[Top 10] Sea of Thieves Best Weapons (Ranked)

Legendary Cutlass

Eye of Reach Cosmetics

1. Sea of Sands Eye Of Reach

Embark on a captivating journey with the Sea of Sands Eye Of Reach. Its mesmerizing design transports you to a realm where its animated barrel flows like rolling waves, while the golden tip embodies the extravagant nature of your pirate crew. This extraordinary Eye Of Reach cosmetic reigns supreme in PvE and PvP encounters.

With a description that reveals its true essence, “Craftsmanship without equal makes this weapon the master of the sands,” this firearm showcases completely unparalleled design elements. 

Picture yourself and your pirate crew in intense combat with an Ashen Lord. Your teammates, struggling to find proper cannon shot angles, are making futile attempts to demolish the great foe. Then, you find yourself, almost instinctually, equipping this Eye Of Reach, prepared to single-handedly take down the enemy and reap the tremendous rewards they will leave behind. Captivated by the animation of your Sniper’s barrel, you take a deep breath and fire all five of your shots as accurately as can be, destroying your enemy and declaring complete victory for your ship.

This experience can go from imagination to reality, all for the mere cost of 249 Ancient Coins at the Pirate Emporium.


2. Aristocrat Eye Of Reach

In a world of chaos and conflict, the Aristocrat Eye Of Reach shines with understated elegance. With its simplistic design and light colour scheme, it stands apart from flashy alternatives, capturing attention with its refined aesthetic.

Its in-game description tells a tale: “Sometimes altercations require a delicate touch from afar, instead of being dragged into the mud.” This sniper rifle offers an elegant solution, allowing you to strike your enemies on the high seas with precision and finesse from a distance.

Imagine standing on your rocking Galleon ship, surveying the battlefield of many ships ahead, crowding a Fort of Fortune. With the Aristocrat Eye Of Reach in hand, you embody poise and calculated strategy. While others charge forward straight into battle, you choose a different path - picking off targets with deadly accuracy and collecting your well-deserved loot.

Embrace the power of elegance. Let the Aristocrat Eye Of Reach be your instrument of refined devastation.

Like most other weapon cosmetics, the Aristocrat Eye Of Reach can be purchased at the Weaponsmith’s Shop for 75 Doubloons.


3. Ghost Eye Of Reach

Completing this list’s Eye Of Reach segment, we have a cheap Eye Of Reach skin (in gold, at least).

With a functional design that looks elegantly unrefined, the Ghost Eye Of Reach is one of the BEST end-game EOR cosmetics, comparable even to the Dark Adventurer set.

In the enigmatic realm of the Sea of Thieves, where legends intertwine, and beings like skeletons and phantoms roam freely, the Ghost Eye Of Reach emerges as an instrument of unseen devastation. Veiled in mystery, its spectral essence conceals the true nature of its power, leaving only whispers of its destructive potential.

Its in-game description describes its ghostly nature: “Some ghosts cause destruction without even being seen. This is no exception.” This enigmatic sniper rifle lets you unleash havoc upon your foes from the shadows, striking fear into their hearts without revealing your true presence.

Imagine yourself boarding a Skeleton Galleon that has engaged with your ship. With the Ghost Eye Of Reach in your hands, you will become the harbinger of unseen chaos, returning the skeletons to their rightful place.

Embody the spectral power that lies within this mystical weapon. Let the Ghost Eye Of Reach be your conduit to unleash unseen destruction upon those who dare to cross your path. 

With the cost of merely 67,595 coins and a requirement of Athena’s Fortune Level 18, The Ghost Eye Of Reach is a no-brainer for any Pirate Legend.



Cutlass Cosmetics


4. Legendary Cutlass

In the vast waters of the Sea of Thieves, where legends are forged and battles for glory unfold, the Legendary Cutlass emerges as a coveted symbol of power and prestige. With its gleaming blade and ornate detailing, even with the symbol of Athena’s Fortune, this weapon stands as a testament to the prowess and tenacity of all those who wield it.

Its in-game acquisition is a testament to its exclusivity: The Legendary Cutlass was a limited-time purchase, available for a small sum of 7000 coins. However, its acquisition was not for the faint of heart. One of the prerequisites for obtaining this legendary weapon was none other than the prestigious Legendary Sea Dog title, which required a player to have placed first place in the arena 240 times as a Pirate Legend. Those who bear the Legendary Cutlass have clearly proven themselves as formidable adversaries, leaving no room for doubt.

When you cross paths with a pirate brandishing this weapon, caution should become paramount. Its presence alone speaks volumes about the skill and experience of its owner. The Legendary Cutlass becomes an unmistakable warning sign of unwavering determination and battle-hardened expertise. Should you find yourself facing off against someone wielding this formidable blade, immediately run the other way - your life depends on it.


5. Dark Adventurers Cutlass

Exclusively available in the Athena’s Fortune shop, the Dark Adventurers Cutlass stands as a coveted symbol of mastery and achievement. This legendary weapon can only be obtained by those who have reached the esteemed rank of Pirate Legend (level 50 in at least three factions), solidifying its status as a rare and prized possession. Furthermore, with a significant price attached, this remarkable cutlass demands a hefty sum of 2,551,500 coins, making it only available in the end-game, underscoring its exclusive nature and the dedication required to attain it.

Adorned with a skull sigil etched upon its blade, the Dark Adventurers Cutlass strikes fear into the hearts of adversaries. As the in-game description says, “The skull sigil on the blade offers your foes a glimpse of their imminent demise.” It serves as a chilling reminder of the power and skill possessed by its wielder and the dire consequences that befall those who stand against them.


6. Cutlass of the Ashen Dragon

The Cutlass of the Ashen Dragon, available for 9,900 coins, stands as a symbol of fiery rage and untamed power. This formidable weapon can only be obtained by those who have proven their worth through the “Tome of Curses Collector” commendation, selling all five cursed tomes (through the collecting of Ashen chests and Keys).

Bearing the in-game description, “Biting with the fiery rage of a dragon, this cutlass will cleave through any challenger,” this legendary cutlass harnesses the scorching fury of the mythical beasts. With each swing, it effortlessly slices through adversaries, leaving a trail of ash and victory in its wake.

Grasping the Cutlass of the Ashen Dragon signifies becoming a force to be reckoned with on the high seas. Its flames inspire both fear and respect, marking its wielder as a true dragon of the seas. Master the infernal might it offers, and unleash its relentless power upon all who dare to stand in your way.


Flintlock Cosmetics

7. Mercenary Pistol

The Mercenary Pistol, priced at a very reasonable 9,450 coins, stands as one of the game’s best flintlocks, revered for its exceptional performance. With no prerequisites, this remarkable firearm features iron sights for improved aim and showcases a captivating green, gold, and silver colour scheme. Its silver barrel and intricately designed gold and green handle create a stunning visual appeal.

The in-game description reads, “Grabbin’ Garner, king of the mercenaries, was known to fire solid gold shot from one of these.” This extraordinary detail highlights the pistol’s unrivalled capabilities and adds to its mystique.

When wielding the Mercenary Pistol, you gain access to a precise and potent firearm. The inclusion of iron sights enhances your accuracy, allowing you to deliver lethal shots with unmatched efficiency. Its striking aesthetic speaks to your refined taste and the choice of a genuinely exceptional weapon.

Embody the legacy of the Mercenary Pistol, and reignite the spirit of the King Of Mercenaries himself as you dominate the seas. Let this weapon’s flawless craftsmanship and remarkable performance become the cornerstone of your arsenal, paving the way for triumph and leaving your foes in awe of your skill.


8. Legendary Flintlock

The Legendary Flintlock, an exclusive treasure reserved for those who have earned the legendary Sea Dog and Pirate Legend titles, is a sight to behold. As part of the esteemed Legendary Set, which includes the Legendary Cutlass (number 4 on this list), this remarkable firearm showcases exquisite design elements that truly set it apart. Available for a limited time at the Athena’s Fortune shop for 9,450 coins, its allure extends beyond its functionality.

Adorned with elegant gold accents across its surface, the Legendary Flintlock is a work of art. Its barrel, a deep shade of blue, adds a touch of mystery, while the under barrel reveals a regal purple hue. The handle, wrapped in white cloth, provides a comfortable grip to the esteemed pirates that wield this beautiful weapon.

A remarkably unique feature of this legendary firearm is the gold chain that connects the handle to the tip of the gun, adding a touch of elegance and refinement. This attention to detail is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication put into its creation.

Etched within the lore of the Legendary Flintlock, its in-game description paints a vivid tale: “Ornate and precise is this deadly gun, in your skilled hands it’s also great fun,” resonating with the spirit of adventure and the thrill of mastering a weapon that marries elegance with lethal precision. In your hands, this legendary flintlock becomes not only a tool of destruction but a source of delight, amplifying the exhilaration of every battle and embodying the essence of a true pirate legend.


Blunderbuss Cosmetics

9. Blunderbuss of The Ashen Dragon

The Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon is a tiresome weapon of fiery might. This legendary shotgun, bearing the unmistakable mark of a yellow and red dragon on both sides, is a testament to the untamed fury it unleashes upon all who dare to cross its path. Priced at 13,400 coins at the Weaponsmith’s Shop, this weapon demands a small financial cost but also requires the completion of the Tome of Fire Collector commendation, a testament to your collection of the five tomes of fire.

Inscribed with the in-game description, “Flaming fury will spit upon your foes with this dragon-adorned weapon,” this blunderbuss embodies the very essence of scorching wrath. As you wrap your fingers around its handle, adorned with the coiling image of a majestic dragon, you can feel the restless flames within, hungry to be unleashed. With each blast, this fearsome firearm spits forth a torrent of fiery destruction, engulfing your foes in a tempest of blazing fury.

To possess the Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon is to hold the power of elemental chaos within your grasp. Its black barrel, an ominous testament to the darkness that birthed its fiery core, is a harbinger of impending doom for those who stand against you. The vivid depiction of the dragon, a symbol of unyielding power, serves as a warning to all who dare to challenge your dominion.


10 Soulflame Blunderbuss

Tales of the Soulflame Blunderbuss have long weaved a mesmerizing tapestry of mystique and power. This extraordinary firearm, adorned with a regal purple body, conceals a captivating secret; A vibrant light of ethereal green emanates from within, pushing against the confines of its exterior, creating a sight that is nothing short of mesmerizing. As you stand before the Athena’s Fortune shop, its hallowed presence commands attention, demanding a hefty price of 500,000 coins and the completion of the arduous “Vanquishing the Damned” commendation, a feat that requires conquering the treacherous Fort of the Damned 25 times, and the death of every enemy in the area.

“The glow from within this blunderbuss is almost serene... at least until you pull the trigger.” This poignant in-game description encapsulates the ethereal allure of the Soulflame Blunderbuss. A mesmerizing radiance emanates from its core, casting a spellbinding aura of tranquillity. However, the moment its trigger is unleashed, the blunderbuss reveals its true nature, unleashing a torrent of destructive force upon those who stand in its path.

Only those who have attained the prestigious rank of Pirate Legend can lay claim to this extraordinary weapon. It stands as a testament to your unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit, a prize earned through countless trials and tribulations. With the Soulflame Blunderbuss in hand, you become an embodiment of both grace and devastation, radiating an aura of power that captivates all who behold it, friend or foe.





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