set

What dangers might be lying in wait?

This is a lengthy and difficult set to attain, but so encapsulates that look of the treasure-hungry pirate cursed with the need for riches. The hull in particular looks like it’s been dragged through a sea of Gold, staining the very woodwork.

Components of this set can only be earned by rising in the Emissary Ledger Leaderboard whilst representing the Gold Hoarders. A pain to complete but, I mean - technically free, right? It’s worth it for the chance at any of these ship parts as a reward.


7. Merchant Alliance Set

Become your own Trading Company, why not?

Add a touch of class to your sailing experience. Of all the Trading Company ship components, I think those of the Merchant Alliance are the most striking. That cool blue and white of the Hull and the sharp eagle Figurehead really complete the look of a wealthy trading ship. And the range of fine Sails, oh Mamma Mia!

The full set can be earned by gaining Merchant Alliance Reputation and purchasing for 537,800 Gold at the Shipwright, with additional components awarded and unlocked by rising to the top of the Emissary Ledger and completing Lost Shipments Commendations. 


6. Killer Whale Set

'The Sea calls to all'

I only have one word for this ship set – ‘grind’. For that is what you must do to ever get your hands on these beauties. To look like a salty, well-weathered fishing vessel you must, well… fish.

Although the full set only costs a measly 18,200 Gold from the Hunter’s Call Trading Company, you must gain full Reputation of 50 to have every component. And it is the slowest, for many reasons, chiefly that they have no Emissary Flag to multiply the value of your catch. But to be able to boast that beautiful Swordfish Figurehead… It’s almost worth the pain.


5. Veil of the Ancients Set

'Knowledge can be dangerous, in the wrong hands.'

To mimic the lost culture of the Ancient Isles region, this Aztec-like design is the best. Comprised of geometric shapes and components that seem like they’re carved from stone, this ship is a unique look to run with on the seas. Turning the Wheel makes it feel like you’re solving one of the civilisation’s many intricate puzzles every time you change direction. No deadly traps attached to them however, thankfully.

To get your hands on this full set, you must raise your Reputation for Athena’s Fortune and purchase it from the Shipwright in the Hideout for 3,050,000 Gold.


4. Ashen Dragon Set

'The Ashen Dragon was never my prison. It was my funeral pyre...'

If you wanted your vessel to resemble a fiery version of the many historical Asian pirate ships on the oceans, this set can fulfil that wish. With a Hull that looks like it’s still smouldering on the inside, and a bright dragon Figurehead that seems about to leap from the bow, this look will make an impression. Only know that, like many glowing ship sets, this will make you very visible at night.

Unlocking these ship parts is no easy feat. Most components require a specific Ashen Tome to be found in a locked chest, unlocked using an Ashen Key, and sold to the Bilge Rats at an Outpost. Only then can the full set be bought from the Shipwright for 281,900 Gold. The Hull and the Sails are awarded for completing the Heart of Fire Commendation and the Fire and Ash Commendation.


3. Legendary Set

'Your journey's only just begun...'

For a loud, flashy appearance, the Legendary set is just right. Purple and gold are hardly the most subtle, but what better way to show off your mythical status? The sleek unicorn Figurehead is especially ostentatious. Love it.

Most of this set can be unlocked by becoming Pirate Legend and purchasing it from the Shipwright in the Hideout for 1,654,775 Gold. Some components though – the Cannons, Capstan, and Wheel – require extra Commendations in addition to Legend status to unlock.


2. Silent Barnacle Set

'Designed for true sea-lovers, especially those that don't mind seeing the bottom of it!'

I know I said the Killer Whale ship was a grind, but this set really takes the biscuit. I adore that grimy, ruined look the Silent Barnacle offers. The barnacle-encrusted, fish-themed Wheel and Capstan are just gorgeous. And the mermaid Figurehead offers perhaps the most authentic pirate ship prow in the game.

But to be able to get this full set from the Shipwright for 1,512,000 Gold, you must first complete all the Hoarder of Barnacled Gold Commendations. That’s 300 elusive Shipwrecked Chests found and sold to the Gold Hoarders to attain this set. Madness. I’m not even halfway there.


1. Dark Adventurers Set

'Any crew flying this flag must have spent much of thier gold. Now they're coming for yours.'

This one is as much a flex as anything. But it’s also gnarly as hell. The black, silver, and red design with the metal-encased skull Figurehead really completes the evil marauder look. The Sails even offer a slight tactical advantage, which is why they in particular are so sought after. Their shape, with the wedge taken out of the base of the sail, offers better visibility for the helmsman in heated battle. If you see a Player ship with any Dark Adventurer component, know that they have sunk hours upon hours into Sea of Thieves. So, be cautious around enemies of this type.

Now, for the cost. To fully purchase this set from the Shipwright in the Hideout, for which you must become Pirate Legend to access, you will need an eye-watering 37,800,000 Gold. Good luck!


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